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Friday, August 25, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Mother's Healing and Ideal Relationship

I take this opportunity to feel my exact ideal relationship ...

For You to relax into the perfect relationship with God and to know you are guided from within in all that you do. And in this guidance life comes together perfectly for you and your loved ones in healing, wholeness and happiness.

I breathe in ... I breathe out ... I shrug my shoulders ... I relax ... I move my body feeling the earth beneath me and the sky above me ... I marvel at the harmony, the grace, the beauty of these simple, natural activities and how everything is vital to the whole ... I am thankful for my awareness of this moment ...

There is one presence in all that exists ... I relax into this presence and let go of all limitations I feel inside or outside ... I relax into the full realization of my oneness with this presence ... I turn my attention away from my head and toward my heart ... I turn away from thinking and toward feeling ... Here, in my center, I know, I feel, I am one with the creative energy and power creating all there is. I feel the power of thought to initiate the creative process ... I turn my awareness and intention toward that which is for my highest good and the highest good of my loved ones ...

As I live and breathe and think and feel I know that I am loved and nurtured and cared for by this creative process. As I feel this truth in me, I know this is true for my mother, because in this moment we are one. The peace and healing I feel within are with her now and this radiates out to all around her. I feel her radiance even now and am glad.

And in this moment of unity with the creative power of the universe, I take this opportunity to feel exactly my ideal relationship ... I relax into this moment totally and completely letting go of rational thinking and feel all the qualities this perfect relationship brings into my life and experience ... I let go of my preconceived ideas and let my higher power paint for me a picture of what it is that moves me forward in my evolution ... I open my heart fully and completely in trust and faith to accept that which I most ardently seek ...

Thank you presence within all life for moving with me, through me, now opening me to accept that which I seek ... And for moving with those people that I would happily bring into my life at this time. Thank you for setting the stage so well, so completely for me to move across filling my role perfectly, in safety, with grace, as I consummate that which I feel so deeply within.

With gratitude and graciousness I release these words into your presence, your process, knowing they are true even as they come forward. And so I let it be, and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/25/06)


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