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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Heal Cancer

I consciously accept the healing power of God ...

For the Patient to persevere in cleansing the body and knowing in truth one is whole, perfect and one with God despite the appearance of a new tumor after previous surgery successfully removed the first one.

Silent now I sit and think ... I breathe deeply and regularly ... I breathe in love ... and breathe out all that is not love ... these are the only thoughts I hold ... I accept love ... I release all that is not love ... again ... again ... again ... until I feel I am one with God ...

Now it is clear to me: I am never separate from God. God is the intelligence and the power creating all that exists and is always in, of and through all that exists; it can be no other way. I am God manifesting in human form and as I look around all I see is God in whatever form it is I look upon. Wow! There can be no true separation of God from me or anything. It is my choice whether I look toward God and see this truth or if I look away from God and feel alone.

I consciously acknowledge my oneness with God and all of existence.

I consciously speak these words with the patient in mind.

I consciously choose to move in harmony with all that exists.

I consciously see my true self whole, perfect and complete.

I consciously listen for guidance from my God-self as I face the challenges presented me as I live my life.

I consciously accept my spiritual perfection even when faced with physical imperfection.

I consciously release judgement of myself and others.

I consciously forgive all perceived trespasses against me and mine.

I consciously look upon the perfection of the universe we all share so magnificently.

I consciously accept the healing power of God.

I consciously say Thank You God for all your love and support.

I consciously accept my place in the grand plan.

I consciously release these words to the evolution of life, evolution of consciousness and the evolution of awareness.

As I speak, let it be so.


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