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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Miracle of Peace

I accept the miracle of peace everywhere now ...

For all Leaders around the world involved in decisions leading to war or peace to feel, hear, act with our Creator's compassion, love, wisdom in bringing Light, Love and Peace to all conflicts.

Sitting here in the morning light looking out on a peaceful garden filled with the natural bounty of this earth I hear reports of the necessity of war and I wonder. I wonder about the people: what do they see, what do they feel, what does the earth say to them? ...

I breathe deeply and let it go ... again and again ... I focus my attention on the rhythm of life within me ... again and again ... I allow my consciousness to sink deeply into the center of my being, into my heart ... again and again ...

I feel my connection with the source of life, I feel my connection with the intelligence that is behind all creation, I feel my connection with all that is created. I feel the earth beneath me, the air around me and know that all life feels these same things wherever it is. I know all life shares the same source, the same intelligence, the same history. I relax into this reverie and know that each of us is equally creative in this world as we grow naturally into our potential. I feel the Spirit that unites us as one.

Fully immersed in this oneness I know my words and thoughts are creative sparks in the creative process. I choose to take this time and focus my words and thoughts on the leaders and decision makers in war. I know the source of life is boundless and is equally present in all life. I know the source of life is infinitely wise, compassionate and loving. I know the source of life is equally present in each Leader. I call on this inner wisdom, compassion, and love for all life to catch fire and grow passionately in each and every one.

I see this passion manifesting as a great desire for peace and justice. I see this passion manifesting as understanding and creativity in bringing peace to this world. I see this passion manifesting as humility and willingness to learn from mistakes. I feel this passion as tolerance, patience and gratitude for the freedom to choose harmony over conflict, understanding over ignorance, forgiveness over vengeance. I hear this passion as people all over the world say, "Allow us to create our own good without bombs, invasions, occupations". I hear this passion in cries for civil liberties and human rights from people in each and every country. I hear this passion in the beating of my heart and know it truly is in every heart.

Immersed in the Oneness, I accept these words and thoughts as the truth, knowing that each leader opens their heart, their mind, their feelings to the power of the creator and receives this and is moved by it. I accept the miracle of Peace everywhere in the world now. I accept that inborn potential to live in peace, harmony, balance that is our birthright now. Thank you God.

I release this prayer into the creative process knowing it is true and manifest now. Natural and free, I just let it be.

Blessed are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/9/01)


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