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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Anxiety and Worry

I feel the power and presence within me ...

To alleviate anxiety and worry by surrendering to the flow of Spirit and the creativity and intelligence within me.

I sit here and think upon life ... The busyness ... the hopes and dreams ... the fear and worry ... the beauty and expectations ... the immediate circumstances ... the possibilities and potentialities ... a thousand thoughts arise and ask for attention ...

I stop ... And let all that go ... I just release it ... And place my awareness on my heart ... on the center of my being ... I release all doing and am aware only of being ... Being in the moment ... Being ... Sitting here being one with the unfolding universe ...

There is a power and a presence that is always here ... I feel it right now, moving through me ... I feel the universality of this power and presence for there is a common thread tying all the universe together ... This thread is called evolution, the growth of the universe from beginning to end that stretches for as far as the mind can think, or feel, or know ... it just is ... and in this moment I just am ...

I am this power, this presence as is everything in existence ... I am a singular manifestation of the power and presence in my place on the evolutionary thread ... it can be no other way ... this is the way it is ... I relax into this feeling ... into this being ... into this moment ... I open myself to feel the power, the presence ... I ask the question: "What am I to do that brings me into alignment with peace, power and prosperity as I evolve?"

I sit here and listen ... I feel the power and presence within me ... I release my conscious desires and wanting into the power and presence ... I release my anxiety and worry and wondering into this universal flow of existence and creativity ... I embrace life evolving all around me ... and as me ... I accept the nurturing presence of the creator of all in me ... I am to do that which I am moved to do in faith believing ... consistent, concrete action in the world will bring me the security I seek.

"Turn within, releasing every thought, to the center of your being and allow the inspiration to come naturally and easily. Express yourself from this centered place and all will flow smoothly and easily. Trust in your goodness and the goodness of the world. Life unfolds in evolutionary spirals; trust where you are and keep moving; all is well."

I am secure in the knowledge I am not alone. I am secure in the feeling of oneness with the power and presence creating all that is. I am secure in expressing these inspired thoughts, words and deeds that come from the center of my being.

I am thankful for the power and presence I feel in myself and that I feel in these words. Peacefully I accept my place on the evolutionary spiral and release these words to the flow of evolution. I am grateful for the feeling of wholeness and completeness in this moment and return here often to be refreshed and renewed in my individual evolution. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/27/97)


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