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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Law of Attraction -- The High Watch

I am able to hold the high watch ...

For You to hold the high watch for Them as they release their addictions and find their personal power and health. That the relationship between you be healthy, functional and mutually empowering.

Now I sit myself down to pray. I feel the earth beneath me and the sky above me. I know I am here, in the center of all creation. I know I am here and that I am me. I breathe in and feel the power in the air around me as it moves into and throughout my body; I breathe out and know I release that which I no longer need, that which no longer serves me, that which is toxic to me ... I know this is all natural and automatic and I affirm that this is true.

I know there is one creative power and intelligence behind, in, through and before all that exists. I know this power and intelligence is always with me, regardless of my actions or thoughts. This power and presence is constant, true and only interested in my highest good. I know this is true because I am one with this power and intelligence, as is everything else in existence, and that it can not wish itself harm. I am confident in this truth, conscious of this truth, compliant with this truth.

Owning my oneness with this power and presence, I relax and think upon what I wish to see in my immediate world experience. I speak my word claiming that which I wish to bring more of into my life now. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I take time each day to acknowledge this truth and check in with my heart, with my center where it touches the center of creation, where it touches God's heart. Here I look and listen for guidance for this day and am always rewarded with a calm, centered outlook on life.

From this centered outlook I am able to hold the high watch for those that I love. I am able to see the truth in their heart and hold that in consciousness when I see them tempted to engage in self destructive behavior. I know that the truth is powerful in my life and that this truth is powerful for each and everyone that opens to it. I know that this truth is always available and accessible to me and to everyone. I hold in mind the highest good and most positive outcome for each path I choose and the path my loved ones choose. I know God does not judge and I do not judge, I keep in mind only that which I would bring more of into existence and I know this effort is rewarded with positive results.

As I think it, speak it, accept it, so it is made manifest now and forevermore. For this I am grateful. Thank you God for your strength, wisdom and guidance I feel within me now. I release these words into your creative process knowing they return to me fulfilled. So it is and so I let it be.


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