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Friday, June 13, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Co-create Good Fearlessly

I am fearlessly co-creating Good with Intelligence ...

For taking action in the outer world based on the inspiration I receive from the inner world.

I relax into this moment with a sigh ... I let go of the outer busyness and relax into the internal calm ... I find a place in my thought where all is quiet ... all is peaceful ... and I relax into this feeling ... and go deeper into the mystery of life ...

Here in the center of my being I am aware of presence ... presence of love ... presence of power ... presence of wisdom ... I listen, I feel, I see ... here I am aware there is power greater than myself alone ... I sense the immensity of life and my place in it ... I am a creative center of consciousness contributing to the harmony of the whole!

There is not a spot my thought is not. I am one with the intelligence creating the universe and the Intelligence is one with me. It can be no other way; creator, creating and created are one in truth. So, by the power vested in each of us through the creative process I hereby declare and assert my thoughts and words are creative and causative in the world. I am inspired by the vision of the whole and my part in it and furthermore I act on my inspiration fearlessly in the world knowing, trusting and in faith believing my actions bring good to the world and further the evolutionary growth of consciousness. I accept my place in the flow of abundance that is the universe; I open myself to receive and pass-on abundant financial, emotional and spiritual support through my thoughts, words and actions in this world now.

I am guided naturally and easily by the creative Intelligence within me. As I listen to and follow this guidance, I find all aspects of my life come into alignment with all that is good in Life. I relax into this knowledge and go about my daily affairs with a buoyant, positive attitude. I smile at all I meet knowing that there too goes a manifestation of the Intelligence creating the universe; in truth we are one harmonious whole creating an abundant, loving, peaceful world. I affirm that my actions, my very presence, in the world contributes to the creation of peace on earth with joy and good will for all.

I accept my role, I accept my reward, I accept my brothers and sisters in oneness and am so grateful for the realization of the creative process, that is, of the Intelligence that is always active in my life as it is in the world. Thank you creative intelligence for the vision of peace and joy and abundance that I know is the truth. I hold it dear and near in my heart and know that it manifests more clearly each day for everyone.

This is the way of creation and the world. I bless this process and my role in it. Into the Oneness, into the Intelligence I release these words knowing, believing, affirming their truth even before being spoken. As it is written, it is so.

So it is and so I let it be

(First published on SharePrayer 9-11-97)

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