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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Safety While Visiting Family

I follow my heart and the world accepts me ...

For You to relax into the beauty, the unity of life and enter into that pure consciousness of your sacred nature as you travel to visit your family in a different country.

Now I sit. I sit and relax into the peace-fullness of this moment. I breathe in Peace and exhale turmoil ... I breathe in Beauty and exhale chaos ... I breathe in Wonder and exhale doubt ... I breathe in Wisdom and exhale ignorance ... I breathe in all the positive qualities of God and exhale all that blocks me from their full realization ...

I know and hereby affirm there is one Intelligence, one Power, one Creative force in the universe creating all that I see, feel, experience. I am one with this intelligence, power and creating activity now and always. It can be no other way. And I choose to consciously use this knowledge, this strength, this vision to bring into my experience that which serves my highest good, the highest good of my family, and the highest good of my community.

I relax into my thoughts ... I relax deeper ... beyond my thoughts into the one mind ... into thoughts of God ... into the stream of consciousness creating the experiential world ... In the clarity of this moment I see, feel, know the larger picture and carefully choose my path to those goals I am moved to seek ...

As the initial vision fades I relax into the after glow and affirm that which I have witnessed within me ... I and my family are one ... I release all fear of being disconnected and know that beyond words and appearances we are together in our love for life and the unfolding drama we share ... I am myself, fully and passionately, now and always ... I am inspired by the intelligence within to say and do the right thing always ... Whatever happens is right and proper in the larger picture ...

I follow my heart and the world opens to me as loving and supportive ... I share my special talents and am abundantly rewarded ... Fear is always replaced by courage when I relax into Spirit's embrace ... Loneliness fades and disappears as I fully embrace the fullness of this moment ... Depression marks the threshold between past and future, I move through it gracefully with Spirit as my guide ... I call on the universal power in me to support me through all trials and tribulations ... I am filled with Respect for the Intelligence that enables grass seed to grow grass and the cherry stone to make cherries. I am one with the process of creation.

Grateful for the constant presence of Spirit in my life, I say thank you for always being with me. I accept your guidance now and always. I release these words into the law of creation knowing they are true and manifest even as they are spoken.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/28/99)


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