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Friday, March 09, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Attract Companionship

I breathe deeply and relax ...

For You to relax into the nurturing Spirit within and allow this feeling of companionship, comfort and sustenance to manifest for you its physical equivalent.

Here in the morning twilight I sit ... I breathe deeply and relax ... I relax into the one mind that holds each and everyone in its expansiveness. Here I merge with the creative power of the universe. All things are possible now and I turn my attention to what I seek to bring into my life now.

I breathe deeply and relax ... I feel the presence of one Spirit, one wonderful energy expressing unconditional Love and Acceptance to me. I breathe deeply, absorbing this feeling from the heart of the universe into my heart and I am gladdened. I feel a kinship to my brothers and sisters here in mind and know that this Love and Acceptance I feel is in the heart of everyone. I bring this truth into my everyday life by warmly acknowledging everyone I meet with a silent smile and blessing from my heart to their heart. I am never alone. I am happy.

I breathe deeply and relax ... I listen within for the inspiration and guidance Spirit provides, constantly moving me toward my highest good and greatest expression. As I relax and know what is true for me is true for everyone, I allow my unique qualities to merge with those around me into a harmonious expression of the one Spirit. Together we create that which nurtures and sustains us in supreme comfort.

I breathe deeply and relax ... I feel the warmth of my blood moving through my body ... I feel Life itself being sustained by this constant circulation of energy to every part of me and I sense the greater circulation of energy and information sustaining the universe and each and every being in it. I am joyfully aware of this circulation of good knowing I am a vital part of the whole. I merge the goodness in my heart to the goodness in the heart of the universe and manifest that wholeness that is the truth in life, my life.

I breathe deeply and relax ... I accept companionship, comfort and sustenance into my life now and express great gratitude for the circulation of good I experience all around me ... The circulation of good that I give myself to, wholly and completely ... The circulation of good that manifests harmony in my life now.

Grateful, I breathe deeply and say, "Yes!" In Spirit we are One ... whole, complete and perfect. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/16/97)


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