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Friday, August 01, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Safe Travel and Loving Adventures

We are safe with Nature as our guide and companion ...

For safe travel and loving adventures during your trip abroad.

Sitting here in the California sunlight I just look out on my lovely garden and relax into the beauty of its natural expression ... Breathing deeply I harmonize with the gentle breeze ... breathing deeply I sense the many aromas around me ... breathing deeply I feel at home ... breathing deeply I feel safe ... breathing deeply I feel free to be me ...

In this state of mind I know there is one ever present creative power in this world and I call it Nature. I feel it in me right now. I see it all around me right now. I know it is always present, always evolving, always creating newness, always nurturing, always supportive.

And, I know Nature and I are one, always. I know I am a present, evolving human being creating newness and I am nurturing and supportive of all around me. I am never alone, Nature is always here with me, cocreating my experience of life.

In this natural cooperation I know my thoughts, words and deeds have creative input into what I find expressing in the world around me, so, I now consciously and carefully choose these words to place in Nature's care to manifest in my experience.

As I embark on these travels with my love by my side I know Nature is with us always. I know we find Love wherever we are, whoever we are with, for that is the truth at the heart of all that is. I choose to see the truth and attract the truth from all our experiences. I choose for this truth to come easily and freely to us. I choose to allow the Light to shine even in the dark places we may find along the way.

Peace and Love are revealed from and through all we come in contact with as we move from place to place. Our inner Light shines bright, fueled by our recognition of ever present Nature holding us, nurturing us, inspiring us and those we are with. We are safe with Nature as our guide and companion. We relax and are ourselves always.

I appreciate my ability to merge with Nature through my breath at any time. I do this easily and naturally whenever necessary to bring back awareness of my oneness with the creative process. Thank you Nature for always being present in my life. Thank you Nature for expressing so fully in all I see and all I know. I am filled up and overflowing with gratitude.

And so I let these words flow on into the universe knowing they are manifest now in truth. And so I let it be.


(First published on SharePrayer 4/22/02)

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