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Friday, September 01, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Flow of Love

I am one with Spirit ...

For You to let go and let Spirit nurture, support and guide you through Life.

As I think on all the things there are to do today, I take a deep breath and relax ... I let go of all but one thought: I am one with Spirit. I breathe this thought in and I exhale it out, only to do it again ... I am one with Spirit ... I am one with Spirit ... In this way I relax into this moment releasing all other thoughts, for this moment I am one with Spirit ...

In this peaceful, quiet moment, I sense my Oneness with everything ... now I feel Power and Intelligence creating the Universe; I feel this Power and Intelligence operating through me, as me, right now in this moment. I realize there can be no difference, no opposition, no separation between myself and this Power and Intelligence I name Spirit. There is one inexorable flow of Life, creation, and Love, I am part of it -- a vital part of it; many parts make up the whole and each is equally important to that wholeness. I accept my role in the evolution of Life and I realize my potential to play it perfectly. I set my intention to manifest this potential fully, completely, naturally for my benefit and that of all around me. I quiet my rational mind and relax into my feelings; I calm my feelings and release my self into the flow of Love that is Spirit expressing. I allow it to naturally flow through me, as me. Yes, I am whole and complete just as I am ...

I know this experience is always available to me from this moment on. I sit, go within, look and listen. I return here often to regain my connection with Oneness even as I actively participate in the ever changing, growing, evolving Life I am immersed in. I take great pleasure in stopping, listening, and following the guidance of Spirit I find in this deep, quiet place I carry with me wherever I go. I smile and release any unconnected thoughts to the void knowing I am cared for and nurtured by the Spirit within as it guides me and the Universe in our evolution together.

I am ever thankful and filled with gratitude for this moment. I hold it in my heart accepting it as the Truth for me. I am thankful for the presence of Spirit that I am and I remember this always.

I release these words into the flow of Love and let them be so; and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/1/06)


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