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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Rev up Spiritual Power

I bring only good to the world around me ...

To rev up Your spiritual power and move you forward quickly and easily through all apparent obstacles to realize true happiness.

Relaxing into the sounds of a new day I breathe deeply and let it go ... I take this time to embrace the oneness I feel with all around me ... I close my eyes and feel the warmth of my blood moving through my body ... Here in my inner sanctuary I am safe ... I feel the wholeness of my body and mind and spirit ... I relax further into this warmth ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... go deeper into the center of my being ... Here I am one with the creative power of the universe and I relax ...

Affirm with me these things: there is one power, one presence and one Spirit everywhere equally present. I contact this presence through my center, through my heart. Here in the center of my being I know I am an expression of the oneness, of the power, presence and passion of Spirit and I own it and hold it here in my heart, now and always. In truth it can be no other way.

Holding strong to my faith I consciously choose to speak my word knowing the full weight and strength of the power, presence and passion of Spirit is in my words and in truth cannot be denied.

I take this time to think on who I am in truth ... I see a light- filled being overflowing with love ... Love of Life, Love of nature, Love for my fellow beings, human and otherwise ... I feel an overwhelming sense of compassion coming from this light-filled being that is me in truth ... I relax into this vision and merge with it and look out at a beautiful world and know that it is a reflection of what is in me as I stand in the truth of my being ... In this moment I am peaceful and a sense of joy rises in me ... here I can relax and just be me ... Yes!

I say Yes! to who I am in Truth ... I say Yes! to the Power in me ... I say Yes! to the Light in me ... I say Yes! to the Beauty in me ... I say Yes! to the Love in me ... I say Yes! to the Joy in me ... I say Yes! to the Peace in me ... I say Yes! to the Life in me ... I stand tall and strong, proud of who I am now and always ...

I bring only good to the world around me. I open myself to accept only good from the world around me. I acknowledge the darkness and negativity that appears in the world as something to deal with. I turn to it and shower it with Love and Light and move into it and through it with Power and Grace because I know who I am in Truth and I am able to express Joy and Peace in the face of negativity's whimpering blasts for I stand tall and strong in the knowledge of who I am and the good I bring to the world around me.

I love life and the feeling of strength and power in me now. I gratefully embrace this feeling and hold it in my heart now and forever. Thank you Spirit within for illuminating me in this moment of need; I will never forget you, I will never forsake you. I know we are one now and forever and I return here to affirm this feeling of strength and power in me each day.

I release these words into the universal expression of Life knowing they are true before they are spoken and I let it be so now and forevermore.


(First published on SharePrayer 8/22/97)

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Sanctuary Within

I am grateful for the sanctuary within ...

For You to know the patience and strength of the one Spirit always in life as Life unfolds in its sometimes challenging ways.

Sitting in the morning silence, I listen. I listen to the crows call and the cars drive by; I listen to the sounds of my breathing and the sounds of my heart beating. I sit and I listen in silence for the inspiration of Spirit within me. I listen.

There is one Spirit, one Life, one Power everywhere equally present in this universe, in this world, in this community, in this house, in this body. This indescribable Power is creating all we see and know in this universe right now. I release myself into this power and know I am safe. I release myself so that I am one with the evolutionary flow of Life and now consciously assume my rightful role as an integral part of the unfolding wholeness, perfectness and completeness of the universe. In truth it can be no other way.

I accept this as I look out and see a new day beginning and look within and see a new way opening. I am able to relax into the completeness of this moment outside and inside. There is nothing I need to change as I accept this moment in all its perfection. Yes, I am one with the creative power of the universe; yes, I am able to patiently watch the world flow around me; yes, I am able to listen and respond in positive, constructive, empowering ways; and, yes, the world reflects back to me the truth I hold inside. I know the goodness I am and that I express in the world.

I relax into this moment, this eternal moment and am thankful for the Power I feel right now. I am a strong, able manifestation of Spirit here on earth for a purpose and a reason and I relax into this truth. Grateful for the peace I feel in this moment, I consciously accept it as the truth my being is grounded on and I return here, to this feeling, to this place within, whenever I feel challenged by events in the outside world.

I am grateful for the sanctuary within and the one Spirit that nurtures me here. Thank you.

I release these words into the flow of Life knowing I am safe, whole and complete just as I am. And so I let it be.


(First published on SharePrayer 9/9/97)

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Pray Effectively

All that I claim is for the highest good ...

To open to God and be present in full connection with Spirit and pray effectively from an open heart.

Silently I sit and turn my thoughts away from the outer world and look within to the infinite world of Spirit. I breathe deeply and let it go, again and again ... each time moving my awareness closer to God ... As the material world melts away, I feel tension and anxiety go with it ... I move into a warm, nurturing, secure place ... Here I rest, breathing regularly and fully ... Here I wait for signs of God, for the inspiration of Spirit ... I am one with the Presence of God; I know it; I feel it ... I continue breathing and I feel my mind opening in harmony with the one Mind ... I feel my heart expanding into this presence filling the space around me with unconditional love for the creator of all that exists ... I am one with the beauty of this life, of all existence ... I feel so natural and pure ...

The inspiration to speak my word in harmony with the flow of Creation fills my body ... In this moment, each thought, each action has as its purpose the evolution of creation into its potential ... Filled with this feeling, all that I claim is for the highest good of all concerned and the liberation of consciousness on this planet ...

I claim in the present tense ...

(use your own thoughts, feelings and words here ...)

Moved by the profundity of this moment, I am filled with gratitude for the power of Spirit acting through me now. I am grateful for the opening of my heart and my union with the Mind of the Creator. I say thank you God for the perfection underlying all appearances to the contrary. I move closer to the realization of this perfection with each breath, with each prayer ...

All I have spoken in harmony with Spirit, I release to the creative medium of Mind knowing it is manifest in Truth now. And so I let it be.


(First published on SharePrayer 7/28/99)

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Employment with Creativity

I acknowledge and accept the creative power within me ...

For You to find the perfect employment now where your creativity is prized and your satisfaction is complete and each day is filled with joy.

I relax into this moment ... and I hear opera in my mind ... and imagine all the ethos and pathos going on between the characters on a vast stage ... the libretto rings out in a language I don't understand but know what it means by the actions, the phrasing and the overall feeling ... so much emotion, so much passion, freedom of expression ... how this rings in my soul ... I relax further into my center and let those images go ... I open my heart and enter into a sanctuary, my sanctuary, a place of peace and stillness ... here I listen to the silence ...

Here in the center of my being, this still, silent spot where I touch nothing, I rest. I know here in the silence, the nothingness, I am merged with the source of the universe, the source of all, my source. I silently affirm the oneness of all that exists, the one creator and the one created and I know I am never alone, never disconnected, never without guidance here in the center of my being ...

There is one Spirit everywhere present holding all existence, all life together in a bond of Love. I give myself over to this ever present force and power and relax into its evolutionary flow. I accept my power to choose that which I find in my life; I accept my power to speak my word clearly and in faith believing and have my highest good manifest in the world around me. I acknowledge and accept the creative power within me and consciously choose to use it in this prayer now.

I begin this day and each day here in the center of my being and I move out into the world confident my action in the world is inspired from my connection to the creator of the universe within me; confident I am naturally and easily drawn to the people and places where my unique gifts and talents are most needed and accepted; confident that what I hold in mind as my ideal is divinely inspired and confident that I am gently carried along in the flow of evolution experiencing only that which leads to my highest good.

I accept my role in this vast drama and also accept the lavish rewards that flow generously to me as acknowledgment, satisfaction, money, and more. I am so pleased and grateful to find myself in this situation where I can give so fully and freely of myself and experience so much joy and happiness. Thank you Love divine.

Yes! This is what I claim and this is what I accept. Life is Good! I release these words to the evolutionary flow of Life accepting them as true and manifest in my world now. And so it is forevermore.


(First published on SharePrayer 8/23/97)

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Spirit is in Change

I move forward with hosannas and hurrahs ... Yes!

For You to know Spirit is constantly and consistently at work in your life, your loved one's life and the lives of all connected with you as once again the wheel turns and change is at hand.

Life, in all its wonder, unfolds at a maddening pace as we get caught up in the act of living. So, for this time, I choose to sit quietly and watch my breath ... letting go of all else in the world and in my mind ... I allow the peaceful presence of Spirit to come fully into my awareness ... How easy it is to relax my shoulders as my breath lifts my chest ... how easy it is to feel gravity holding me in my place ... how easy it is to accept that powerful presence of Oneness as I allow even these words to flow through me, holding on to nothing.

How nice a thought: Nothing, Zero, Oneness. Oneness with all around me, with all Creation ... Peace ... Stillness ... Now, I watch this void fill with the Power of Spirit expressing itself in myriad forms. I know that all existence is Spirit expressing itself and this is what I sense in this quiet moment ... I am a witness to my Life unfolding and it is truly beautiful ... And I clearly see how each person I know plays a significant role in my life ... Everywhere I look I see Spirit ... I feel Spirit at work in this arena I experience as my life ... This is good, very good!

As each of my old worries attempts to intrude on this picture I just say OK! Go for it! And watch them disappear into Spirit's waiting arms, never to be seen again as debilitating distractions. I accept the power of Spirit working through me to guide me to the expression of my true purpose now. I am grateful for the clarity and courage I feel spontaneously expressing as me now.

I move forward with hosannas and hurrahs for I know all is well with me and my world. Spirit makes it so. And so it is.


(First published on SharePrayer 9/19/97)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Be Yourself, Accept Good

Flowers grow ... Stars glow ... I flow ...

For You to release that which doesn't serve you now and to accept the courage and strength to be yourself and accept all the good you desire into your life.

Peacefully I pause and take a deep breath ... and let it go ... I continue doing this ... and each time I imagine Love coming in and Love going out, washing away all that is unlike Love ... in this way all the negativity that I am holding is being cleaned out ...

Now I turn my attention inward knowing I am filled with all the Love I can accept ... and then I let go of even that thought as I just watch my breath ... and go deep into the center of my being ...

Here I recognize the intelligence creating me is everywhere equally present in the entire universe; I recognize that the earth, the stars, the whole universe is being created by the same energy and information that is creating me right now and I release my thought into this flow ...

Yes, I am one with the constant flow of creation; I am like the flower growing in the field and the tree growing in the forest and the star growing in the cosmos ... we are all filled with the same creative energy ... I am one with all that exists! ...

I let go and relax further into the center of my being and see myself sitting here as a center in all this creative energy ... I see myself as contributing my uniqueness to this universal flow ... I see myself as a dynamic center with all the universe flowing around me ... I feel the creativity flowing from me! ... as well as from infinite other centers ... and I hear all this coming together as a great cosmic symphony! ...

In this moment I accept my contribution as equally powerful and creative as any other contribution and I raise my voice and claim that exact good I desire for my life now:

I feel peace, acceptance, joy and hope. I accept my perfect body and health as my experience now. I release my past and move forward from this moment on. I approach any and all apparent obstacles to my health and happiness with strength and courage knowing they cannot stop or slow my forward momentum because I am one with the evolutionary flow of Life. I accept myself and my "blossoming" in the world as natural, right and good!

Yes! I feel good and grateful for the energy of evolution in me now. Thank you Life for revealing the fullness of creation to me/as me in this eternally evolving present moment! I am with it now and for evermore. I release these words and declarations to the flow now, knowing their truth is one with the Truth and so I let it be and so it is.

Blessed are we

(First published on SharePrayer 8/17/97)

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Spirit's Presents

I accept Spirit's presents of love, acceptance and change ...

For You to find peace of mind and acceptance of yourself just as you are and just as you are becoming, which is, healed of ailments and physically fit.

I sit silently on this morning and relax into the sound of silence ... The sound of silence, the sound of God speaking through me as I allow my thoughts and awareness to focus on the one power, the one presence, the one creator of all that exists. Focused on the center of existence, on the center of life, I am able to relax and let go of the physical circumstances of my life and enter the flow of universal life.

I speak these words in the first person, I speak them with You in mind, because we are one in universal Mind. Surrounded by divine perfection I release and let go of all that holds me to my physical discomfort and absorb the power of Spirit. I allow Spirit to wash over me and through me aligning all the atoms in my body with my highest good. I relax and enjoy this feeling thoroughly and completely. ...

Ah, ... sweet Spirit ... I accept your presents of love, acceptance and change ... I love myself as I love you ... I accept myself just as I am and just as I am becoming ... I accept the gentle, step by step toning of my body ... I forgive those who have hurt me as I forgive myself ... I am one with the universal light now and I shine it wherever I go ... I respect myself ... I take care of myself ... I am gentle with myself and smile on the world knowing I am truly whole, complete and perfect right now ... I release the mental cause of my ailments and allow my medications to soothe me as they are removed forever ... I am one with the divine and accept myself as the spiritual perfection I truly am!

Thank you sweet Spirit for enlivening my awareness of your presence in me now and always. I accept your guidance as I step out on the path to the healing of my mind and body and the fulfillment of my capacity in all ways. I am grateful for this connection and I never forget you.

I release these words to the flow of universal life knowing they are true even as they are spoken. So it is and so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(This is written with you in mind, read it as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel in yourself the truth in the prayer, the more you will experience that truth in your life. Use the affirmation at the top to remind you of the truth throughout each day.)

(First published on SharePrayer 8/9/98)

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