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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Serious Illness in Relationship

Yes, all is well and good with me and mine ...

For physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing when serious illness appears in a relationship.

Relax with me now into this moment ... Breathe deep thinking of God's love of you ... breathe out thinking of your love of God ... continue doing this until you feel easy with the rhythm ... Love in ... Love out ...

Peaceful now, and present in this moment, I acknowledge the presence of God everywhere in the universe. God is the one power, the only power in the universe and God's love is the energy that holds all creation together in oneness. In this moment I release and let go of any notion of separateness from God and know and affirm I am one with God, my spouse is one with God, my love is one with God ... And in truth it can never be any different and I choose to see this truth, hear this truth, live this truth from this moment on ...

Knowing and accepting my unity with God, I consciously speak my word from this place of unlimited power, claiming that which I see now as truth, knowing that as I speak the word of God, what I see is manifest in my life and experience now.

My body and my spouse's body is healthy and free of disease. God is perfect, I am perfect, my spouse is perfect.

My mind and my spouse's mind is clear and unclouded by doubt and fear. God is fearless, I am fearless, my spouse is fearless.

My emotions and my spouse's emotions are expressive and free of judgement. God is peaceful, I am peaceful, my spouse is peaceful.

My mind and my spouse's mind is fixed on Spirit. God is one with Spirit, I am one with Spirit, my spouse is one with Spirit.

As these words and their meaning echo in my mind, body, emotions and spirit I feel a great sense of gratitude and acceptance swelling up within my being and flowing over into my consciousness. Yes, all is well and good with me and mine. Thank you Spirit within for your gentle guidance and constant nudging for me to be one with God's purpose here and now.

I accept the truth and release these words gently and easily into the flow of Love, knowing they are manifest now as I move into their realization one step at a time.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/14/00)


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