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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Fulfillment and Happiness

I move gently and surely forward in life ...

For You to know Spirit is your guide and is always with you as you move through Life and that all changes do lead to greater fulfillment and happiness.

In this moment I breathe deeply and relax ... I let all thoughts of anything fade away into the background as I simply watch my breath ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I sense the great power in this moment ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I sense Life moving in me and all around me ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I sense the oneness of Life and all creation ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I sense that wonderful, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent intelligence we call Spirit in me right now ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I know that Spirit is all that exists and that I am one with Spirit ... I breathe deeply and let it go ...

I recognize the creative power of Spirit is within me now and always. I know that the words I speak have creative force in the world ... I choose these words carefully now, feeling their effects ringing out in the world ... I align my thoughts, words and deeds with Spirit and my way is made safe and clear before me ...

I move gently and surely forward in life accepting the changes I find along my path with courage and joy. I recognize the creativity of Spirit is within me; I listen carefully to the guidance I feel deep in my heart; I step boldly forward into the promise of happiness that is the fulfilllment of Spirit's plan. When fear appears to block me I hear it as a call to action and step into it with Spirit as my champion ... fear dissolves and clarity takes its place ... I clearly see the peace, joy and beauty that I have in my heart and I express it in all that I think, say and do.

My loved ones are around me ... we are safe and happy together. Life is good. I easily accept the many opportunities I find to express my true self. Life is good as it supports and nourishes me in just the ways I need. Life is good to surround me with such Love.

I gratefully and freely enter this wonderful circle of Love knowing that as I give so do I receive. And I openly and fully give my Love and accept my Good returned to me. Thank you Infinite Spirit for your infinite blessings.

I release these words to Universal Law of Creation knowing they are fulfilled in truth even before they are spoken. So I let it be; and so it is!


(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/26/06)


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