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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Forgiving What is Past

I accept my response ability to act ...

To keep evolving in an ever new present of my own choosing by forgiving what is past.

Relaxing now into this divine moment ... I close my eyes and let go of all thoughts but those of Spirit. One Spirit everywhere equally present in the whole universe. Spirit present here, right now, with me ... I feel the cat sleeping on my lap, hear the hair dryer in the distance and I know it is morning and in the ordinariness of activity around me I know Spirit truly is everywhere.

Now I relax further into this moment, into my mind, and know there is only one mind thinking these thoughts. I see, hear, feel and know in this holy moment Peace, Beauty, Joy, Power and I accept and merge with these wonderful qualities of Spirit.

Carefully, my chosen words flow now as I sit in this place knowing each word as creation flowing forth from this state of oneness. I experience myself as an artist creating this wonderful scene I project from my thoughts onto the world. I choose each nuance, each detail, with an eye for its role in the whole composition.

I forgive each detail I would do differently now, because in this moment I see how it fits perfectly into the whole. Yes, I accept and forgive knowing it is a step in the process of creation. I see hurt and resentment, it too is a part of the whole, but leave it and allow my attention to move on ...

In moving on I feel a lightness, an easy-going feeling of OKness ... I experience fully and completely the creative process ... I see everything in its place and experience my ability to choose what comes next ... I choose to fully unlock my potential and let it flow from the center of my being, from oneness itself. I choose to do this smoothly, consistently, insistently, like a flower opening to accept the fullness of life ...

We are one and I am so thankful this is so. My heart opens to the natural flow of life and creativity through me, as me. I open my eyes and look around and see only Spirit; in this moment I feel Spirit in me as Beauty, Peace, Joy and Power; I accept my oneness with Spirit; I accept my response ability to act from this place with acceptance and forgiveness; I accept my role in Life.

And here I leave it, in the able hands of Spirit. I humbly let go and let Spirit, knowing, accepting and loving the truth of oneness. I release these words to the Law of Creation, knowing they are manifest as they are spoken. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/16/97)


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