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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Opportunity for Creative Expression

For You to recognize the flow of Life as Good and to bless and be blessed by all around you as new opportunities open for creative expression and you move on quickly and smoothly guided by Spirit.

As I relax into this moment, I close my eyes and breathe deeply ... Feeling the air move in and out allows the rhythm of life to fill my awareness ... My heart adds its beat and my fingers tap out a melody of words ... My facial muscles relax and leave a smile ... My mind opens a little wider and takes all this in ... Life, yes this is Life ... Life ... Life is Good ...

I relax even more and allow my awareness to move through the body to what's beyond ... There is one Source of all Life and this source is the Intelligence at the center of the Universe. Here, I feel the rhythm I am expressing right now in Life whirling around my center and in this moment I know that center as Spirit! Yes! I am an expression of Spirit moving as a whole, complete and perfect Universe within a larger Universe with countless centers just like me ... Wow!

Gently I release and let go and am caught up in a wonderful flow ... I am One with all around me ... I relax into this moment, into this movement, and know I am safe ... I sense I am carried on wings of Love ... inner peace saturates me and I know beyond all questions that I am one with the creative power and energy of the Universe.

In this holy instant I affirm: Yes, everywhere I look I see Intelligence looking at me; I am safe in an abundant universe of love and support; I freely give love and blessings wherever I am and I freely accept the same in return. I welcome doubt because it reminds me to affirm the Truth: I am one with the Infinite Mother, I am one with the Eternal Father, I am one with Love ... and I am supported and nurtured wherever I am and in whatever I am inspired to do.

I pause and listen within ... gently I relax once again, and allow my awareness to penetrate to the center of my being. Spontaneously, inspiration bursts forth and clearly moves me to where I best serve those around me. My faith is strong and my trust in, and acceptance of, my role uses this strength to move me forward. I am one with the rhythm of Life and my highest good is served fully and completely.

Thank you Spirit for opening my senses that I may fully experience and know the perfection of this Life -- of my Life! My gratitude is forever yours ...

These words, thoughts, feelings I now release into the Intelligence and know they are fully operative in the Universe at this moment, this very moment and every moment. And so I let it be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/19/98)


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