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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Law of Attraction -- The Lord is With You

I recognize that the Lord is with everyone ...

For You to relax into the spiritual flow, and surrender with faith in, and commitment to, the Lord's guidance and power in your life. And to give of your unique talents easily and naturally, thereby opening yourself to share in the Lord's abundance.

Breathing deeply, I relax into the new day. I release all that has gone before and start afresh right where I am ... I place my trust in the Lord, that ever present Intelligence, Power and Presence that gives meaning to all that exists, including me.

Yes, there is one power, one presence, one force in life moving me forward fearlessly toward my destiny ... In faith believing I relax into this presence and move forward one step at a time knowing I am guided in all that I say and do. I move toward my greatest good naturally, inexorably. It can be no other way. I am sustained, nurtured and rewarded for the good I bring into the world through my work.

Each obstacle I encounter strengthens me and my faith as I relax and move through the fear, frustration, anger, disappointment with the Lord's strength and wisdom guiding me. I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and as I place my attention, awareness and energy on the spiritual truth, my way is made easier. I place my trust in the Lord not in man; at the same time I recognize that the Lord is with everyone and focus my awareness on this aspect of everyone I deal with.

I relax into this moment, enjoying the abundance that is present right now in this moment, releasing all thought of past and future. This moment stretches out to eternity. I am grateful for this time of reflection and affirmation. Thank you Lord for inspiring me, for always being with me.

I release these words into your Loving Heart and move forward confident of the good we create together in the world.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/15/98)


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