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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Self Responsibility

I create my life!

To understand Oneness and self responsibility so I learn my lessons and move quickly up the evolutionary path to realization of my potential.

Breathe deeply and evenly ... Feel your diaphragm expand and contract ... feel how your body rests on the chair ... how your feet touch the floor ... feel the air touching your skin ... feel the air flow in your nostrils and down into your lungs ... and feel it flow out again ...

Cycles ... movement ... change ... repetition ... nurturing ... peace ... beauty ... rest ... relaxation .... harmony ... I am in touch with the pulse of life ... I am one among many ... all is held in place by gravity ... gravity effects all the same ... and all comes from one cause ...

Creation ... the urge to be arises spontaneously out of nothing ... spontaneously bursting forth on the scene, the universe rolls out in all directions ... as it is with the universe, so it is with me ... beginning as a simple spark of energy and information I come into this world as egg and sperm meet and begin my personal evolution ... division ... multiplication ... diversification ... specialization ... listening ... acting ... birthing ... breathing ... moving ... growing ... learning ... experimenting ...

Knowing ... always knowing deep inside exactly who I am in truth ... a divine child of the universe filled with all that has gone before ... I am an evolutionary node in the unfolding universe ... I am a center of consciousness able to look out and appreciate my position in the big picture ...

Realization ... I am a self-reflective individual in a sea of individuals ... We are tied together by one dynamic beginning and held in oneness by universal law ... I see each individual as a creative, causative factor in the universe ... I create my life!

In this moment I set my intention to live my life fully and completely ... to move up the evolutionary path toward the realization of my greatest potential smoothly and efficiently ... I feel the power and ability in me to be me ... I relax into the fullness of this moment of realization and know I can return here whenever I need to center myself in the truth ... I move out from this center confident of who I am ...

I appreciate the goodness and fullness of life as I live it ... I accept the challenges I meet along my way as lessons for me to learn from and move on ... I accept each and every obstacle for the gift that is in it ... I accept that which serves evolution and leave any and all judgments behind ... I accept my importance to the whole and the equal importance of each and every being to the completion of our evolutionary journey to total realization and unity ...

I am truly thankful that I am solely responsible for all that I find in my life now ... I am truly grateful for the vision I have of the universe and my place in it ...

I release these words, these thoughts, these feelings, these realizations to the working of universal law and know they are true now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/22/97)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Realization of Good

Thank you Spirit for always being here where I am ...

For You to feel Spirit flowing through you, leading you to the realization of that highest expression of Good that you are in Truth.

Relaxing to the rhythm of Life I sit back and relax. While watching my breath my awareness turns to thoughts of God, the Creator, Spirit. With each breath I am more completely absorbed into this awareness of the Oneness of the Universe. Each beat of my heart is part of the harmony of the whole of creation. I am in step with the unfolding evolution of the cosmos, my world, my community, my family, my life. ... I claim this awareness for each beating heart in this eternal, infinite moment. ...

I find peace and joy and power in this moment. I breathe deeply and fully, my heart beats strong and powerful as I step forward, with Spirit as my guide, into the world. My special gift to the world comes easily to me in the fullness of this moment and as I move forward with this experience my way is made easy and I both bring and experience great good in the world.

With Spirit as my ally I am inspired to stand straight and strong and courageous and to put my best ideas forward. The world is full of God's abundance and that which nurtures, sustains and empowers me to be all that I truly am comes to me as easily as I give my talents to the world. Open now to the divine Law of Circulation I am free to follow my innermost dreams knowing that as I sow so shall I reap!

Ah, it feels good to acknowledge Spirit as my ally; when I am stressed, I relax for a moment wherever I am and in this momentary silence I feel that sureness that is Spirit in me; I am moved forward by this sureness to contribute my uniqueness to each situation; and in this flow of Life I find my rewards are all that I need and more! With each experience, confidence grows and I am one with the flow of evolution, spiraling upward, and my potential is unlimited!

Thank you Spirit for always being here where I am. Thank you Spirit for being a light in the dark places. Thank you Spirit for holding me when I feel weak. Thank you Spirit for moving me forward when I ask.

Peacefully, joyfully I release these words to the Law of Life knowing they are manifest even before they are spoken. This is the way of Spirit and so I let it be; and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/21/97)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Safety While Visiting Family

I follow my heart and the world accepts me ...

For You to relax into the beauty, the unity of life and enter into that pure consciousness of your sacred nature as you travel to visit your family in a different country.

Now I sit. I sit and relax into the peace-fullness of this moment. I breathe in Peace and exhale turmoil ... I breathe in Beauty and exhale chaos ... I breathe in Wonder and exhale doubt ... I breathe in Wisdom and exhale ignorance ... I breathe in all the positive qualities of God and exhale all that blocks me from their full realization ...

I know and hereby affirm there is one Intelligence, one Power, one Creative force in the universe creating all that I see, feel, experience. I am one with this intelligence, power and creating activity now and always. It can be no other way. And I choose to consciously use this knowledge, this strength, this vision to bring into my experience that which serves my highest good, the highest good of my family, and the highest good of my community.

I relax into my thoughts ... I relax deeper ... beyond my thoughts into the one mind ... into thoughts of God ... into the stream of consciousness creating the experiential world ... In the clarity of this moment I see, feel, know the larger picture and carefully choose my path to those goals I am moved to seek ...

As the initial vision fades I relax into the after glow and affirm that which I have witnessed within me ... I and my family are one ... I release all fear of being disconnected and know that beyond words and appearances we are together in our love for life and the unfolding drama we share ... I am myself, fully and passionately, now and always ... I am inspired by the intelligence within to say and do the right thing always ... Whatever happens is right and proper in the larger picture ...

I follow my heart and the world opens to me as loving and supportive ... I share my special talents and am abundantly rewarded ... Fear is always replaced by courage when I relax into Spirit's embrace ... Loneliness fades and disappears as I fully embrace the fullness of this moment ... Depression marks the threshold between past and future, I move through it gracefully with Spirit as my guide ... I call on the universal power in me to support me through all trials and tribulations ... I am filled with Respect for the Intelligence that enables grass seed to grow grass and the cherry stone to make cherries. I am one with the process of creation.

Grateful for the constant presence of Spirit in my life, I say thank you for always being with me. I accept your guidance now and always. I release these words into the law of creation knowing they are true and manifest even as they are spoken.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/28/99)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Heal Pain and Disease

I feel empowered by Intelligence to move forward now ...

For You to heal the pain and disease in your body.

Here in the light of this day I sit looking out on a gentle world. The breeze rustling the leaves, the birds flying free from grass to tree to pond to drink and splash, the people going quietly about their business.

I reflect on this and see in it all an intelligence; an intelligence in the structure and in the movement. This intelligence has created all this from nothing at the beginning of time and space. In truth this intelligence is all there is. This intelligence is before, within and after all that exists now or ever.

This singular intelligence is in me now as I bring forth these words. I feel it in the rhythm of my heart beat, in the rising and falling of my breath, in the movement of my fingers, in the flow of my thoughts, and in the myriad emotions moving through me at all times. I know I can never be separate from this intelligence.

Now that I am filled with awareness of the presence of this singular Intelligence I consciously choose to cocreate with it a body free of pain and disease. I pull forth from deep within my center the perfection that is the truth of my being; I call upon this intelligence to guide me to those individuals that are ready, willing and able to help reveal this perfection; I set my clear intention to listen to and follow the guidance I receive on this path to realization of the wholeness, perfection and completeness of my body, mind and spirit now.

That said, I am grateful for the words, feelings and realizations I am receiving through this singular Intelligence. I feel empowered to move forward. So, I simply say Thank You Intelligence. I accept you now and always as my guide on this life path.

And I release these words into your creative process knowing in truth that all is well now.

And so it is. Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/1/02)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Fear to Deep Inner Peace

I smile and relax with confidence knowing all is good ...

For You to observe fear, desire, dream and move consciously through all to realization, in the present moment, of joy, of true happiness and of deep inner peace, all of which is then matched in experience of the outer world.

The stereo is wafting its sweet melody in the background, as I relax into this moment, as I relax into a deeper awareness of the oneness of life, the oneness of all existence and the mystery of why we can appreciate this so intimately, finding so much beauty, joy and love within us, around us, through us. With each breath I find myself going deeper into this place, this time... Dwell in peace ...

Amen, One God, One Creator, One giver of Life everywhere present and evident in this world, this universe because all we see, feel, hear, know is this One God; there is nothing outside God, we are all contained within and are an integral aspect of God; there can never, ever be any separation from God, ever!

With total acceptance and understanding of my oneness with God, I dare to speak my word knowing, beyond any and all doubt, that my word is creative and causative in the world. Carefully I compose my thoughts and pull them into this moment directing them toward all that I desire, visualize, imagine manifesting in my life.

Yes, I feel relaxed in this moment as I release all fears that hold me back from accepting and realizing my good. I affirm my innate ability to express myself and do so spontaneously. I am joyful and free in my expression with all those I am in relationship with. Love shows itself as joy, laughter and a deep appreciation for all the beauty that exists in this moment whether it is shared privately with God within, an intimate partner or a room full of friends and relatives.

As I take time to breathe and allow these words to sink in, deep into my subconscious, I am at peace with myself and with the world around me. I am able to truly be totally here, in this moment. Yes, here, now, in this moment. This is good and I know and affirm that this moment is always right here where I am, right here in this breath, yes, in this breath.

My faith is strong, and I accept this word as the truth of my life now. I smile and relax into this warm feeling with confidence, knowing, affirming, believing all is well and good in truth and I accept this and let it be so, now! Yes, now, in this very moment.
Oh God, blessed one, creator of life, omnipotent presence, I release this word to law knowing it is my life now. So, I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/27/06)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Equilibrium

I accept balance, harmony and abundance into my life now.

For You to hold firmly in mind the feeling of balance and equilibrium you seek in life so that you bring that into your experience, easily, naturally, one step at a time.

I breathe in ... I breathe out ... constantly and consistently ... I never stop ... this is the way life is ... As I quietly watch this process, I relax into this moment, letting go of all other considerations ... I am breathing ... I am living ...

There is a Power and Intelligence in me, through me, supporting me, guiding me, as I sit here breathing ... living ... I relax into the flow of energy and information that I am, and that I realize I am, in this moment ... I know I am not alone, I am one with everything that exists ... I am one with nature, with man, with the creative Intelligence forming the universe out of nothing, out of the void ... I can be no other way ...

As I sit and relax into this moment I realize I am a conscious, thinking, breathing, creative center of a living world. My decisions create my life; I choose the life I lead. And now I am choosing anew; I align myself with the natural flow of creation that moves through me and all around me; I align myself with the natural flow of life toward greater balance and harmony; I align my actions with the universal Intelligence naturally expressing through me; I accept the guidance that is always available within to bring me to realization of my greatest contribution to life and my greatest rewards.

I accept financial stability into my life. I stop ... look within ... listen to my intuition ... act in harmony with what I know ... accept the support and goodness that comes to me. I relax into the rhythm of life and move forward one step at a time creating a new, more balanced life one step at a time.

Thank you universal Intelligence for your guidance and support. I accept the naturalness and consistency of your presence and move forward expecting and accepting balance, harmony and abundance into my life now.

As I speak these words I release them into the fullness of Creation and feel their truth in my life now.

And so I let it be. Yes!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/28/98)

Law of Attraction -- Harmony and Balance

Yes, I walk in harmony and balance ...

For you to move easily and smoothly through life in harmony and balance, finding your true expression and those to share it with.

It is a cool, still morning ... the air is clear ... the sky blue and soft ... leaves flutter and fall as the sun's first rays fill them with light ... I sit here, at the window, feeling the harmony of this natural composition and relax into it.

I know that beneath, before, beyond any conditions there is perfection. This world, this universe, this person is conceived in oneness and wholeness. I relax into this truth thinking about the intelligence that creates all that I see; I close my eyes and think about this intelligence that creates all that I feel and hear ... I know that life is truly guided by an intelligent power and that I am one with that power, as is all that exists; nothing can be outside this power. We are one complete universe!

Yes ... I know that as I relax and feel this intelligence inside me, guiding me; that as I listen and choose to follow my deepest desire, my deepest feelings, my deepest yearnings; that as I totally immerse myself in this moment then I know all things are possible -- I truly understand all things are possible.

In this moment I focus my attention on the idea there is one special purpose for me being here now. I open myself in this oneness to merge with the flow and direction of the divine energy as it manifests through me right now. I release any and all blocks to this flow I have created for whatever reasons; they serve me no longer. I know I am safely held in the universal Mother's arms and am watched over by the Father's intelligence. I accept this love and move forward accepting health, prosperity and companionship everywhere I go. I release all sense of limitation and embrace the truth that anything is possible and then act on my heartfelt belief. Yes, I walk in harmony and balance now and always as I move into the truth. I stop, look, and listen within for guidance ... and then, acting on this guidance, move forward, confident and sure.

Easily and gently I move through life. I feel gratitude and thanksgiving well up in my heart and soul as I accept my purpose as known in mind and relax as I allow the rest of me to move into that truth. Life is truly good. Thank you life! Thank you for the power I feel moving through me as I heal and grow and evolve and find my inner goodness and share it with the world ... I accept the goodness the world gives back to me in this endless cycle of giving and receiving.

With great hurrahs I release these words into the Law of Creation knowing that, as my faith is strong, surely all I feel true in mind is also true in body. Relaxing, accepting, believing, knowing, I let these words go. So it is and so I let it be now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/3/97)

Law of Attraction -- Relax and Flow

I release all judgments and preconceived notions ...

For You to relax into the oneness of life and know divine clarity within guides you to your natural and complete expression in the world and opens you to accept Life's rewards that naturally flow to and through you as you follow your true path in the world.

Relax with me into this moment. Let go of all agitation or "busyness" that may occupy you. Breathe deeply into this moment and as you continue breathing deeply, gently, fully, taking in fresh air, think "welcome" and as you push out the old stale air, think "thank you". Do this for several breaths ...

Now affirm:

From this positive ground I have set for my self, I allow my thoughts to flow from my center, from my heart, from my whole being. In this moment I know I am one with the intelligence creating the universe; it can be no other way. As my thoughts are flowing from the center of my being, I know the universe is flowing from the center of its being; moving ever outward creating new forms as it goes. I recognize that process! My thoughts create new forms as they flow from the center of my being. ... I release those thoughts that fill my head with mindless chatter and turn my attention to my heart, to my center, and listen; I listen peacefully, with Love and Joy filling my body and mind with soft caresses; I hear those words I need to hear to find the courage within me to live in my integrity; I hear the ancestors urging me forward to express my truth fully and completely ...

I listen, I hear, and I follow the guidance coming from deep within my being. I accept the truth that I am a divine creation of the One Mind; I accept my place here, now, and move forward intent and eager and filled with passion; passion to express myself, passion to live fully, passion to be me! I release all judgments and preconceived notions and let go and let spirit flow unhampered through my life. As I reach in, into my inner most being, I also reach out, out to the world, knowing in truth there is no difference. I find peace in this truth; I find power in this truth; I find my true self in this truth.

Thank you spirit for the clarity I feel in this moment; thank you self for opening so completely and accepting the truth; thank you intelligence in me for guiding me to this place, to this understanding, to this knowledge and beyond ...

I release these words to the wholeness I feel within, knowing they are manifest even before they are spoken. So I let it be, and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/17/96)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Expressing God's Grace

The grace of God is expressing through me ... as me ...

To know You are whole, complete and perfect just as you are; that this is the truth for you, and everybody, beneath, beyond, before any conditions we find in Life.

Breathe deeply ... and let it go with a sigh ... Relax into this day ... Relax into this life ... Relax into this moment ...

Affirm with me these truths: There is one life and this life is mine now ... There is one power, one intelligence everywhere present in existence creating everything there is ... I am filled with this power and intelligence and I am using it right now ... I am a self-conscious center of creativity in a universe that is constantly renewing itself ... I am cocreating my life with God as my guide right now ...

Relaxing deeper into these truths I recognize doubts and fears that arise in my mind ... I turn toward them and consciously move through them to the truth that is always behind them and they disappear like fog in the morning sun ... the truth of God's guidance and support are always with me because I am the holy child of the One, born whole, complete and perfect ... I am in control of my life and I create it the way I want it ... I naturally and easily turn to God's guidance in good times and bad times and am always led by the light to greater good ...

I accept my blessings with gratitude and humility ... I relax and take each step in my life consciously, confidently, completely, with a grateful heart for the light of God that guides me on my way. I expect nothing less, I accept nothing more than the grace of God expressing through me, as me ...

I release these words to God's inexorable law of creation, knowing they have already manifested more good in the world, my world, our world ...


(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/16/98)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Serious Illness in Relationship

Yes, all is well and good with me and mine ...

For physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing when serious illness appears in a relationship.

Relax with me now into this moment ... Breathe deep thinking of God's love of you ... breathe out thinking of your love of God ... continue doing this until you feel easy with the rhythm ... Love in ... Love out ...

Peaceful now, and present in this moment, I acknowledge the presence of God everywhere in the universe. God is the one power, the only power in the universe and God's love is the energy that holds all creation together in oneness. In this moment I release and let go of any notion of separateness from God and know and affirm I am one with God, my spouse is one with God, my love is one with God ... And in truth it can never be any different and I choose to see this truth, hear this truth, live this truth from this moment on ...

Knowing and accepting my unity with God, I consciously speak my word from this place of unlimited power, claiming that which I see now as truth, knowing that as I speak the word of God, what I see is manifest in my life and experience now.

My body and my spouse's body is healthy and free of disease. God is perfect, I am perfect, my spouse is perfect.

My mind and my spouse's mind is clear and unclouded by doubt and fear. God is fearless, I am fearless, my spouse is fearless.

My emotions and my spouse's emotions are expressive and free of judgement. God is peaceful, I am peaceful, my spouse is peaceful.

My mind and my spouse's mind is fixed on Spirit. God is one with Spirit, I am one with Spirit, my spouse is one with Spirit.

As these words and their meaning echo in my mind, body, emotions and spirit I feel a great sense of gratitude and acceptance swelling up within my being and flowing over into my consciousness. Yes, all is well and good with me and mine. Thank you Spirit within for your gentle guidance and constant nudging for me to be one with God's purpose here and now.

I accept the truth and release these words gently and easily into the flow of Love, knowing they are manifest now as I move into their realization one step at a time.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/14/00)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Law of Attraction -- The Lord is With You

I recognize that the Lord is with everyone ...

For You to relax into the spiritual flow, and surrender with faith in, and commitment to, the Lord's guidance and power in your life. And to give of your unique talents easily and naturally, thereby opening yourself to share in the Lord's abundance.

Breathing deeply, I relax into the new day. I release all that has gone before and start afresh right where I am ... I place my trust in the Lord, that ever present Intelligence, Power and Presence that gives meaning to all that exists, including me.

Yes, there is one power, one presence, one force in life moving me forward fearlessly toward my destiny ... In faith believing I relax into this presence and move forward one step at a time knowing I am guided in all that I say and do. I move toward my greatest good naturally, inexorably. It can be no other way. I am sustained, nurtured and rewarded for the good I bring into the world through my work.

Each obstacle I encounter strengthens me and my faith as I relax and move through the fear, frustration, anger, disappointment with the Lord's strength and wisdom guiding me. I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and as I place my attention, awareness and energy on the spiritual truth, my way is made easier. I place my trust in the Lord not in man; at the same time I recognize that the Lord is with everyone and focus my awareness on this aspect of everyone I deal with.

I relax into this moment, enjoying the abundance that is present right now in this moment, releasing all thought of past and future. This moment stretches out to eternity. I am grateful for this time of reflection and affirmation. Thank you Lord for inspiring me, for always being with me.

I release these words into your Loving Heart and move forward confident of the good we create together in the world.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/15/98)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Oneness of the Universe

Unconditional Love pours into my Unconditional Acceptance ...

For You to feel the Oneness of the Universe and to know and feel your place and role in it so completely that you truly let go and let God nurture and support you.

Breathing easily and regularly I gently close my eyes. My breathing deepens and supports me as my attention turns to the thoughts racing through my mind; I casually watch my thoughts as they race on -- I let them go. My attention goes to my heart and the life that is pumping through me, the rhythm is comforting and supportive. I sense a melody arising as an overtone from all this activity within me ... I pause and listen to this song and flow with it, sensing its uniqueness -- it is my song and it is beautiful. I follow this sensation to its source and find nothing -- the void -- the vastness of Mind! Something coming from nothing -- Creation!

I am in timeless, infinite, spaceless, eternal nothingness. I am beyond physicality and my only thought is Love reaching out from the beginning, from the original creation. In this primordial state I sense the beginning of time ... I sense my choice in my beginning ... in my creation. I pause and allow myself to be peaceful in this realization. The feelings that arise I see projected on my mind as on a screen and I am awed by the beauty -- I Love it! Love ... Love ... Love -- yes, Love! I gaze at the holographic presentation and see Beauty, Light, Power, Peace, Joy, Life, Love ... and I see Wisdom, Abundance, Balance, Integrity, Perseverance, Grace as each facet of this expanding jewel shows its face in turn ... all the basic qualities that are the foundation of life and existence. In the oneness, in the rainbow of qualities spread before me, I find my true self.

I release the struggle and uncertainty to the void and turn toward the center where Unconditional Love pours forth into my Unconditional Acceptance. Taking in and filling myself with the rainbow of qualities, I accept my role in Life by presenting my unique interpretation of these universal qualities to the world as my gift, as my self; in so doing I further the evolution of the whole naturally, easily ... I take my place and am one with the creator, the creating and the created.

I rest easy now, knowing all this potential is within me always. I know I can return here, to my center, whenever I wish and bring these qualities into my life as Me, as my experience, as my gift. I rest easy now and let Life flow through me pure and simple in my sleep and in my waking. I am forever one with Spirit and accept with gratitude this loving total embrace. I am truly whole, complete and perfect, NOW! I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are true and manifest even as they are spoken. And so it is. And so I let it be.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/13/97)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Experience the Freedom

I Love myself and look out upon a lovely world ...

For You to know and experience the freedom that is born with us into this world -- the freedom to be exactly who we are and be supported comfortably in the abundance of Life.

In the quiet of this moment I relax and let go of all that has happened up until now ... up until this day ... up until this moment. I breathe deeply and relax into this moment. I allow my awareness to settle on thoughts and ideas of Spirit flowing through me, as me. With each breath I go deeper into this awareness.

I know there is one Life and this Life is mine now. There is one power and I am one with this power I call Love. Love flows constantly from the source of all existence bringing into form all that exists and is holding it all together in Oneness. It can be no other way ... all that is, is connected in this wonderful web of Love.

I feel this Love in me now as I speak these words for I am as the source created me, one with all that exists ... I am one with Love. And I declare that what is true for me is also true for all those around me ... it can be no other way. What is true for one part of the whole is true for all. I firmly believe this and let it guide me in all my interactions.

I Love myself and look out upon a lovely world. All apparent obstacles, in whatever form, melt away when I look from this deep, centered position of Love. I Love myself and allow all I have to contribute to this lovely world to flow from me naturally as work, as friendship, as inspiration, as spontaneity, as nurturing, as ...

All I do is guided by Oneness with Love. I Love myself and open myself to receive the abundance of Life by fully entering into the Law of Circulation. Guided by Love I step forward, one step at a time, moving purposefully toward those goals I am drawn to.

Joyfully, I accept Love fully into my Life, knowing as I believe so shall I receive. I believe in the fullness of Life and the power of Love. I am thankful for the Power of Creation I feel within because I am One with Love.

I release this treatment to Creation unfolding knowing it is so even before it is spoken. Grateful for the fullness I feel in my heart, I let go and let Love. And so it is.

Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/11/97)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Move Gracefully Forward

I move on light and free creating an ever new me ...

For You to feel and know Spirit expressing through you, as you, as you move gracefully forward in Life. Guided by Spirit, open to the abundance around you, accepting your good now. Feeling Divine Love within, draw the perfect mate to you.

Sitting calmly at the window, my thoughts drift naturally to the beauty of nature and the perfection of Spirit. Noticing each drop of water from the eaves, the gossamer screen of light fog gently dissolving into the rising light, the slight movement of branches in the stillness of the dawn, I sense the ultimate perfection of creation in all its immensity and all its subtlety. I feel reassured of the goodness of my life and the oneness I am with Spirit.

So, I turn my attention to my breath ... it is deep and regular ... In this rhythm I become one with the universe, one with all of creation. For as I breathe, the planet breathes ... the solar system breathes ... the galaxy breathes ... and on and on ... this pulsating rhythm of existence, as matter as particles as waves as light as you as me as our community, all are One with each other and One with Spirit.

I celebrate this Truth and speak these words from this place of Oneness, claiming these truths in this timeless moment:

Spirit is right here, right now; all the guidance I want and need is right here as I open my mind, as I open my heart to receive, it is done. I listen carefully and move deliberately forward knowing that Spirit is with me every step of the way. I relax and let my life flow naturally ... I respond to each situation in the moment it occurs, seeing it as it is now; handling it now, I move on, light and free, creating an ever new me.

I know the gifts I have to give the world through creative self expression in my business life and allow them to flow freely and fully. I open myself to accept abundance into my life just as easily as I allow my creativity to flow out. I accept the principle that what I focus on I get more of; by focusing my attention, awareness, and energy on the perfection I see naturally occurring all around me, I experience more and more of my unique perfection. I nurture my innermost feelings of beauty and peace and accept into my life the perfect partner to share these innermost feelings with. I see us moving forward together in harmony where even the discord is recognized as part of the whole beauty.

I embrace this Light filled moment with Love in my heart. I accept Spirit's goodness expressed as me, through me and to me. Tears well up as gratitude flows from my heart for the natural beauty all around me that I identify with completely. Thank you, thank you, thank you Spirit ... we are One forever and I shall never forget.

I release these words to the creative process knowing they are true now and forevermore. So I let it be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/10/97)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Fan Fire of Truth

The fire of Truth supports me and all around me ...

To fully realize your Oneness with the universe and the flow of creation so that You experience love, joy and happiness in all facets of your life.

Sitting here with my eyes closed letting the words flow from my mouth, I feel the presence of life oozing out of every pore. In this very moment I know that there is no other thing in the universe except creation. Through Spirit, I am one with creation in thought, word and deed; I am cocreating my life with Spirit. I breathe deeply and fan the fire of this truth so it shines brightly in, around and through me. Yes, I feel it ... Yes, I experience it ... Yes, I am It!

The questions in my heart add fuel to the flames of truth and the answers flow from me like heat from the wood stove, naturally and easily ...

There is but one choice: To be totally and completely oneself. This choice is made easy as I go within to this place of total, unequivocal Oneness with the fire of Truth. I feel this in me now and being immersed in the truth, in oneness, I know the same is true for You. Relax with me, let this be, there is no beginning and no end of Truth. Allow awareness to merge with this beingness and allow guidance to come forth as ideas, inspiration, spontaneous action ...

Affirm with me: As I go through this day and every day I am one with this unique flow that I Am, knowing that only good can come from my letting go and letting Spirit move me. I welcome this guidance in my work and am blessed to find myself in the perfect place, at the perfect time, doing the perfect thing, free from fear and doubt. I step out into the world knowing the fire of Truth supports me and supports all around me. When hesitation comes I pause and reflect, trusting inspiration to guide me spontaneously; I can make no mistakes; I am gathering experience; I am creating total happiness in my life one experience at a time.

I gratefully accept this wonderful expression of life through me, as me, and express humble gratitude for the power and pleasure I feel. I express myself easily and fully as I move through my day, thankful for the light I experience reflected back from all I see, from all I feel, from all I hear.

Thank you Spirit for the gift of life! I release myself to your loving guidance knowing it has never really been different. I am One with You and I am Blessed. So it is and so I let it be now and forevermore!

Blessed be!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/9/97)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Boundless Love

I unfold fully and completely all the Love I hold ...

For You to hold Love in your heart; the Love that is eternal and infinite and knows no bounds.

As I sit here I feel the rhythm of life in the raindrops falling outside, in the sunshine peeking between the clouds, in the music on the stereo singing songs of Love.

I breathe deeply and relax into the feelings of Love ... the Love that is the source of existence; the Love that is equally present everywhere in the universe because it is the force, the power, the attraction born at the beginning of time that holds everything together.

Love emanates from the source and holds all in oneness as gravity holds us all on Earth. There is no spot this love is not equally and totally present. This love is in my heart at this very moment and every moment. It is mine to recognize or ignore and what is true of me is true of everyone; for we are all created equal and are one in Universal harmony.

I choose to recognize this Love and to hold it tenderly now and forevermore as a precious divine gift that reveals the answer to every problem I face. With Love in my heart I face every challenge squarely and purely for I know I am not alone. I am one with the creative power of the universe and this is good.

I choose to draw to me those people that reflect this love back to me and support me in my unfoldment as a loving presence here on earth. I am free to be just who I am and be acknowledged and accepted unconditionally as I am. Yes, this is true! Yes, I accept this! How sweet it is to be me! I accept myself unconditionally as I accept those around me! Everywhere I look I see unconditional Love looking back at me.

Thank you Spirit within for guiding and nurturing me as I unfold fully and completely all the Love I hold in my heart ... as I gratefully accept the Love in me and all around me. I can do nothing else and am so grateful for this realization, my givingness overflows.

Humbly I release these words to the creative process knowing they are true even before being spoken. Yes, it is so and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/8/97)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Experience Divine Perfection

I claim divine right order and balance ...

For You to know and experience the divine perfection that is the truth of your physical, mental and spiritual being.

As I relax into this moment I feel the presence of the one true power creating all that exists all around and through me. I breathe deeply and let it go. I feel my heart beating. I relax further into contemplation of the One intelligence creating all that exists. Within myself I find my individual connection to the vastness, the wholeness of existence. I relax even further into the oneness and know that I am safe.

Yes, I am an individual expression of the wholeness of creation. The wholeness of creation is perfect and complete just as it is. Nothing needs to be added, nothing needs to be taken away. It is perfect just as it is; and by analogy, so am I. And in my perfection and oneness with the creative intelligence of the universe I know my words, my thoughts, my ideas, my beliefs have creative impact on my experience of life.

Holding to this inborn knowledge of my inherent creativity I carefully enter into the following process: Remaining relaxed in contemplation of wholeness and perfection, I claim divine right order and balance in my spiritual, mental and physical self. I accept the uninterrupted flow of energy from the source through my spirit, my mind and my body. I release all self accepted limitations and dysfunctions into this wholeness and perfection. I forgive my self and others for any and all apparent transgressions and release them into wholeness and perfection. I look into the mirror of my soul and see love, light, peace and joy.

I accept myself as the truth I am in this timeless moment. I am thankful for the presence of spirit all round and through me. I am grateful for the expression of truth that I am.

Peacefully, gently, with great compassion and elation I release these words into the Law of Mind and let them be so now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/6/98)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Bless their Transition

I let go and enjoy my memories...

For those that know someone who has passed on recently, to bless them on their way and to use this time to heal the pain of loss by embracing Oneness.

Sunlight and blue sky; green trees and still air; a breeze ruffles a few leaves and I take a big breath and sigh. What does my breath move? Is it one with the breeze? ... I relax into my heart, into that point within where I am connected to all that is on an inner, knowing, feeling level of experience.

Here, I allow my mind to expand into the one mind and I relax further into this larger experience of life. I breathe in love and exhale anything unlike love; again and again until I feel deeply my oneness with creation.

Now I allow the answers to my questions to come to me; I know the right answers are individual to me even though they are universal in effect. I listen, I accept, I listen some more, I accept. As long as it takes I stay here, quiet, receptive, open, receiving the wisdom of creation and of life and death.

I accept the ungoingness of each individual manifestation of Spirit. I accept my immortality and the immortality of my family and loved ones and all beings, everywhere. There is a goodness in this atmosphere and I accept my role in it without reservation. I bless the memory of those that have gone before me; I bless the ancestors, the friends, the great leaders and the fallen soldiers, the husbands and wives, children and fathers and mothers, all those that have graced earth with their presence in this country and every country in this world and out of this world. We are one in mind, one in creation, one in this wonderful universe. I bless you.

In this present moment I let go and enjoy my memories. I am equally at peace with the pain and the pleasure. I am satisfied with my role in this drama of life I bring to mind. I see it from on high as an eagle watching the landscape below and all that I see is good in this larger view that takes in the whole cycle of creation, existence, dissolution to creation once again and then again...

I am blessed to be a part of this oneness and I am grateful, so grateful for this experience. I am uplifted and realize my wholeness and my holiness in this moment and what is true of me I realize is true of everyone. I thankfully accept this for me and for everyone. In oneness we are conceived, in oneness we pass on. It is the way of creation. And so I let it be; and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/4/97)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Love of Spirit

I accept Spirit's love as unconditional and free ...

For You to know, feel, trust the Love of Spirit as your guide to the unfolding of your special contribution to the world.

As I relax into this day, I breathe deeply and feel peace flowing into my body. I consciously choose to exhale all that is unlike peace ... and inhale all that supports peace ... With each breath I make room for and accept more peace into my body, into my heart ...

Spirit is Peace. I am Peace. Spirit is so much more. I am so much more, for all that Spirit is I am also. I am one with Spirit; I am one with all that exists; in the Mind of Spirit there is no separation; there cannot be any separation. I accept this and release all my worries, insecurities, and doubts into the vastness of Spirit and relax as I accept Peace in my life now.

I know that what is true of me is true of everyone; for we are all the blessed children of Spirit. In this moment, as I look around me in reality and in imagination, all I see is Spirit. I feel Spirit's Presence radiating through me as Love. Love, that eternal comfort that connects us all as One; that radiant beauty I feel in my heart and see at the heart of everything and everyone around me. This Love is unconditional and free and I accept it unconditionally; it is my birthright!

I feel empowered to act on that inner goodness and purpose that I bring into this world as my unique expression of oneness. As I relax into Peace and manifest Love, that love which I am in truth, the way is made easy and clear before me. I follow my heart to the goodness that is mine to claim, experience, know and express.

Thank you Spirit for being known to me in this moment; I accept you as Love now as I accept the eternality of this moment. I know my Love is eternal for it is one with yours. One Love, One Life, One wonderful expression of faith and trust. I accept it; I bless it; and I release it now into Life unfolding. For we are One. And so I let it be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/1/97)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Health and Abundance

I accept the guidance that comes to me naturally ...

For You to relax into the perfection that you truly are and to open to receive the health and abundance that is your birthright.

I open now to the Light and Love that is everywhere present in all of existence. I breathe deeply and relax into this present moment, into all its perfection and peace. There is one power, one intelligence creating all there is. I am one with this intelligence and power and relax into it now with a big breath and a sigh.

I quietly watch as a thousand thoughts come to mind and I quickly and easily let them go. In this moment I hold on to nothing and a sense of peace, of wholeness, of divine perfection fills my mind, my body, my very soul. In this moment all is in divine order and balance; I am one with all around me and I am supported, nurtured and loved by the presence of Spirit.

I relax and let go and merge with Spirit ... I consciously become one with the flow of creation that is everywhere equally present in existence. Here I am able to navigate my way to the center where Life is smoother and easier. I accept my health, physically and financially. I accept the guidance that comes to me naturally and easily as I relax into the flow. I see clearly and act fearlessly to balance and guide myself and my family to experience the goodness, the fullness of Life.

I am grateful for the power I feel in this moment and for the knowledge I find within my self. Thank you Spirit for opening me in this moment and for always being here, guiding me and supporting me.

Into the oneness of existence I release these words, knowing they are true and manifest in my life now.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/28/98)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Anxiety and Worry

I feel the power and presence within me ...

To alleviate anxiety and worry by surrendering to the flow of Spirit and the creativity and intelligence within me.

I sit here and think upon life ... The busyness ... the hopes and dreams ... the fear and worry ... the beauty and expectations ... the immediate circumstances ... the possibilities and potentialities ... a thousand thoughts arise and ask for attention ...

I stop ... And let all that go ... I just release it ... And place my awareness on my heart ... on the center of my being ... I release all doing and am aware only of being ... Being in the moment ... Being ... Sitting here being one with the unfolding universe ...

There is a power and a presence that is always here ... I feel it right now, moving through me ... I feel the universality of this power and presence for there is a common thread tying all the universe together ... This thread is called evolution, the growth of the universe from beginning to end that stretches for as far as the mind can think, or feel, or know ... it just is ... and in this moment I just am ...

I am this power, this presence as is everything in existence ... I am a singular manifestation of the power and presence in my place on the evolutionary thread ... it can be no other way ... this is the way it is ... I relax into this feeling ... into this being ... into this moment ... I open myself to feel the power, the presence ... I ask the question: "What am I to do that brings me into alignment with peace, power and prosperity as I evolve?"

I sit here and listen ... I feel the power and presence within me ... I release my conscious desires and wanting into the power and presence ... I release my anxiety and worry and wondering into this universal flow of existence and creativity ... I embrace life evolving all around me ... and as me ... I accept the nurturing presence of the creator of all in me ... I am to do that which I am moved to do in faith believing ... consistent, concrete action in the world will bring me the security I seek.

"Turn within, releasing every thought, to the center of your being and allow the inspiration to come naturally and easily. Express yourself from this centered place and all will flow smoothly and easily. Trust in your goodness and the goodness of the world. Life unfolds in evolutionary spirals; trust where you are and keep moving; all is well."

I am secure in the knowledge I am not alone. I am secure in the feeling of oneness with the power and presence creating all that is. I am secure in expressing these inspired thoughts, words and deeds that come from the center of my being.

I am thankful for the power and presence I feel in myself and that I feel in these words. Peacefully I accept my place on the evolutionary spiral and release these words to the flow of evolution. I am grateful for the feeling of wholeness and completeness in this moment and return here often to be refreshed and renewed in my individual evolution. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/27/97)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Patience and Strength

I am grateful for the sanctuary within ...

For You to know the patience and strength of the one Spirit always in life as Life unfolds in its sometimes challenging ways.

Sitting in the morning silence, I listen. I listen to the crows call and the cars drive by; I listen to the sounds of my breathing and the sounds of my heart beating. I sit and I listen in silence for the inspiration of Spirit within me. I listen.

There is one Spirit, one Life, one Power everywhere equally present in this universe, in this world, in this community, in this house, in this body. This indescribable Power is creating all we see and know in this universe right now. I release myself into this power and know I am safe. I release myself so that I am one with the evolutionary flow of Life and now consciously assume my rightful role as an integral part of the unfolding wholeness, perfectness and completeness of the universe. In truth it can be no other way.

I accept this as I look out and see a new day beginning and look within and see a new way opening. I am able to relax into the completeness of this moment outside and inside. There is nothing I need to change as I accept this moment in all its perfection. Yes, I am one with the creative power of the universe; yes, I am able to patiently watch the world flow around me; yes, I am able to listen and respond in positive, constructive, empowering ways; and, yes, the world reflects back to me the truth I hold inside. I know the goodness I am and that I express in the world.

I relax into this moment, this eternal moment and am thankful for the Power I feel right now. I am a strong, able manifestation of Spirit here on earth for a purpose and a reason and I relax into this truth. Grateful for the peace I feel in this moment I consciously accept it as the truth my being is grounded on and I return here, to this feeling, to this place within, whenever I feel challenged by events in the outside world. I am grateful for the sanctuary within and the one Spirit that nurtures me here. Thank you.

I release these words into the flow of Life knowing I am safe, whole and complete just as I am. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/24/98)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Create in Face of Fear

I turn and face fear knowing it is illusion ...

For You to be one with the flow of Spirit through successfully producing and sharing your special vision of life with everyone as a creative project (like a book or song or painting or other work of the heart).

With the cool morning breeze on my face I sit and allow these words to flow through me ... I breathe in and feel Spirit flowing all around me ... I breathe out and sense the truth that there is one Spirit flowing from one Creator throughout one Universe ... I feel this deeply in this moment and I gently breathe in and out allowing the feeling to deepen even more ...

There is no limit to the depth of my feeling ... I just free fall into the depths ... my awareness centered on Spirit expressing in all its forms ... I am safe ... I am one with the evolution of creation ... I am one with Life, I am one with Spirit ... I am one with the Creator, I am one with the Universe ... there is no separation between us, ever ... I have never been more aware of this than in this moment ...

In this wonderful moment these words flow forth ... As I am one with Spirit, so are You. I speak these words with You in Mind knowing all is One. What I claim as true for me, I also claim as true for you ... As fear arises I turn and face it knowing it is illusion ... my faith is strong so I let fear pass over me and it is gone, only the truth remains.

The truth is in the creative urge that leads me to produce creative projects ... Creative projects that come from the depths of being through me and bring to light some hidden mystery or darkness or beauty or vision or understanding or ... whatever is necessary so all that look receive the gift presented through my work to help them along their path of unfoldment, of evolution, even as the project helps me ...

Each creative project is quintessential Spirit brought to light through me easily and naturally ... The tough spots are made more clear by the struggle to bring forth the deepest understanding ... The smooth spots flow like water down a cataract, refreshing and exciting. Those that receive the gift are captivated and moved by the experience ... Transformation is initiated ... movement is begun ... personal satisfaction, happiness, enlightenment is seen, felt, heard, accomplished and this is good ... very good ...

I gratefully accept the love and support I feel in these words and know beyond all doubt the Truth they contain. Thank you Spirit for these insights and your constant presence in my life.

I release these words to the creative flow of Spirit, sure they are manifest now even as time moves toward their realization, their revelation. As it is spoken, so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/23/97)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Rejuvenate Your Soul

Centered in Oneness I relax and let go ...

For You to feel the freshness of life coming from the source pure and clean, moving you to a new, fuller perspective that opens you to more of the limitless potential you represent in the universe, thereby rejuvenating your soul.

I relax and I let go; I look out the window and watch the crows flutter around the big cedar tree next door. I notice how still and quiet the air is under the bright sunny skies of this morning. I breathe deeply and relax into this quiet ...

I close my eyes and go within ... I breathe easily, evenly, deeply ... I allow my attention to naturally rest on the quiet ... the quiet between my breaths ... the quiet between beats of my heart ... the quiet in the center of being ... the quiet at the beginning of life ... the quiet at the beginning of existence ...

There is one source, one origin of all existence, of all Life ... as I touch the quiet at the center of my being, I touch the quiet that is the beginning of all that exists. Here all is one, unified, whole. All are connected through our source. And as we multiply and move out from this center we are always connected. It can be no other way.

Resting now in the center, at the beginning, I know there is one mind, one creator of all that is and that I am consciously an active part of this mind. I know that the thoughts I think and the words I speak are creative and that as they reach out and touch my request, they create a positive change.

Centered in Oneness I relax and let go ... I let go of all attachments and judgements ... I let go of all notions and naggings ... I let go of all desires and confusions ... I just let go and float in the oneness of creation ... Here I am free to be purely me ... pure and fresh as the day I was conceived ... Here I am with all the potential of the universe within me. I accept this as the truth today and every day ... as I take time to sit in the quiet ... as I take time to return to the one source, if even for a second, each day ... here I am refreshed and renewed.

Now I move out into the world -- move out into my potential -- with clarity, purpose and poise. And I am so grateful, so thankful, for this experience, I raise my arms, I raise my eyes and say, "Yes!" Yes, to life, Yes to me, Yes to the world because I am an integral, creative, evolving individual piece of the whole and I Love being Me!

As I speak, it is so, now and forevermore.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/22/98)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Good Evolves into Potential

I know good ... I affirm good ... I live good!

For you to feel and experience the Good in you and all around you and to use this good to evolve into your inborn potential.

I sit with myself and I breathe deeply and relax ...

As I look out the window I see the apples growing on the trees, and taste their sweetness; I hear the crows cawing loudly as they circle the old redwood tree next door; I see the beauty of my surroundings in all its forms ... I sit with myself and I breathe deeply and relax ...

I close my eyes and allow my awareness to go in, toward my heart ... I notice a full range of emotions, not unlike what I see outside: abundance, beauty, mystery ... I feel the richness of Life and the fullness of existence right here where I am and all around me ...

In this moment I feel myself as One with the entire universe and know this is true and good. There is no separation, for there is no spot that Good is not. In this moment I accept this truth fully and completely knowing this wonderful creativity and openness is the expression of the one Spirit that is Good itself. I accept this fully, totally, without reservation or complaint. It can be no other way for as I believe I receive.

I believe in one abundant universe where there is truly one Good.

I align myself with this truth and follow my path unerringly with Spirit as my guide.

Only Good can come from my actions in the world and only Good can come to me.

I open my heart, my mind and my mouth knowing my feelings, my thoughts and my words are creative.

I watch carefully and turn negative feelings, thoughts and words to positive ones through affirmations; I affirm the positive in that very moment I notice the negativity in me.

I take full responsibility for all I find in my life and create my life as I want it to be.

Doubts, fears, insecurities are all transformed in this process to faith, courage and self confidence.

I have all I need right now, in this moment, to be successful on my chosen path. I know it ... I affirm it ... I live it!

I am so thankful for being one with this divine process and recognizing my central role in it as partners with Good.

I accept the truth of myself as a successful expression of the one Spirit, serving the whole in my unique way.

I release these words to the flow of Spirit through Life knowing they are true even before they are spoken; and so it is and so I let it be now and forever...


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/21/97)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Law of Attraction -- A New Baby

I relax into this feeling of love ...

To welcome Baby into the world...

Sitting here in the morning light with a gray mantle of clouds holding the earth close in loving embrace my thoughts turn to the coming birth of this new baby. It's a good day to be born.

I relax into this thought ... it's a good day to be born ... and I feel the presence of that one Intelligence that creates all there is in the universe right here where I am. I know this same Intelligence is with Mother and Baby and Father and everyone else anticipating this wonderful event. As this Intelligence is everywhere equally present in the universe I just relax into its embrace as I relax into the embrace of the gray mantle of clouds ...

I know Baby is held closely in the warmth of her mother's womb and feels that wonderful security even as this one Intelligence we all share is about to push her out into this wide world that awaits to embrace her in Its love. I relax into this feeling of love, knowing it, too is everywhere equally present in this world and most especially in Baby's family.

I relax with Mother in mind knowing a wonderful state of euphoria for her as she embarks on this unfamiliar process of giving birth. Knowing with her and for her a state of mind of release and letting go into the process, into the work, into the beauty, into the perfectness of each and every moment and its marvelous conclusion.

I relax with Father in mind holding a sense of peace, clarity, compassion, empathy and pride. Coaching comes easily and naturally as the process unfolds naturally and easily. The words, feelings, love all flow effortlessly, consistently, fluently always.

I relax with family and friends in mind feeling a sense of anticipation, love, excitement and unquestioned support in each and everyone for each and everyone. I know wherever they are their attention, love, good wishes and pride is right with Father, Mother and Baby as this new member of the clan comes forward into the world.

I relax with the doctors and nurses in mind knowing they are guided by the one Intelligence to perform flawlessly each and every function and task that aids Baby, Mother and Father in creating the perfect experience for everyone.

I am so thankful for the unconditional love and support of this singular Intelligence acting through so many individuals to create this most sacred of events. I express my deep gratitude with a heart felt Thank You!

And I release these words, thoughts, feelings into the world, the universe knowing they are true and manifest Now.

And so it is.

Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/26/04)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Support Your Team

In the game of life there are no losers ...

For You to support your team and yourself regardless of external appearances.

I relax into this morning, calm and cool. I breathe deeply and relax into the flow of life through my body ... I relax into the gentle rhythm of my breath ... I allow the desire of winning to come to mind ... and I let it go again in the gentle rhythm of my breathing ... I let it go like releasing a cup of water into the waves of the ocean ... I relax into the rhythm of breathing ... I relax into the rhythm of life ... I relax into the oneness of life ... I relax into the oneness of creation ...

Now I am grounded in truth; I am grounded in reality. There is one power, one life, one constant expression of one Spirit everywhere equally present in this universe. This power, this presence is right here where I am now, and is with me always. I accept this, I believe this, I know this is true for me and for everyone else right now; there are no exceptions. What is true for me and my team is true for them and their team ... in truth there is no separation. We enter into life equally with one goal: to realize our true purpose here and to perform it perfectly!

In the game of life there are no losers. I accept this and feel its truth deeply now. And as I fervently cheer my team on against their team I know in so doing I am a winner. As I passionately pursue the goals I choose, including ardently supporting those who I side with, I feel that incessant rhythm of life supporting me, moving me, just as it does the other side. It is like the excitement I feel when I watch the surf coming together in mock battle from the bluffs over the beach; here, there are no real losers, only a beautiful, dynamic dance where one appears dominant one time and the other another time. There is no winning or losing here, only the game of Life ...

Yes, I am thankful for the excitement that life brings in all its forms and rituals. I am thankful for the breath and blood flowing through my body and the Spirit flowing through me and my community. I am one with this flow and I accept my role in this vast drama and play it fully, openly, honestly, passionately and remain open to the outcome.

And now, I release these words to the waves of Spirit sweeping through the universe knowing they are true now and forevermore. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/20/97)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Opportunity for Creative Expression

For You to recognize the flow of Life as Good and to bless and be blessed by all around you as new opportunities open for creative expression and you move on quickly and smoothly guided by Spirit.

As I relax into this moment, I close my eyes and breathe deeply ... Feeling the air move in and out allows the rhythm of life to fill my awareness ... My heart adds its beat and my fingers tap out a melody of words ... My facial muscles relax and leave a smile ... My mind opens a little wider and takes all this in ... Life, yes this is Life ... Life ... Life is Good ...

I relax even more and allow my awareness to move through the body to what's beyond ... There is one Source of all Life and this source is the Intelligence at the center of the Universe. Here, I feel the rhythm I am expressing right now in Life whirling around my center and in this moment I know that center as Spirit! Yes! I am an expression of Spirit moving as a whole, complete and perfect Universe within a larger Universe with countless centers just like me ... Wow!

Gently I release and let go and am caught up in a wonderful flow ... I am One with all around me ... I relax into this moment, into this movement, and know I am safe ... I sense I am carried on wings of Love ... inner peace saturates me and I know beyond all questions that I am one with the creative power and energy of the Universe.

In this holy instant I affirm: Yes, everywhere I look I see Intelligence looking at me; I am safe in an abundant universe of love and support; I freely give love and blessings wherever I am and I freely accept the same in return. I welcome doubt because it reminds me to affirm the Truth: I am one with the Infinite Mother, I am one with the Eternal Father, I am one with Love ... and I am supported and nurtured wherever I am and in whatever I am inspired to do.

I pause and listen within ... gently I relax once again, and allow my awareness to penetrate to the center of my being. Spontaneously, inspiration bursts forth and clearly moves me to where I best serve those around me. My faith is strong and my trust in, and acceptance of, my role uses this strength to move me forward. I am one with the rhythm of Life and my highest good is served fully and completely.

Thank you Spirit for opening my senses that I may fully experience and know the perfection of this Life -- of my Life! My gratitude is forever yours ...

These words, thoughts, feelings I now release into the Intelligence and know they are fully operative in the Universe at this moment, this very moment and every moment. And so I let it be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/19/98)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Forgiving What is Past

I accept my response ability to act ...

To keep evolving in an ever new present of my own choosing by forgiving what is past.

Relaxing now into this divine moment ... I close my eyes and let go of all thoughts but those of Spirit. One Spirit everywhere equally present in the whole universe. Spirit present here, right now, with me ... I feel the cat sleeping on my lap, hear the hair dryer in the distance and I know it is morning and in the ordinariness of activity around me I know Spirit truly is everywhere.

Now I relax further into this moment, into my mind, and know there is only one mind thinking these thoughts. I see, hear, feel and know in this holy moment Peace, Beauty, Joy, Power and I accept and merge with these wonderful qualities of Spirit.

Carefully, my chosen words flow now as I sit in this place knowing each word as creation flowing forth from this state of oneness. I experience myself as an artist creating this wonderful scene I project from my thoughts onto the world. I choose each nuance, each detail, with an eye for its role in the whole composition.

I forgive each detail I would do differently now, because in this moment I see how it fits perfectly into the whole. Yes, I accept and forgive knowing it is a step in the process of creation. I see hurt and resentment, it too is a part of the whole, but leave it and allow my attention to move on ...

In moving on I feel a lightness, an easy-going feeling of OKness ... I experience fully and completely the creative process ... I see everything in its place and experience my ability to choose what comes next ... I choose to fully unlock my potential and let it flow from the center of my being, from oneness itself. I choose to do this smoothly, consistently, insistently, like a flower opening to accept the fullness of life ...

We are one and I am so thankful this is so. My heart opens to the natural flow of life and creativity through me, as me. I open my eyes and look around and see only Spirit; in this moment I feel Spirit in me as Beauty, Peace, Joy and Power; I accept my oneness with Spirit; I accept my response ability to act from this place with acceptance and forgiveness; I accept my role in Life.

And here I leave it, in the able hands of Spirit. I humbly let go and let Spirit, knowing, accepting and loving the truth of oneness. I release these words to the Law of Creation, knowing they are manifest as they are spoken. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/16/97)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Moving to New Area

"Yes!" I am me, myself, and no other ...

For Anyone moving to a new area to affirm the truth of this moment: the world is a field of unlimited possibility and the path to your destiny is open and clear before you.

Now you stand on the threshold of a new adventure and move into it with those bright eyes shining and that inborn optimism intact. I see a beautiful person here moving forward in life, ready to claim that role you are born to fill.

Affirm with me that this role is ready and waiting to be claimed. Relax, breathe deeply and let it go ... relax, breathe deeply and let it go ... Stop ... stop thinking ... let those thoughts go, just as you let your breath go and think them no more. Relax into your heart ... relax into the center of your being ... relax and listen, relax and feel, relax and see, relax and merge with the universal oneness of life ...

Affirm: there is one life, one spirit, one love everywhere equally present and it is fully present right here with me! I feel the comforting presence of that intelligence that has grown me from embryo to now effortlessly. I relax and let my mind rest without thought. My attention, my awareness, is on the flow of creation and my place in it ... I take the time now to go with this flow and to immerse myself in beauty, power, peace, joy, love, life, light, wisdom and harmony ... I naturally, easily, completely absorb the sense, the idea of my role in the universal play and confidently, courageously and consciously say, "Yes!" I am me, myself, and no other. I claim this path I sense deep within me and know that all my choices lead me closer to that destination I sense imprinted deep in my being.

I move on in life, through life, as life, knowing everywhere I go here I am. And wherever I am, here also is the power creating the universe; we are one. I peacefully and gratefully accept all that I find in my new home as an integral part of the One for that is the truth; I feel this truth deep within and see it all around me.

I relax and let go and say "Thank you Life!" I accept myself and my life for the joy I feel in this moment and for the potential I know, beyond all doubt, is unfolding naturally as me. Gratefully I relax and smile as I accept the perfection of life unfolding.

Peacefully I release these words into the universe knowing their truth goes on for ever and ever. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/17/97)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Miracle of Peace

I accept the miracle of peace everywhere now ...

For all Leaders around the world involved in decisions leading to war or peace to feel, hear, act with our Creator's compassion, love, wisdom in bringing Light, Love and Peace to all conflicts.

Sitting here in the morning light looking out on a peaceful garden filled with the natural bounty of this earth I hear reports of the necessity of war and I wonder. I wonder about the people: what do they see, what do they feel, what does the earth say to them? ...

I breathe deeply and let it go ... again and again ... I focus my attention on the rhythm of life within me ... again and again ... I allow my consciousness to sink deeply into the center of my being, into my heart ... again and again ...

I feel my connection with the source of life, I feel my connection with the intelligence that is behind all creation, I feel my connection with all that is created. I feel the earth beneath me, the air around me and know that all life feels these same things wherever it is. I know all life shares the same source, the same intelligence, the same history. I relax into this reverie and know that each of us is equally creative in this world as we grow naturally into our potential. I feel the Spirit that unites us as one.

Fully immersed in this oneness I know my words and thoughts are creative sparks in the creative process. I choose to take this time and focus my words and thoughts on the leaders and decision makers in war. I know the source of life is boundless and is equally present in all life. I know the source of life is infinitely wise, compassionate and loving. I know the source of life is equally present in each Leader. I call on this inner wisdom, compassion, and love for all life to catch fire and grow passionately in each and every one.

I see this passion manifesting as a great desire for peace and justice. I see this passion manifesting as understanding and creativity in bringing peace to this world. I see this passion manifesting as humility and willingness to learn from mistakes. I feel this passion as tolerance, patience and gratitude for the freedom to choose harmony over conflict, understanding over ignorance, forgiveness over vengeance. I hear this passion as people all over the world say, "Allow us to create our own good without bombs, invasions, occupations". I hear this passion in cries for civil liberties and human rights from people in each and every country. I hear this passion in the beating of my heart and know it truly is in every heart.

Immersed in the Oneness, I accept these words and thoughts as the truth, knowing that each leader opens their heart, their mind, their feelings to the power of the creator and receives this and is moved by it. I accept the miracle of Peace everywhere in the world now. I accept that inborn potential to live in peace, harmony, balance that is our birthright now. Thank you God.

I release this prayer into the creative process knowing it is true and manifest now. Natural and free, I just let it be.

Blessed are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/9/01)