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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Heal Self and Relationship

I affirm God knows best and guides each of us ...

For You to have peace of mind and know your self as whole, complete and perfect just as you are as you pray for a wonderful relationship with Estranged Partner where you celebrate your love for each other.

I sit down and relax. I breathe deeply and let it go with a sigh... I consciously relax my muscles... feet... legs... abdomen... chest... neck... shoulders... back... arms... hands... easily and gently I relax my body. As I watch my thoughts flow rapidly through my mind, I consciously choose to let them go... and just let them flow by... I just watch them go like leaves in a stream...

Yes, I am relaxed now and consciously place my attention on the intelligence in me that guides, supports and nurtures me; this is the power that beats my heart, this is the presence that heals my cuts and bruises, this is the Creator of all there is acting in me, as me, through me as I grow, and move and act and learn in the world of cause and effect. I relax and watch and listen, and learn from God in this very moment.

In this state of close contact with my God self, I choose my thoughts and words carefully for they are causative and creative in the world. I relax into the embrace of God; here I feel my wholeness in my union with God; I feel complete and in awe like a child coming forth into a new world; this is a perfect setting for me to know and own my personal power and goodness. I forgive myself of all apparent sins and transgressions on my values. I see myself as I am now, in this moment of oneness with God, and own the fact that in truth I am whole, complete and perfect just as I am.

As I bask in this glow of self acceptance I allow the light to expand out from me and see it touching those that are close to me filling each of them with this same realization of our oneness with God, the Creator of all there is. I specifically hold Partner in mind and see them filled with the light of truth and compassion. I relax and affirm only good things for Partner as life continues to unfold. I see and feel the love that first brought us together and affirm the goodness of this truth. I allow this love to move into the now for myself and Partner... Yes, true love never dies and I feel this truth within myself and hold Partner in mind surrounded and filled with this pure, original love. I relax now, and whenever thoughts of relationship with Partner come to mind I gently affirm God knows best and guides each of us to the right decisions for each of us and both of us. This all happens easily and naturally for the highest good of all.

I am grateful for the celebration of love represented by this contact with God the Creator. I return here often to renew my power and feel my wholeness.

In oneness I release this word into Creator's creative process and let it be so, and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/5/05)


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