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Friday, March 23, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Fine Right Livelihood

Thank you God, I accept Your guidance now and always ...

For You to find right livelihood.

I relax into the cool curtain of gray fog outside my window ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I gently close my eyes and look within ... My attention goes to my heart, my center ... My heart beats in rhythm with my breath ... I feel the energy of life in this rhythm ... My attention goes to the center of life, the heart of the universe ...

Here I find the source of all that exists ... Here I merge with the creation of the universe ... Here I recognize that God is all there is and that I am one with God, the Creator -- God the Intelligence that creates all there is and holds it all together with Love ...

Love, the divine law that holds all creation together in dynamic harmony ... Love the key to the creative process opens the door to God's guiding light ... I love myself unconditionally and because I am one with God, I love God unconditionally and am unconditionally loved in return ...

I open myself to receive this love as spiritual and practical guidance in the world as I move my attention now to my worldly life. I claim patience, wisdom, joy and peace in choosing and finding the right work for myself. I am fulfilled spiritually, financially and creatively as I share my special gifts with the world through this work. I move forward naturally, easily, freely finding the way made easy by my faith, activity and perseverance.

Thank you God for your guiding light. Thank you for always being here with me in my heart. I am filled with gratitude and I accept your guidance now and always. My faith is strong, my step is sure, as I move forward purposefully and accept my good now.

I release these words into the dynamic harmony of creation evolving, knowing they are manifest even before being spoken. So It is and so I let It be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/31/98)


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