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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Employment and Love Relationship

I am open and ready ...

For You to find employment that uses your special gifts and a love relationship that supports you in your growth.

Relaxing into this beautiful day, I breathe deeply... and let it go easily, gently, fully... I continue breathing, watching my breath... such a gentle rhythm... I feel the air coming in to nourish and support my cells... I feel the air leaving, carrying with it that which no longer serves me... easy, natural, automatic...

I turn my attention toward that which inspires life itself: God. One creator of all that exists; one intelligence in and through all the universe; one love holding all together in balance and harmony. God, one presence sparking creation and filling all space and time with itself flowing ever onward in divine evolution.

I recognize this spark within me right here and now; there is no spot God is not; I open myself to this truth and accept my oneness with God. I, Robert, accept God within me and the creative intelligence that is God as my creative intelligence. Feeling this, knowing this, accepting this, I speak my word claiming that which I seek to bring into my life now.

I am certain that the perfect employment waits for me in the world. I set my intention to find this employment that uses my special gifts in just the perfect way for me to feel fulfilled and supported. I open myself to all avenues to finding this employment, affirming that God within guides me each step of the way. I am open and ready.

I extend my openness to include romance. As I relax into myself I feel a readiness to share my life with a special person that is also ready for romance. I relax and imagine the qualities this person possesses that will complement me and allow us to support one another as we grow and learn through relationship. I love myself and I am ready to share this love with just the right person.

As I reflect on these words and feelings, I feel a certainty and comfort that in truth all is well and is evolving perfectly; for this I am filled with gratitude and say, "Thank you God within for your constant, unfailing support and love!"

I release this word into the law of creation knowing it is true now as I move and grow into its realization in my life.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/22/06)


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