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Friday, October 20, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Oneness of the Universe

Unconditional Love pours into my Unconditional Acceptance ...

For You to feel the Oneness of the Universe and to know and feel your place and role in it so completely that you truly let go and let God nurture and support you.

Breathing easily and regularly I gently close my eyes. My breathing deepens and supports me as my attention turns to the thoughts racing through my mind; I casually watch my thoughts as they race on -- I let them go. My attention goes to my heart and the life that is pumping through me, the rhythm is comforting and supportive. I sense a melody arising as an overtone from all this activity within me ... I pause and listen to this song and flow with it, sensing its uniqueness -- it is my song and it is beautiful. I follow this sensation to its source and find nothing -- the void -- the vastness of Mind! Something coming from nothing -- Creation!

I am in timeless, infinite, spaceless, eternal nothingness. I am beyond physicality and my only thought is Love reaching out from the beginning, from the original creation. In this primordial state I sense the beginning of time ... I sense my choice in my beginning ... in my creation. I pause and allow myself to be peaceful in this realization. The feelings that arise I see projected on my mind as on a screen and I am awed by the beauty -- I Love it! Love ... Love ... Love -- yes, Love! I gaze at the holographic presentation and see Beauty, Light, Power, Peace, Joy, Life, Love ... and I see Wisdom, Abundance, Balance, Integrity, Perseverance, Grace as each facet of this expanding jewel shows its face in turn ... all the basic qualities that are the foundation of life and existence. In the oneness, in the rainbow of qualities spread before me, I find my true self.

I release the struggle and uncertainty to the void and turn toward the center where Unconditional Love pours forth into my Unconditional Acceptance. Taking in and filling myself with the rainbow of qualities, I accept my role in Life by presenting my unique interpretation of these universal qualities to the world as my gift, as my self; in so doing I further the evolution of the whole naturally, easily ... I take my place and am one with the creator, the creating and the created.

I rest easy now, knowing all this potential is within me always. I know I can return here, to my center, whenever I wish and bring these qualities into my life as Me, as my experience, as my gift. I rest easy now and let Life flow through me pure and simple in my sleep and in my waking. I am forever one with Spirit and accept with gratitude this loving total embrace. I am truly whole, complete and perfect, NOW! I release these words into the Law of Mind knowing they are true and manifest even as they are spoken. And so it is. And so I let it be.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/13/97)


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