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Monday, September 04, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Business/Family Success

Yes! I accept myself as Spirit expressing ...

For You to relax into the unified flow of Spirit's love and joyfully accept the goodness that each person brings to the success of your business and/or family.

Sitting in the morning light wrapped in the security of my thoughts of Spirit I breathe in deeply and then let it go with a sigh ... And so life continues in this unending rhythm of accepting in and expressing out ... Thought / word ... Inspiration / idea ... Love / love ...

And now, with my co-workers (my family) in mind, I relax, accepting Spirit's inspiration, and releasing these words into the flow of Love that is Life ...

Take a moment with me and feel the reverence of this moment.

Take a moment of silence and go within to that place of peace and tranquility where Spirit is in each of us.

Take a moment with me and let go of all else except awareness of the presence of spirit in your heart.

Take a moment with me and feel the presence of spirit in everyone's heart in this group.

Take a moment with me and breathe as one body through the spiritual connection we all share, always!

Now, as one unified spiritual body, affirm with me the oneness of our expression in the universe.

Affirm with me unlimited potential for harmonious expression that is present right now in this spiritual unity.

Affirm with me right now the power and the grace in this moment ...

Yes! I accept the creative force of the universe expressing through me right now.

Yes! I am an intelligent co-creator of all I experience in this life.

Yes! I accept my active role as a member of this group and as translator of Spirit's inspiration into action in this world through me.

Yes! I accept my unique contribution to the good of the world ...

Yes! I accept the consistent return of good to me in the form of money and recognition.

I am one, unique expression of the creative force of love, light, love, peace, joy, beauty, power, wisdom, balance and harmony in the world and I see this truth in all around me. I accept this truth. I work with this truth. I bless this truth.

Thank you Spirit within for impressing me with your love in this way. I am eternally grateful for the vision I have today and the guidance it brings me to live my life fully and completely in grace divine.

Now, I take my leave and release my word into the law of creation, peacefully accepting the eternal truth in my life and the life of all around me. So I let it be.


(Use the affirmations above to remind yourself of your truth throughout the day. And, remember, you are free to use your own words in the prayer to claim that which you most desire. This is written to read silently or aloud as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel, in yourself, the truth you put in the prayer, the more you experience that truth in life.)

(Originally published on SharePrayer9/4/06)


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