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Friday, March 30, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing for "Terminal" Patient

I am whole, complete and perfect as me, as (name)!

A healing affirmation for one facing an apparently terminal illness.

Relaxing... Breathing... Relaxing... Breathing... Accepting... Letting go... Accepting... Letting go...

Into the One ... One God, One Presence, One Love holding all existence in loving embrace... Here I relax... Here I just be... All else melts away into the nothingness... All else is appearance and fades into the void... There is only God and I am one with this Presence, this Love that is God...

I feel Divine Light filling me, flowing out from this connection, this realization that is God in me, as me... Immersed in Light, I relax and affirm the healing power it is... I accept the comfort and feel it everywhere in my body revealing the Truth of wholeness, completeness, perfection that is me, that is (name).

I feel God's Power filling me, flowing out from this connection, this realization that is God in me, as me... Feeling strength grow in me I relax and affirm the healing power it is... I accept the confidence and feel it everywhere in my body pushing out all that obscures the Truth of wholeness, completeness, perfection that is me, that is (name).

I feel the Breath of God filling me, flowing out from this connection, this realization that is God in me, as me... Filled with the Word of God, I relax and affirm the healing power it is... I accept the Consciousness of many prayers and one Love, calling forth and revealing the Truth of wholeness, completeness, perfection that is me, that is (name).

I feel great Gratitude filling me, flowing out from this connection, this realization that is God in me, as me... Overflowing with blessings, I relax and affirm the healing happening right here, right now... I accept healing right here, right now... I am whole, complete and perfect as me, as (name).

I release this word, this inspired healing word, into the Law, knowing it is done as it is spoken now.

So, I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

In honor and remembrance of my colleague, Faye, on her transition, March 16th, 2006

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/21/06)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Dance with Grace of Spirit

I move forward with the grace of the dancer ...

To feel oneness with the love, peace, power and grace of Spirit and to radiate this presence easily and naturally, spreading it to all around you.

I pause and take a deep breath ... and let it go ... I continue breathing easily and naturally ... watching the air as it swells my chest ... and then rushes out into the world again ... the cycle continues endlessly ... the steadiness of this rhythm relaxes me, centers me in this moment ... I feel my heart adding its gentle rhythm to this dance of life I am in this moment ... I feel the movement of my awareness throughout my body as I realize the perfection I represent in the universe as one point in the universal dance of life ...

Life transcends all boundaries and all limitations. The universe is a living, breathing, evolving entity that includes all creation and I am one part of this wholeness. The creative Spirit that brings all this forward from the beginning is one with me now as it is one with everything else. I know this, I feel this, I am this in this moment and this moment is infinite and eternal ... There is no place or time that Spirit is not totally present in all its power and presence. This is the way of creation, this is the way of my life.

I know these thoughts, these words, these feelings I have right now are causative and creative factors in my evolution and the evolution of the universe for in truth we are one. My thoughts, words and actions contribute to the whole and are part of the whole. As I relax now and feel my place in the universal energy, feel my contribution to the universal rhythm, feel the inspiration that naturally flows through my body, through my being, I am encouraged, uplifted and freed from doubt and uncertainty about my place in the world. I am directly connected to the source of life and I bring that initial inspiration forward in all my activities. I move forward with the grace of the dancer bringing my unique gifts to those I am with, easily, naturally, fully.

I accept myself the way I am for I know now I am a divine child in the oneness of creation. I accept the role I choose to manifest in life as the gift it is and accept those I work with as the unique, individual gifts they are. I move forward now centered in the power, love, peace and grace of Spirit; I evolve naturally into that perfection I feel so strongly as the source of my being. I am relaxed and active and happy ... Life is Good!

Yes, this moment of revelation and inspiration is always available to me when I relax and become one with the rhythm of life. Thank you Spirit for flowing so brightly through my life in this moment. I accept your gift wholeheartedly and release these words into that flow knowing they are true, are manifest and effective now. As it is spoken, it is made so, now and forevermore.

Blessed Be!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/4/97)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Law of Attraction -- On the Path to My Potential, Yes!

I consciously release my will to Spirit ...

For Me to make clear decisions and choices and follow them through to their spiritual conclusion knowing beyond all doubt or reservation that I am on the path to the realization of my potential.

Yes, there is one Spirit, one Life, one Power creating all that exists ... I breathe into this truth and then let my breath go ... I consciously choose to let go of all but this single thought: Spirit is all that is ... I feel it ... I breathe it ... I think it ... I move through it ... I am it ...

And in the oneness of Life I know you are it, too. It can be no other way but inclusive of all that exists because all that exists is Spirit!! I hear it ... I see it ... I feel it ... I accept it ... I release it through these words into the allness of Life ... into the completeness of existence ... and accept myself as a unique expression of It!

In the oneness of Life and existence I invite you to join with me in affirming the fullness of this moment and our role in it:

I align myself with the unfoldment of creation as an evolutionary process ... I consciously and completely release my will to the Will of the intelligence that moves this evolutionary process forward ... I am a willing participant in the unfoldment of Life as it reaches for complete realization of its potential and I surrender to this process.

To this end I clearly and definitely claim and declare that my choices are simple and direct. I naturally, easily, gently and with great success make those choices and decisions that lead me to the realization of my greatest role and contribution to the evolution of Life on earth and that I draw to me ample and complete financial, spiritual, emotional, and worldly support in realizing this goal.

I naturally and easily and openly accept the support of the world and of Spirit in doing this ... In being this ... I make and accept those decisions that move me toward my goal and the realization of my inborn purpose here on earth ... In living this life that I consciously choose in this moment I know I am one with Spirit creating me, my life and all else in existence.

I accept these words as divine inspiration and say Thank You Spirit divine that is within me and all that exists. I am grateful for this opportunity to listen and record your inspiration and take each word to heart. I live my life in accord with your inspiration that is in truth born in me.

In sweet surrender I release these words to the divine flow of Life and let them be all that they are in truth.

And so it is! Amen

(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/20/97)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing, Dancing, New Life Partner

I follow the rhythm of life ...

For You: a complete healing of body, dancing into life with wild abandon and finding a wonderful relationship with perfect life partner.

Sitting here wrapped in my thoughts I consciously relax and let them unwind ... Breathing deeply I watch them float away ... Breathing deeply I focus my awareness on my heart and the feelings there ... Breathing deeply I let go of external appearances and go within ... Breathing deeply I feel the rhythm of life in my heart's steady beat ... Breathing deeply I merge with the rhythm ... I am one with the flow of life ...

Letting my breath go on naturally and easily, I continue in the flow of life feeling my oneness with all there is. I relax and my mind expands to encompass the infinite and eternal dimensions of this moment. I am one with the source of existence; I am one with all that exists; it can be no other way in truth. I feel the power of creation in me now; I know this very same power is equally present in all that exists. I know there is no spot the creative power of the universe is not fully and totally present. I accept my ability to use this power for good in my life at the expense of no other one.

I choose this moment of total realization and surrender to the creative power within me to speak these words claiming that which I seek to assist me on my path through life. I accept the healing power of creation into my body now, bringing it to wholeness and harmony with the divine expression I am. I hear the rhythm of life and wholeness and passion for living within my soul and express it spontaneously and fully as I dance with wild abandon down my chosen path. Along my way I attract to me my perfect life partner and together we are held in perfect balance as we move as one with the rhythm of life ...

Grateful for the vision, the clarity, the happiness I experience in this moment, I accept the truth, the feeling, the reality into my life now. Thank you creative power within for this outward manifestation of your potential to bring good into my life and the life of all around me.

I release these words to the universal mind knowing they are true and manifest now as I continue moving gracefully down the path of life. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/27/97)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Fine Right Livelihood

Thank you God, I accept Your guidance now and always ...

For You to find right livelihood.

I relax into the cool curtain of gray fog outside my window ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I gently close my eyes and look within ... My attention goes to my heart, my center ... My heart beats in rhythm with my breath ... I feel the energy of life in this rhythm ... My attention goes to the center of life, the heart of the universe ...

Here I find the source of all that exists ... Here I merge with the creation of the universe ... Here I recognize that God is all there is and that I am one with God, the Creator -- God the Intelligence that creates all there is and holds it all together with Love ...

Love, the divine law that holds all creation together in dynamic harmony ... Love the key to the creative process opens the door to God's guiding light ... I love myself unconditionally and because I am one with God, I love God unconditionally and am unconditionally loved in return ...

I open myself to receive this love as spiritual and practical guidance in the world as I move my attention now to my worldly life. I claim patience, wisdom, joy and peace in choosing and finding the right work for myself. I am fulfilled spiritually, financially and creatively as I share my special gifts with the world through this work. I move forward naturally, easily, freely finding the way made easy by my faith, activity and perseverance.

Thank you God for your guiding light. Thank you for always being here with me in my heart. I am filled with gratitude and I accept your guidance now and always. My faith is strong, my step is sure, as I move forward purposefully and accept my good now.

I release these words into the dynamic harmony of creation evolving, knowing they are manifest even before being spoken. So It is and so I let It be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/31/98)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Relax and Know Truth for Patient

I know the healing power of Spirit is with the Patient ...

For You to relax into Spirit’s embrace and know the truth for the Patient and Family.

Stopping. Sitting. Breathing. Relaxing into that gentle flow of air in and out of my lungs. Feeling the earth holding me firmly, but gently to her body. Releasing thoughts as quickly as they come. Releasing everything external. Placing my awareness in my center. Following my breath into the very center of my being I feel connection with Spirit.

Spirit, God, the Thing Itself is all there is. The universe, all of existence, is Spirit. Spirit is the source and cause of all matter and activity here in our world. Spirit, the creative intelligence from which all originates and evolves is in us, of us, all around us; all is Spirit.

Relaxing into this truth, into communion with Spirit, within myself, I feel the strength of Spirit and know the connection is real and vital. As I know this for myself I know this for the Patient and all the Family, I feel it, I breathe it, I speak my word with it:

Beyond all doubt or fear, beyond all appearances to the contrary, I know the healing power of Spirit is right where the Patient is, right where each family member is, guiding, supporting, nurturing, healing, strengthening each in ways they need right now. Spirit empowers each and everyone to continue living and growing into their inborn potential. Spirit guides and supports and informs all health care workers with information and energy as they care for the Patient and Family. Compassion and love rests in the heart of all involved and this is evident whenever they gather in comfort and support. This is a difficult time, but love shows the way, love is the light that shines from each and every one holding all in its warm embrace.

I am relaxed now. Gratitude for this feeling of warmth and connection with Spirit and Family and the ability to relax and let go and let Spirit guide, sustain and nourish us all with the healing power of love fills my mind now. Thank you, thank you, thank you Spirit within for showing power and strength and applying it in this situation.

Knowing thy will is done, I release this word to the Law and Order of the universe, and it is done as spoken. So I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/13/06)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Law of Attraction -- For Delinquent Child

I hear, see, accept support from all sources ...

For my delinquent child to accept responsibility for their life and build the life of their dreams from this simple beginning.

Relaxing into this moment, I watch my breath, I relax my shoulders, I straighten my neck and back, I feel my stature as I continuously breathe, fully, completely, easily, naturally...

In this moment I open myself to the presence of Spirit. Spirit, the source and creator of the universe, the source and creator of life, fills all existence with itself in countless forms. There is no spot, Spirit is not.

Accepting the truth of the omnipresence of Spirit, I know and accept my connection with Spirit. Here in this connection I find all the answers to my questions through my intuition. I fearlessly follow this intuition in my thought, word and deed in the world. As I know this is true for me, I affirm its truth for this child.

I now speak my word for my child, affirming with them in Mind that they are free to choose the life they wish to have unfold for them as they grow in this world. I affirm with my child that they set a clear course toward their goal and avoid all distractions on the way to that goal. The goal is clear and comes from deep within their soul as they follow the path to the realization of their greatest potential, the sharing of the greatest gift born within them to share with the world. I affirm there is a strong, positive community to support my child in all they choose to do. And that they move forward easily and naturally for the highest good of all and the harm of none. The support they find within is matched by the support that comes from without; I affirm their openness to hear, see, accept support from all sources and to follow the course they have chosen.

For all this I am very grateful, eternally grateful, and express this gratitude openly and easily to all involved for their support. We are truly one, and I celebrate this truth.

Immersed in Spirit, I release this word to universal law that always says yes to our deepest desires of health, abundance and service in the world and accept it as done and manifest now.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/12/06)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Whole Family Relax into Life

I cherish life and hold it dear...

For You, Your Parent and the whole family to relax into life in this moment and every moment with peace, joy, and realization of the gifts we are to one another.

Here it is, a gray morning. Everything is peaceful outside covered in this wonderful gray blanket; green grass, yellow dandelions, wilted roses, ripe apples all equally at peace. I breathe evenly and gently and relax into the natural scene around me. I breathe naturally and easily and relax my body a little more with each breath ... I do this until I feel relaxed and at peace in this moment ... This moment contains all I need to be happy, to be at peace, to feel the joy of life moving through my body.

In truth there is one life, one creative power moving through all that exists. This creative power is the source of life, the source of me and you and all we see, think, smell, hear, know, imagine, feel ... its reach and power is endless and limitless. The source of life cherishes all creation equally and holds it dear.

So, I relax into this truth and accept my oneness with it and am safe. I accept my oneness with the creator of all existence and the power that is in me at this moment. I cherish life and hold it dear for myself and my family, each and every one.

Here, in this moment, in concert with the creative power, I know my words, thoughts and actions are causative and creative. I consciously affirm the perfection of this moment and every moment as being filled with life, joy, peace and so much more. I feel the love of the family for one another and the ability love brings to each of us to enjoy the fullness of this moment.

I feel the power and beauty of this moment and affirm the wholeness of my Loved One as they go through the process of healing Their body. I know the creator of life is with them now and is always bringing what they need and is holding them safe from fear and pain. Here in my heart I know all is right in the universe and I take this time to bring images of the perfection I affirm to mind, knowing by so doing I bring them into experience.

Thank you creator of life for being with us now. I feel, accept, know your power and presence moves us forward easily, gently completely through this time of healing. I am so grateful to be able to relax into your presence and be supported. I know I am never alone, that my family is never alone, that my Parent is never alone; for this I am grateful.

Now I release this word into the creator's process knowing that it is true and manifest now in this timeless moment. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/31/03)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Fearless and Full

Joy, Peace, Light, Beauty surrounds me ... fills me ...

For You to have true security by feeling, thinking, believing, knowing personal contact with the Creator within and be inspired to live your unique purpose fearless and full.

Sitting here in the silence I hear the space all around me buzzing with creative energy. All that exists flows out of this space easily and effortlessly into existence. The space and the silence is the beginning and the end for all that exists; all is One in this moment.

The Creator, the Intelligence that is before, through, after all that exists illumines this world through me, for me. I am one with this Intelligence as is all that exists; there is no possibility of separation from It. So I relax, breathe deeply and enjoy my self and the world around me.

With these thoughts in mind I speak my word affirming and claiming these Truths:

I am a powerful, expressive child of God.

I am guided from within by the Creator to live my unique purpose easily and naturally.

I intuitively know my purpose and confidently move straight ahead fulfilling my potential, one step at a time.

I am uniquely qualified for this purpose because it is mine and no one else's.

I surrender in this moment all attachment I have for anything except to follow the creative Intelligence within me. This is my calling, I hear my calling, I answer my calling right now!

Now I relax into the allness of this moment. I feel good ... I feel expansive ... I feel supported ... I feel energized ... I feel nurtured ... I pass these feelings on to those I live with, those I work with, those I pray with. I am one with the Law of Circulation; all I receive I pass on again and the energy grows logrithmically, supporting me and all around me with the Creator's abundance. Wow! I am excited ... I am enthusiastic ... I let go of my worries ... I embrace myself with Love and know I am one with the Creator.

Joy, Peace, Light, Beauty surrounds me ... spills over me ... runs through me ... I believe in my Self; I am awake and am One with the Infinite! Thank you Spirit of Life for carrying me in your heart ... thank you for opening my heart, my voice, my eyes, my mind! My gratitude flows unceasingly to you as your abundance flows unceasingly to me.

Humbly I pause and look around ... Everywhere I look I see You, divine Intelligence, Creator of the universe. Take these, my words, and cherish them as I cherish You ... I release these words to your care knowing, feeling, celebrating their creative force and just let them be. And so it is, now!


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/12/97)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Love and Abundance Return

I am an expression of divine oneness ...

For this Special Person to know the expression of their specialness in the world is a gift to everyone, especially those close around them. And to relax into the center so that love and abundance they are apparently missing returns to their experience in its true fullness.

As I sit here, contemplating the universe, I attune myself to the flow of oneness that is right here, right now, as me. My words express my thoughts through the gift of speech and I just know and feel the metaphor ... as the universe flows into existence from that creative point at the center, so do these words flow from my center into existence. My center, that place where I touch the universal center and touch each and every other individual center because this is the place we are one. The expression of oneness flows through me as that Intelligence that creates the universe. Just as words flow from me so does all creation flow from this Intelligence I call Spirit. As this is true for me it is equally true for everyone for we are One in the center of creation. So, let us affirm this truth together:

I am an expression of divine oneness as I live and breathe. As I move through my life I express my part in this oneness in unique ways that no other can. This is good. As I open more and more completely to this flow of oneness through me, I am rewarded by seeing and experiencing everyone else in my life being in their own unique flow. Here I have moved beyond all thought of fault or blame or judgment. Right now I experience only a constant, creative flow of unity as I more and more completely accept the flow of oneness that is Life right here and right now! In such a flowing world, where everything is changing, Life only gets better and better. I know this, I experience this, I accept this for myself and for all those around me.

Love is powerful, Love is pure, I am held in a bond of Love with those near me and I relax into this Love now. In opening my heart to Love I open my life to the consistent material support I need for myself and those around me. I express my faith humbly, act intelligently, and gratefully accept my share of the abundance I am immersed in.

I am so thankful for the expression of Spirit that I am and for the gift that allows me to see and feel and know this truth. I gracefully release these words to the Intelligence at the center of creation knowing their truth is manifest now and forevermore. And so I let it be; and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/15/98)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Victim of War

I choose to follow the guidance of God each day...

Answer to a request from a young woman in Cote d'Ivorie, Africa, a victim of war totally displaced with nothing at this time.

Thank you for your prayer request. I take this request into prayer daily and offer you this for today:

Take a moment to relax, breathing naturally, watch your breath as it flows in and out of your lungs.

As you breathe, allow your attention to go to your heart, the center of God's compassion within your body.

With your attention on your heart, open yourself to feel God's compassion right there in your body.

Now relaxed and filled with God's compassion, you are one with God and God is one with you.

The creative power of the universe flows through you and whenever you choose to place your attention here, where you and God are one, this power is available for you to use to create the life you desire.

Affirm with me that I, (name), choose to work with God to preserve my life and the life of those around me. I choose to follow the guidance of God from within my self and to do this today and each day. I accept God's goodness and greatness into my life and into the lives of those around me knowing that we shall not want. The means to this end are given to me and I recognize them and follow them for the highest good of all and the harm of none.

For this guidance and connection I am so very grateful. I say thank you God for being with me now and always.

And I simply let this be so and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/7/06)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Changes in Life

I remember my gifts and use them ...

For those contemplating the Changes in Life -- the constant transformation we go through, symbolized by consistent change as we evolve and learn more about the gift we are to the universe ... For those seeking enlightenment on the path to realize all the transformations are from beauty, to beauty, and again to beauty ...

As I sit here, calmly petting the cat on my lap, visions of Mountains and Snow and Blue Skies fill my head ... I remember the feeling of snow crunching under my feet, the clear, cool air on my cheeks, icicles hanging off the eaves, and a sense of magic at the transformation of water into such a beautiful medium for nature to express itself. I reflect on that metaphor of transformation of water from vapor, to drops, to liquid, to ice, and back again through each beautiful transition in unending cycles of change, each time remaining essentially as beautiful, mysterious and powerful as before.

I know it is the same with us humans. Like clouds, we float around for awhile wondering, dreaming; then we coalesce around an idea and find ourselves on earth gathering our energy; then we flow like a stream as our idea manifests; sometimes freezing, sometimes spinning in an eddy for a time, then we thaw out or break free and flow on in spiraling cycles of evolution. I know this Spirit of transformation is active in each of us.

I reflect on the goodness in the world and I give you these words as gifts as we move forward into the light on our Spiral Path:

Take heart and you bring compassion on your Path;

Take Love and you bring Spirit on your Path;

Take Faith and you are Guided on your Path;

Take Friendship and you find Acceptance on your Path;

Take each other's hand and you are Supported on your Path;

Take Breath and you feel Joy on your Path;

Take This Moment and you bring Clarity on your Path;

Take Purpose and you bring Abundance on your Path;

Take Inspiration and you bring Healing on your Path;

Take Integrity and you find Peace on your Path;

Take Thanksgiving and you bring Wisdom on your Path;

All of this and more we have now and take with us on our Path! Let us Bless this Path with Celebration and great Hurrahs! Onward New Age Pilgrims... Remember these gifts and use them ...

Thank You Spirit for being with us, for Blessing our journey. We accept your Love and know it is always with us as we release ourselves to your Spiral Path. Yes, we are One!

And so it is.

Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/21/97)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Attract Companionship

I breathe deeply and relax ...

For You to relax into the nurturing Spirit within and allow this feeling of companionship, comfort and sustenance to manifest for you its physical equivalent.

Here in the morning twilight I sit ... I breathe deeply and relax ... I relax into the one mind that holds each and everyone in its expansiveness. Here I merge with the creative power of the universe. All things are possible now and I turn my attention to what I seek to bring into my life now.

I breathe deeply and relax ... I feel the presence of one Spirit, one wonderful energy expressing unconditional Love and Acceptance to me. I breathe deeply, absorbing this feeling from the heart of the universe into my heart and I am gladdened. I feel a kinship to my brothers and sisters here in mind and know that this Love and Acceptance I feel is in the heart of everyone. I bring this truth into my everyday life by warmly acknowledging everyone I meet with a silent smile and blessing from my heart to their heart. I am never alone. I am happy.

I breathe deeply and relax ... I listen within for the inspiration and guidance Spirit provides, constantly moving me toward my highest good and greatest expression. As I relax and know what is true for me is true for everyone, I allow my unique qualities to merge with those around me into a harmonious expression of the one Spirit. Together we create that which nurtures and sustains us in supreme comfort.

I breathe deeply and relax ... I feel the warmth of my blood moving through my body ... I feel Life itself being sustained by this constant circulation of energy to every part of me and I sense the greater circulation of energy and information sustaining the universe and each and every being in it. I am joyfully aware of this circulation of good knowing I am a vital part of the whole. I merge the goodness in my heart to the goodness in the heart of the universe and manifest that wholeness that is the truth in life, my life.

I breathe deeply and relax ... I accept companionship, comfort and sustenance into my life now and express great gratitude for the circulation of good I experience all around me ... The circulation of good that I give myself to, wholly and completely ... The circulation of good that manifests harmony in my life now.

Grateful, I breathe deeply and say, "Yes!" In Spirit we are One ... whole, complete and perfect. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/16/97)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Heal Self and Relationship

I affirm God knows best and guides each of us ...

For You to have peace of mind and know your self as whole, complete and perfect just as you are as you pray for a wonderful relationship with Estranged Partner where you celebrate your love for each other.

I sit down and relax. I breathe deeply and let it go with a sigh... I consciously relax my muscles... feet... legs... abdomen... chest... neck... shoulders... back... arms... hands... easily and gently I relax my body. As I watch my thoughts flow rapidly through my mind, I consciously choose to let them go... and just let them flow by... I just watch them go like leaves in a stream...

Yes, I am relaxed now and consciously place my attention on the intelligence in me that guides, supports and nurtures me; this is the power that beats my heart, this is the presence that heals my cuts and bruises, this is the Creator of all there is acting in me, as me, through me as I grow, and move and act and learn in the world of cause and effect. I relax and watch and listen, and learn from God in this very moment.

In this state of close contact with my God self, I choose my thoughts and words carefully for they are causative and creative in the world. I relax into the embrace of God; here I feel my wholeness in my union with God; I feel complete and in awe like a child coming forth into a new world; this is a perfect setting for me to know and own my personal power and goodness. I forgive myself of all apparent sins and transgressions on my values. I see myself as I am now, in this moment of oneness with God, and own the fact that in truth I am whole, complete and perfect just as I am.

As I bask in this glow of self acceptance I allow the light to expand out from me and see it touching those that are close to me filling each of them with this same realization of our oneness with God, the Creator of all there is. I specifically hold Partner in mind and see them filled with the light of truth and compassion. I relax and affirm only good things for Partner as life continues to unfold. I see and feel the love that first brought us together and affirm the goodness of this truth. I allow this love to move into the now for myself and Partner... Yes, true love never dies and I feel this truth within myself and hold Partner in mind surrounded and filled with this pure, original love. I relax now, and whenever thoughts of relationship with Partner come to mind I gently affirm God knows best and guides each of us to the right decisions for each of us and both of us. This all happens easily and naturally for the highest good of all.

I am grateful for the celebration of love represented by this contact with God the Creator. I return here often to renew my power and feel my wholeness.

In oneness I release this word into Creator's creative process and let it be so, and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/5/05)

Law of Attraction -- Manifest What is Needed

I move through Life with grace and ease ...

For You to be one with the Creative Intelligence of the universe and manifest what is needed through prayer.

Sitting. Breathing. Thinking. Thinking of that which I desire to bring into my life. I watch the thoughts flow and just let them go as I continue breathing... Each breath full and complete in itself... Each breath connected one to another... Each breath pulling me into myself easily and gently... Gently I move into that feeling within where I am one with the Creative Intelligence from which the universe comes... Here, within myself, I connect with the one power creating all there is... Now I can relax and pray.

One power, one presence, one love filling all the universe with Itself. One omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent evolving life force moving out from beginning to end carrying all there is with it into now, manifesting itself as you, as me.

Here I am feeling my constant connection with the Creative Intelligence and I relax into this connection realizing I am cocreating my life by using this Intelligence as it manifests in me. I consciously choose to use this Intelligence within me to bring into my life all I need to move me along my spiritual path to the realization of that potential I bring with me to this life, to this moment.

I have a gift to share and I choose to share it freely now and open myself to receive all that it is I need to succeed in being fully myself. I accept the inherent truth that I am whole, complete and perfect just as I am in Truth and allow this truth to manifest in my life. I acknowledge and accept all the qualities of truth as mine now and always: I am Light, Joy, Peace, Love, Beauty, Power and so very much more. I move through life with grace and ease. I am filled with Life! I accept good and more good into my life as I spontaneously align myself with my highest good and am aware and present enough to say "Yes" to it and live it gratefully.

Thank you Creative Intelligence for being with me now and always; I appreciate this time and all time I spend here in communion with you. I know you are as close as my breath and I use my breath to guide me to you when I feel the need for your support and guidance; I am so grateful to be aware of this connection.

With all this said, felt, taken to heart and mind, I release this word to universal law knowing, accepting its manifestation in my life now.

Blessed Be

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Pregnant in Arms of the Mother

I turn to intuition and follow its direction easily ...

Written specially for a pregnant woman to relax into the arms of the Mother of us all and feel the peace and tranquility of this divine presence as her own and know her unborn baby is safe; and in the larger sense it is for us all because we all nurture the inspiration of Spirit within our bodies ...

Yes, I am one with the Mother as I relax into the divine space I occupy now. I rest my hands gently on my belly and know the divinity within. And as I feel the presence within, I know I am a presence within a larger womb. I am one with the divine Mother of all. It can be no other way for me or anyone. I grow here each day taking what I need from my environment and releasing what no longer serves me into this environment. I am a vital part of a universal cycle within the womb of creation. With my hands gently placed on my belly, I know I am a model of the universe creating new life.

I relax deeper into this moment ... I contemplate the meaning of this life unfolding in me ... I am amazed at the simplicity of the complexity I find here. In this present moment I sit calmly doing nothing while a whole universe is unfolding inside me ... in this moment I need do nothing for this to happen naturally within me. I release any ideas of control of this process and trust the spiritual and physical laws of nature to do the job completely, perfectly.

As fears and worries come into my consciousness I recognize them and immediately release them into the divine presence in which I am constantly immersed. I turn to intuition, and follow the direction I receive spontaneously and naturally; I take care of any and all business that is necessary for my well being and the well being of my unborn child. I return to this divine presence whenever I feel stress by stopping, breathing deeply and evenly, and affirming, "I am one with the Mother; I am nurtured naturally and guided rightly through this connection. I stop, breathe, look within, listen, feel and act on the guidance I receive naturally and easily."

Yes, I am one with the Mother and I am so thankful for this realization now. I accept the blessing of this divine moment and know I am surrounded by its infinite and eternal presence. I relax into it and gratefully accept the peace and tranquility I experience here.

I carry the Truth with me always as I release these words into the mysterious Law of Life, knowing that all is well and perfect. And so I let it be, and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/14/97)

Law of Attraction -- Move in Harmony and Balance

Yes, I walk in harmony and balance ...

For you to move easily and smoothly through life in harmony and balance, finding your true expression and those to share it with.

It is a still morning ... the air is clear ... the sky blue and soft ... the new grass blades glow green as the sun's rays fill them with energy ... I sit here, at the window, feeling the harmony of this natural composition and relax into it.

I know that beneath, before, beyond any conditions there is perfection. This world, this universe, this person is conceived in oneness and wholeness. I relax into this truth thinking about the intelligence that creates all that I see; I close my eyes and think about this intelligence that creates all that I feel and hear ... I know that life is truly guided by an intelligent power and that I am one with that power, as is all that exists; nothing can be outside this power. We are one complete universe!

Yes ... I know that as I relax and feel this intelligence inside me, guiding me; that as I listen and choose to follow my deepest desire, my deepest feelings, my deepest yearnings; that as I totally immerse myself in this moment then I know all things are possible -- I truly understand all things are possible.

In this moment I focus my attention on the idea there is one special purpose for me being here now. I open myself in this oneness to merge with the flow and direction of the divine energy as it manifests through me right now. I release any and all blocks to this flow I have created for what ever reasons; they serve me no longer. I know I am safely held in the universal Mother's arms and am watched over by the Father's intelligence. I accept this love and move forward accepting health, prosperity and companionship everywhere I go. I release all sense of limitation and embrace the truth that anything is possible and then act on my heartfelt belief. Yes, I walk in harmony and balance now and always as I move into the truth. I stop, look, and listen within for guidance ... and then, acting on this guidance, move forward, confident and sure.

Easily and gently I move through life. I feel gratitude and thanksgiving well up in my heart and soul as I accept my purpose as known in mind and relax as I allow the rest of me to move into that truth. Life is truly good. Thank you life! Thank you for the power I feel moving through me as I heal and grow and evolve and find my inner goodness and share it with the world ... I accept the goodness the world gives back to me in this endless cycle of giving and receiving.

With great hurrahs I release these words into the Law of Creation knowing that, as my faith is strong, surely all I feel true in mind is also true in body. Relaxing, accepting, believing, knowing, I let these words go. So it is and so I let it be now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/22/97)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Goddess Connection

I let go of all thoughts but those of Love ...

To look within and find courage, strength and unconditional acceptance through the Goddess connection that is our birthright.

As I sit here, amidst the hubbub of everyday life, looking out from my peaceful home, my thoughts are drawn to memories of the womb. Yes, to be carried in that warm, nurturing place; to be in a world of my own -- home. Is today's experience another level of that?

I breathe deeply and close my eyes and go within to that eternal womb of creativity from which all life comes. In this moment I am one with Goddess, Mother of all life; I feel her nurturing essence holding all there is in her warm embrace. I relax and let go, knowing she is with me always and I open my heart to receive her gentle love; I open my ears to receive her wise counsel; I open my inner eyes to follow her soft illumination ...

Swiftly and surely I move forward on my path knowing I am guided each step of my way ... Goddess is always with me; her incisive inspiration is always here when I stop and look within and then listen and trust the power of Love, flowing always at the source of my being, as I act in the world.

My heart is open wide now and I let go of all thoughts but those of Love. I feel warmth rush through me from Mother Earth to Grandmother Sky and I am one with this wonderful, divine flow. Yes, I am never apart from this beautiful, uplifting energy; in this moment I know I am loved and that I am Love. Gratitude gracefully flows through me now; I bow my head and lift my arms and accept your gifts of strength, beauty and life as I am constantly renewed by this circulation of good that is as regular as a heartbeat. I am grateful for the peace and beauty I feel right now and I accept, "This is me!" In this holy instant I accept this eternal truth: I am Love and I Love myself as I Love Goddess -- we truly are One!

Yes, I am in your womb, Mother of all creation, learning, growing, being held and nurtured by your constant presence. So, I release these words to you now, as I release my body, mind and spirit into the flow of evolution that is your goodness, your creation. As it is now, so it will ever be.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/7/98)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Realize Who I Am

I realize there is no other exactly like me ...

To realize perfectly who I am.

Relaxing now into the quiet morning, I look out at mist hanging silently in the air, not a leaf stirs on the bushes and trees, I breathe deeply and accept my place here in this contemplative mood. I close my eyes and look within ... I let go of what I find there and choose to go deeper ... deeper into my heart ... deeper into the heart of the universe ...

As I open to the fullness of life within me I find the universe opening its fullness to me ... for in truth there is no separation. There is one power, one truth, one creative intelligence equally present in all that exists ... it can be no other way. For as I grow from the meeting of sperm and egg, so does the universe grow from its conception into the fullness that surrounds us now. And here I am relaxing into the center of all this activity. Here I am breathing and going deeper into the center of myself, deeper into the center of creation ...

Here I feel myself as a still, small point observing all that goes on around me -- within me ... here I sit, calm, cool, collected, as life, my life, goes on around me.

As I relax, I see how my presence here is an important part of the wholeness of this moment ... it is as if I am the creator of all I see, here in the center of my being, here in the center of universal activity ... And what I see, know and experience for myself I know is available to each and everyone else on this planet! For in truth we are spiritually no different one from the other. Yes, we are truly one people, one world, one universe.

And yet ... I realize there is no other like me. There is no other with my exact perspective, abilities, experience or gifts to bring to the whole. I choose now to return here, to the center of my being, often to strengthen my sense of self and the importance I am to the whole. I choose now to embrace myself, love myself and to set in motion my strong intention to evolve into the potential I find here at the center of all that exists as it is meant to manifest through me and my uniqueness.

I accept myself just the way I am ... here in the center of my being I find the natural strength of Spirit flowing to me in immeasurable quantities and I accept it. I move forward into the world peacefully, powerfully, joyfully for I am me! There is no other to limit or restrain me from my full and perfect expression.

I am grateful for the gift of Spirit to stand strong and tall as I am. Thank you Spirit for guiding me to the center of my being and for always being here where I am, guiding me, moving with me through all apparent obstacles to my full expression.

I release these words now to the natural evolution of Life, knowing they are already manifest in truth and so I let them be now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/13/97)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Power of One in Relationship

We are all one in this ocean of Peace ...

For A Couple to know the power of One in all their relationships and to relax into the dynamic Peace that is always present.

I breathe deeply and relax into this moment; as I close my eyes I see sparkles of light and I know I am not alone. I feel the Creator of the Universe within me now. Everywhere in the Universe this One Presence is equally available and It is right here with us right now. I turn my attention to this Truth and breathe deeply and relax into myself, into my connection with Creator.

Here at the center of my being I find Peace; I breathe deeply once more focusing my attention in this peaceful place within me. I relax and let go of all thoughts, allowing only Peace to fill me with its presence. I am a drop of Peace in an ocean of Peace. I take this thought and allow its warmth and wholeness to unfold and enfold me and hold me. I am safe; no harm can come to me and I wish harm to no one. We are all one in this ocean of Peace.

Relaxed, held, nurtured, I observe myself as an individual immersed in oneness. Yes, I am an I here in the middle of It; and there are many other I's making up It. What am I? What is It?

I am a self-conscious representation of the whole; when I nudge the drop next to me and that drop nudges the next drop and on and on we create a big wave; we are all equally powerful but we must work together. And no one can drop out without effecting the whole. I am an active, vital contributor to the ocean of Peace that is Life that is Love. I am pleased to play my part.

I look within and listen to that inspiration that comes through me and in faith believing follow that inspiration to its fruition. And do that again and again and find happiness by being exactly who I am and allowing and accepting each other I to be just who they are as we move together to make our wave perfectly.

I see, understand and embrace the Truth: We are One living whole; we accept our vitality from the whole and give it back to the whole in an inexhaustible circulation of Love. All the qualities creative intelligence initiates and then moves through all creation are ours, always. I gratefully accept this Truth and allow the fullness of its meaning to sink deep into my conscious awareness. And there I let it go and let it be, just as it is.

Everywhere I look I see Peace, Life and Love and accept these qualities as who I am. Yes, this is true and so I let it be. There is nothing else.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/9/98)

Law of Attraction -- Connect with Unique Gift

I am one with It ...

For You to connect with your unique gift to the world and to accept the natural flow of abundance, support and wisdom that is everywhere present, right now!

In this awareness of one Mind, one Presence, everywhere equally available I speak these words and know that It is right here where I am. I feel my connection with It in the movement of my thoughts, in the movement of my fingers, in the things I see around me and I know beyond all doubt that It is with me now; there is no spot It is not fully and actively present. In this immediate knowing of the omnipresence of It I speak my word and claim the activity of It in my life now. I am one with It. Unconditional acceptance of this truth brings the harmonious flow of creativity fully into the present and miracles occur.

There is no appearance of lack or confusion or bondage that can stand before It. Intuition, everywhere present in unlimited measure, wells up inside spontaneously to align me with my highest expression and highest possibility. Abundance, support and wisdom flow naturally and easily as I surrender to It; It is expressing through me as me.

I am humbly grateful for my courage, strength and faith allowing me to act in alignment with my highest expression. Peacefully I release these words to the creative process knowing they are already so. And so I let It be, and so It is!


(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/10/98)