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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Heart of Love

I am one with the heart of Love ...

To feel the Oneness of Spirit in all of Life and express the qualities of harmony, love, energy, strength, focus and wholeness easily and naturally.

Sitting here under a peaceful gray mantle of clouds I notice the stillness in the air around me. I breathe easily, gently, fully as I allow my mind to quiet and match the stillness. Relaxed now, I close my eyes and let the words flow ...

There is one Life and this Life is Spirit. There is one Power and this Power is Love. In this moment I open my awareness and feel the power of Love moving through me and all around me; I am filled with Life, I am One with Spirit.

In this Oneness I relax and my consciousness expands and embraces my life with love. I release any and all judgements that arise and relax into this moment even further ... further ... and further ...

Now I feel a great sense of harmony all around me; I see my family in the Light of Truth and know we are One; Love spontaneously arises in my heart for each and every one -- I am one with the heart of Love. And I know in Truth this is the same for each and everyone.

A great energy stirs within me, I know the strength of Spirit is always with me. I focus my awareness on this energy stirring within me and feel Spirit's guidance moving me to my highest purpose. I let this energy move my awareness to the center of my being and here I clearly see that which I am to focus on now ... In this place life moves on easily and naturally and I move with it ...

Life is good and filled with mysterious adventures as I claim my place in alignment with my highest good and the highest good of those around me. I move forward now guided from within, each action following smoothly the preceding one, bringing more and more positive results. I am one with Spirit. I am one with the creative power of the universe.

Thank you Spirit for awakening within me and focusing me on my target. I am happy to be clearly and solidly on my path again, Thank you. I accept the many blessings that Life offers and am humbled by the abundance. Thank you for this Holy Moment ... a moment that stretches from infinity to eternity! Yes, We are One!

And so I release these words to the evolution of Life knowing they are true even before they are spoken and so it is, now!


(This is written with you in mind, read it as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel in yourself the truth in the prayer, the more you will experience that truth in your life. Use the affirmation at the top to remind you of the truth throughout each day.)

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