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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Perfect Site for School or Park

I know Spirit's will is done ...

For You to know Spirit is an integral part of the process of choosing the perfect site for the future school or park that serves all the needs of the community.

As I breathe deeply and steadily and relax into my body, I feel my conscious awareness freely focus on the center of my being. The center of my being where I merge with that spiritual essence that is everywhere equally present in the universe. In this moment I sense my oneness with this power and I relax more completely, more fully, allowing my conscious awareness to flow as one with the universal Spirit. Breathe ...

Yes, there is one God in all the Universe and I am One with It. Yes, all people are unique spiritual centers, like me. We meet as equals in this one center of being. Breathe ...

Yes, I see it can be no other way in truth and reality. Breathe ...

Yes, I relax, I let go, I let God. Breathe ...

Spirit is right where the elected officials are, right where the specific committee is, right where the property owners are, right where the interested people are ... I speak my word now from this place of oneness affirming my faith in the process of life. I know we are all guided by the Spirit of Life flowing through us, and as I pause and am silent, and allow Spirit to fill me with peace, love, and light, I open and allow these qualities to flow out to all around me, inspiring them to inwardly feel their oneness with Spirit.

From this place of unity and harmony within me only good flows. I feel my family, I feel my neighbors, I feel my community; I sit back centered and calm and allow Spirit to flow thru me; I rise and go about my business knowing Spirit is with me; I speak my truth calmly, with Spirit's assurance that what I am about is Truth; I am quiet and listen openly to those around me and to Spirit within me; I accept with equanimity the words of all I hear; I affirm the truth that I know from deep within to myself and to those around me again and again; I know Spirit's will is done; I know I have done my work; I relax and let it be.

Thankful, I breathe deeply and steadily knowing that Spirit is an integral part of this process. Grateful, I let go of my attachment to outcome as Spirit moves through me and the community bringing all to positive fruition.

Thank you Spirit. I release my thoughts, my words, my actions to the Process of Life, knowing only the highest Truth is finally expressed. So I let it be; and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/29/06)


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