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Monday, July 28, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Cocreate positive reality

I dare to be happy right now ...

For You to find the silver lining in your present circumstances and cocreate with God a positive, powerful, evolutionary reality for yourself.

Relaxing now I close my eyes and take a deep breath ... I hold it for a second and slowly release it ... again ... again ... as I continue breathing in this pattern, I notice that it mirrors the flow and rhythm of life ...

There is one Life and this is my Life now ... I feel the power and intelligence of the creator in me and all around me right now ... I relax into this powerful, holy presence and let go of all thoughts except my immersion in the creative power of nature ...

I know there is one power, one perfection one source everywhere equally present in the universe. This is what fills my awareness and experience right now. I relax and move with it in consciousness and thought into the center of my being, where I merge with the center of the universe and am truly whole, perfect and complete.

Having recognized my oneness with the creative power, and being totally immersed in this consciousness, I know each thought and each word that I bring forth is creative and causative in the world of effects. I claim clarity of vision to see exactly who I am now and the path that leads me to my highest expression in the world at this time. I claim my personal power and expression that has served others so beautifully and perfectly up until now to serve me in this time of transition. I recognize the upheaval and change as necessary for my health and evolution. I bless my ex and let them go their own way. I love my children and see only positive and beautiful experiences for them as they move out into the world. I am filled with joy as I watch them grow into the fullness of life and maturity.

Yes, I am filled with the power of Life and I am grateful. I accept myself just as I am and just as I am evolving. I accept the experience of my years and accept the many blessings that they bring me. I dare to be happy right now. Thank you creative power for your presence in my consciousness and your inspiration in my life.

As I have spoken so it is in life and so I let it be.


(First published on SharePrayer 6/6/99)

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