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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Life is Good

I accept and open fully to this wonderful inspiration ...

For You to open completely to the flow of God in life as unconditional love, acceptance and abundance and as this truth is revealed to feel personal beauty, power, faith and unity with all of Creation from this moment on.

In the silence I hear music: the music of Life as breath, as heart, as wind, as rain, as traffic, as footsteps, as frogs, as synthesizers, as clicking keys, as Tibetan bells, as evolution ... and in this music I feel the presence of One Spirit, of All Creation -- of God. I know, as I feel this unity and peace, beyond all doubt there is One Power in this Universe and this power is called Love.

The Love I feel in this very moment is equally present and available to each and everyone in the world; it can be no other way. There is no spot God is not and wherever God is, Love is also. Knowing this truth and feeling it deeply and honestly I choose now to use this power, Love, and speak my words claiming this same good feeling for You. In Truth we are one, in Mind we are one and in Love we are one. What I know is true for me in faith believing I claim as true for You, and to the degree you accept the positive healing influence of Love into your life you are healed and made whole in alignment with the prayers said on your behalf.

I accept and open fully to this wonderful inspiration that flows gently and easily through me and through You in this very moment. Illusion and doubt are swept away in a torrent of Love for self, for Life, for God. The beauty and naturalness of Life opens like a good book pulling me into its irresistibly fascinating pages; proceeding one page at a time I know my life, Your life, is filled abundantly with God's Love. I feel and experience Love as personal power; confidently I share that special gift that is mine alone to give and because of this my life is financially, emotionally and spiritually rich.

I joyfully and enthusiastically raise my hands to the sky and say "Yes, Life is Good"! Thank you God for this wonderful, uplifting flow of Love, Acceptance and Unconditional Knowing that all is unfolding for my, for your, highest good right here and now.

I release these words to the constant flow of Love with a glorious Hallelujah; knowing they are true even before they are spoken. And so I let It be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/27/06)


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