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Friday, October 27, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Fear to Deep Inner Peace

I smile and relax with confidence knowing all is good ...

For You to observe fear, desire, dream and move consciously through all to realization, in the present moment, of joy, of true happiness and of deep inner peace, all of which is then matched in experience of the outer world.

The stereo is wafting its sweet melody in the background, as I relax into this moment, as I relax into a deeper awareness of the oneness of life, the oneness of all existence and the mystery of why we can appreciate this so intimately, finding so much beauty, joy and love within us, around us, through us. With each breath I find myself going deeper into this place, this time... Dwell in peace ...

Amen, One God, One Creator, One giver of Life everywhere present and evident in this world, this universe because all we see, feel, hear, know is this One God; there is nothing outside God, we are all contained within and are an integral aspect of God; there can never, ever be any separation from God, ever!

With total acceptance and understanding of my oneness with God, I dare to speak my word knowing, beyond any and all doubt, that my word is creative and causative in the world. Carefully I compose my thoughts and pull them into this moment directing them toward all that I desire, visualize, imagine manifesting in my life.

Yes, I feel relaxed in this moment as I release all fears that hold me back from accepting and realizing my good. I affirm my innate ability to express myself and do so spontaneously. I am joyful and free in my expression with all those I am in relationship with. Love shows itself as joy, laughter and a deep appreciation for all the beauty that exists in this moment whether it is shared privately with God within, an intimate partner or a room full of friends and relatives.

As I take time to breathe and allow these words to sink in, deep into my subconscious, I am at peace with myself and with the world around me. I am able to truly be totally here, in this moment. Yes, here, now, in this moment. This is good and I know and affirm that this moment is always right here where I am, right here in this breath, yes, in this breath.

My faith is strong, and I accept this word as the truth of my life now. I smile and relax into this warm feeling with confidence, knowing, affirming, believing all is well and good in truth and I accept this and let it be so, now! Yes, now, in this very moment.
Oh God, blessed one, creator of life, omnipotent presence, I release this word to law knowing it is my life now. So, I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/27/06)


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