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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Antidote for Feeling Lost

I am light and filled with love ...

For You to find yourself as one with Life, solid, secure, safe in Love as an antidote to feeling lost.

Sitting here on a cloudy day brooding in the darkness I am suddenly illuminated by the sun breaking through and filling this room with its light... I take a deep breath and let it go with a sigh... again and again I do this as I settle into my chair and feel gravity holding me gently on the earth... I close my eyes and relax into this golden moment and the gentle rhythm of my breath...

All there is is Life expressing as everything in the universe... Life, consciousness, love, God, the creator, creative intelligence -- whatever you name it -- moves out into the void creating itself in myriad forms; in truth all there is in all creation is the Creator creating itself in all forms.

Realizing I am a form of the Creator of Life, I accept my oneness with life and the creative process that is moving and acting through me, as me, and use this knowledge in this moment to create my perfect experience in this life. I take whatever time is necessary to imagine my perfect experience...

I am light and filled with love as I move forward in this day, and every day. I feel guided, nurtured and sustained by the evolutionary, creative process that I am in truth. I take time each day to listen deep within for that which I long to hear and move forward from this place filled with faith and trust that I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. When fear, disappointment, doubt appear in my mind I recognize them and then turn them over to my inner guide for processing; I watch, I look, I listen as they are transformed into signposts helping me along my way. I feel strengthened and assured through this process and keep moving forward. I am light and love in action.

Thank you guide within for your constant support and attention. I acknowledge this process of growth, acceptance and freedom to be who I am in truth, as my path now. I am so very grateful for the peace of mind this brings me now and for the focus on forward movement. I am found and I am free to be me, fully, completely, without reservation. Thank you.

I release this word into law knowing, accepting, believing it is true and manifest in my life now. And so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/2/06)


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