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Friday, March 02, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Realize Who I Am

I realize there is no other exactly like me ...

To realize perfectly who I am.

Relaxing now into the quiet morning, I look out at mist hanging silently in the air, not a leaf stirs on the bushes and trees, I breathe deeply and accept my place here in this contemplative mood. I close my eyes and look within ... I let go of what I find there and choose to go deeper ... deeper into my heart ... deeper into the heart of the universe ...

As I open to the fullness of life within me I find the universe opening its fullness to me ... for in truth there is no separation. There is one power, one truth, one creative intelligence equally present in all that exists ... it can be no other way. For as I grow from the meeting of sperm and egg, so does the universe grow from its conception into the fullness that surrounds us now. And here I am relaxing into the center of all this activity. Here I am breathing and going deeper into the center of myself, deeper into the center of creation ...

Here I feel myself as a still, small point observing all that goes on around me -- within me ... here I sit, calm, cool, collected, as life, my life, goes on around me.

As I relax, I see how my presence here is an important part of the wholeness of this moment ... it is as if I am the creator of all I see, here in the center of my being, here in the center of universal activity ... And what I see, know and experience for myself I know is available to each and everyone else on this planet! For in truth we are spiritually no different one from the other. Yes, we are truly one people, one world, one universe.

And yet ... I realize there is no other like me. There is no other with my exact perspective, abilities, experience or gifts to bring to the whole. I choose now to return here, to the center of my being, often to strengthen my sense of self and the importance I am to the whole. I choose now to embrace myself, love myself and to set in motion my strong intention to evolve into the potential I find here at the center of all that exists as it is meant to manifest through me and my uniqueness.

I accept myself just the way I am ... here in the center of my being I find the natural strength of Spirit flowing to me in immeasurable quantities and I accept it. I move forward into the world peacefully, powerfully, joyfully for I am me! There is no other to limit or restrain me from my full and perfect expression.

I am grateful for the gift of Spirit to stand strong and tall as I am. Thank you Spirit for guiding me to the center of my being and for always being here where I am, guiding me, moving with me through all apparent obstacles to my full expression.

I release these words now to the natural evolution of Life, knowing they are already manifest in truth and so I let them be now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/13/97)


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