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Monday, March 10, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Spirit's Presents

I accept Spirit's presents of love, acceptance and change ...

For You to find peace of mind and acceptance of yourself just as you are and just as you are becoming, which is, healed of ailments and physically fit.

I sit silently on this morning and relax into the sound of silence ... The sound of silence, the sound of God speaking through me as I allow my thoughts and awareness to focus on the one power, the one presence, the one creator of all that exists. Focused on the center of existence, on the center of life, I am able to relax and let go of the physical circumstances of my life and enter the flow of universal life.

I speak these words in the first person, I speak them with You in mind, because we are one in universal Mind. Surrounded by divine perfection I release and let go of all that holds me to my physical discomfort and absorb the power of Spirit. I allow Spirit to wash over me and through me aligning all the atoms in my body with my highest good. I relax and enjoy this feeling thoroughly and completely. ...

Ah, ... sweet Spirit ... I accept your presents of love, acceptance and change ... I love myself as I love you ... I accept myself just as I am and just as I am becoming ... I accept the gentle, step by step toning of my body ... I forgive those who have hurt me as I forgive myself ... I am one with the universal light now and I shine it wherever I go ... I respect myself ... I take care of myself ... I am gentle with myself and smile on the world knowing I am truly whole, complete and perfect right now ... I release the mental cause of my ailments and allow my medications to soothe me as they are removed forever ... I am one with the divine and accept myself as the spiritual perfection I truly am!

Thank you sweet Spirit for enlivening my awareness of your presence in me now and always. I accept your guidance as I step out on the path to the healing of my mind and body and the fulfillment of my capacity in all ways. I am grateful for this connection and I never forget you.

I release these words to the flow of universal life knowing they are true even as they are spoken. So it is and so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(This is written with you in mind, read it as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel in yourself the truth in the prayer, the more you will experience that truth in your life. Use the affirmation at the top to remind you of the truth throughout each day.)

(First published on SharePrayer 8/9/98)

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