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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Whole Family Relax into Life

I cherish life and hold it dear...

For You, Your Parent and the whole family to relax into life in this moment and every moment with peace, joy, and realization of the gifts we are to one another.

Here it is, a gray morning. Everything is peaceful outside covered in this wonderful gray blanket; green grass, yellow dandelions, wilted roses, ripe apples all equally at peace. I breathe evenly and gently and relax into the natural scene around me. I breathe naturally and easily and relax my body a little more with each breath ... I do this until I feel relaxed and at peace in this moment ... This moment contains all I need to be happy, to be at peace, to feel the joy of life moving through my body.

In truth there is one life, one creative power moving through all that exists. This creative power is the source of life, the source of me and you and all we see, think, smell, hear, know, imagine, feel ... its reach and power is endless and limitless. The source of life cherishes all creation equally and holds it dear.

So, I relax into this truth and accept my oneness with it and am safe. I accept my oneness with the creator of all existence and the power that is in me at this moment. I cherish life and hold it dear for myself and my family, each and every one.

Here, in this moment, in concert with the creative power, I know my words, thoughts and actions are causative and creative. I consciously affirm the perfection of this moment and every moment as being filled with life, joy, peace and so much more. I feel the love of the family for one another and the ability love brings to each of us to enjoy the fullness of this moment.

I feel the power and beauty of this moment and affirm the wholeness of my Loved One as they go through the process of healing Their body. I know the creator of life is with them now and is always bringing what they need and is holding them safe from fear and pain. Here in my heart I know all is right in the universe and I take this time to bring images of the perfection I affirm to mind, knowing by so doing I bring them into experience.

Thank you creator of life for being with us now. I feel, accept, know your power and presence moves us forward easily, gently completely through this time of healing. I am so grateful to be able to relax into your presence and be supported. I know I am never alone, that my family is never alone, that my Parent is never alone; for this I am grateful.

Now I release this word into the creator's process knowing that it is true and manifest now in this timeless moment. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/31/03)


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