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Monday, October 09, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Create in Face of Fear

I turn and face fear knowing it is illusion ...

For You to be one with the flow of Spirit through successfully producing and sharing your special vision of life with everyone as a creative project (like a book or song or painting or other work of the heart).

With the cool morning breeze on my face I sit and allow these words to flow through me ... I breathe in and feel Spirit flowing all around me ... I breathe out and sense the truth that there is one Spirit flowing from one Creator throughout one Universe ... I feel this deeply in this moment and I gently breathe in and out allowing the feeling to deepen even more ...

There is no limit to the depth of my feeling ... I just free fall into the depths ... my awareness centered on Spirit expressing in all its forms ... I am safe ... I am one with the evolution of creation ... I am one with Life, I am one with Spirit ... I am one with the Creator, I am one with the Universe ... there is no separation between us, ever ... I have never been more aware of this than in this moment ...

In this wonderful moment these words flow forth ... As I am one with Spirit, so are You. I speak these words with You in Mind knowing all is One. What I claim as true for me, I also claim as true for you ... As fear arises I turn and face it knowing it is illusion ... my faith is strong so I let fear pass over me and it is gone, only the truth remains.

The truth is in the creative urge that leads me to produce creative projects ... Creative projects that come from the depths of being through me and bring to light some hidden mystery or darkness or beauty or vision or understanding or ... whatever is necessary so all that look receive the gift presented through my work to help them along their path of unfoldment, of evolution, even as the project helps me ...

Each creative project is quintessential Spirit brought to light through me easily and naturally ... The tough spots are made more clear by the struggle to bring forth the deepest understanding ... The smooth spots flow like water down a cataract, refreshing and exciting. Those that receive the gift are captivated and moved by the experience ... Transformation is initiated ... movement is begun ... personal satisfaction, happiness, enlightenment is seen, felt, heard, accomplished and this is good ... very good ...

I gratefully accept the love and support I feel in these words and know beyond all doubt the Truth they contain. Thank you Spirit for these insights and your constant presence in my life.

I release these words to the creative flow of Spirit, sure they are manifest now even as time moves toward their realization, their revelation. As it is spoken, so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/23/97)


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