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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Support Your Team

In the game of life there are no losers ...

For You to support your team and yourself regardless of external appearances.

I relax into this morning, calm and cool. I breathe deeply and relax into the flow of life through my body ... I relax into the gentle rhythm of my breath ... I allow the desire of winning to come to mind ... and I let it go again in the gentle rhythm of my breathing ... I let it go like releasing a cup of water into the waves of the ocean ... I relax into the rhythm of breathing ... I relax into the rhythm of life ... I relax into the oneness of life ... I relax into the oneness of creation ...

Now I am grounded in truth; I am grounded in reality. There is one power, one life, one constant expression of one Spirit everywhere equally present in this universe. This power, this presence is right here where I am now, and is with me always. I accept this, I believe this, I know this is true for me and for everyone else right now; there are no exceptions. What is true for me and my team is true for them and their team ... in truth there is no separation. We enter into life equally with one goal: to realize our true purpose here and to perform it perfectly!

In the game of life there are no losers. I accept this and feel its truth deeply now. And as I fervently cheer my team on against their team I know in so doing I am a winner. As I passionately pursue the goals I choose, including ardently supporting those who I side with, I feel that incessant rhythm of life supporting me, moving me, just as it does the other side. It is like the excitement I feel when I watch the surf coming together in mock battle from the bluffs over the beach; here, there are no real losers, only a beautiful, dynamic dance where one appears dominant one time and the other another time. There is no winning or losing here, only the game of Life ...

Yes, I am thankful for the excitement that life brings in all its forms and rituals. I am thankful for the breath and blood flowing through my body and the Spirit flowing through me and my community. I am one with this flow and I accept my role in this vast drama and play it fully, openly, honestly, passionately and remain open to the outcome.

And now, I release these words to the waves of Spirit sweeping through the universe knowing they are true now and forevermore. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/20/97)


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