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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Law of Attraction -- It

I am one with It ...

For You to connect with your unique gift to the world and to accept
the natural flow of abundance, support and wisdom that is everywhere present,
right now!

In this awareness of the one Mind, one Presence, everywhere equally
available I speak these words and know that It is right here where I am.
I feel my connection with It in the movement of my thoughts, in the
movement of my fingers, in the things I see around me and I know beyond all doubt that It is with me now; there is no spot It is not
fully and actively present. In this immediate knowing of the omnipresence
of It I speak my word and claim the activity of It in my life
now. I am one with It. Unconditional acceptance of this truth
brings the harmonious flow of creativity fully into the present
and miracles occur.

There is no appearance of lack or confusion or bondage that can stand
before It. Intuition, every where present in unlimited measure,
wells up inside spontaneously to align me with my highest
expression and highest possibility. Abundance, support
and wisdom flow naturally and easily as I surrender to
It; It is expressing through me as me. I act with this expression
fully in all I think, say and do. I am It expressing as me now and always.

I am humbly grateful for my courage, strength and faith allowing me to
act in alignment with my highest expression. Peacefully I release these
words to the creative process knowing they are already so. And so I let It
be, and so It is!


(Originally published on SharePrayer)


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