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Friday, October 06, 2006

Law of Attraction -- A New Baby

I relax into this feeling of love ...

To welcome Baby into the world...

Sitting here in the morning light with a gray mantle of clouds holding the earth close in loving embrace my thoughts turn to the coming birth of this new baby. It's a good day to be born.

I relax into this thought ... it's a good day to be born ... and I feel the presence of that one Intelligence that creates all there is in the universe right here where I am. I know this same Intelligence is with Mother and Baby and Father and everyone else anticipating this wonderful event. As this Intelligence is everywhere equally present in the universe I just relax into its embrace as I relax into the embrace of the gray mantle of clouds ...

I know Baby is held closely in the warmth of her mother's womb and feels that wonderful security even as this one Intelligence we all share is about to push her out into this wide world that awaits to embrace her in Its love. I relax into this feeling of love, knowing it, too is everywhere equally present in this world and most especially in Baby's family.

I relax with Mother in mind knowing a wonderful state of euphoria for her as she embarks on this unfamiliar process of giving birth. Knowing with her and for her a state of mind of release and letting go into the process, into the work, into the beauty, into the perfectness of each and every moment and its marvelous conclusion.

I relax with Father in mind holding a sense of peace, clarity, compassion, empathy and pride. Coaching comes easily and naturally as the process unfolds naturally and easily. The words, feelings, love all flow effortlessly, consistently, fluently always.

I relax with family and friends in mind feeling a sense of anticipation, love, excitement and unquestioned support in each and everyone for each and everyone. I know wherever they are their attention, love, good wishes and pride is right with Father, Mother and Baby as this new member of the clan comes forward into the world.

I relax with the doctors and nurses in mind knowing they are guided by the one Intelligence to perform flawlessly each and every function and task that aids Baby, Mother and Father in creating the perfect experience for everyone.

I am so thankful for the unconditional love and support of this singular Intelligence acting through so many individuals to create this most sacred of events. I express my deep gratitude with a heart felt Thank You!

And I release these words, thoughts, feelings into the world, the universe knowing they are true and manifest Now.

And so it is.

Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/26/04)


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