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Monday, January 29, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Peace for a Young Widow

Thank you for your guidance as I relax and listen deep within...

To bring peace to a spouse who just lost their partner at a young age leaving children and an angry, broken, despairing heart.

Relaxing... Breathing deep and relaxing as the air rushes out... Relaxing... Letting go of tension in muscles... Breathing... Relaxing... Letting go of thoughts as quickly as they arrive... I'm just relaxing now... Time to just be for this moment... Time to be one with the presence of God...

God, Creator, the Creative Intelligence within all existence. One creative, evolutionary impulse moving out from the beginning of time and space filling all there is with itself. One wonderful blast of energy and information filling the universe with love and holding all in its embrace. I feel your presence here and now and I relax into it, letting go of all but this moment filled with love divine.

Yes, filled with love divine, I am one with the creator of all that exists; being one with Creator I accept my ability to cocreate my life, our life, with Creator's power and energy directed through me, as me. As this is true for me, it is true for each of us, including my children. With this thought in mind, I relax and ask, What do we need now?

As I listen to the rhythm of my heart, I feel the vitality and life within myself and know this same life and vitality is within the children. I mourn the loss of this vitality and life within my spouse, the children's parent. As I breathe in once more and relax into this thought I acknowledge their presence within this moment and suddenly know and acknowledge that although the life is gone the love persists; this connection that I miss so dearly has shifted to a new dimension and is, in truth, still present in my life, in the children's life... as I ponder this thought for a moment I realize it is always true... in truth my spouse lives on in our love, in our children, in our sorrow, in our happiness, in our carrying on in faith believing in the power of love to heal all wounds. The love that brought us together and brought us these wonderful children holds us even now in its embrace and is always available in these quiet, personal moments. I cherish the memories and hold them as true and real now and forever. I gather strength and wisdom from our love as I move on in life with the children as constant companions and reminders of the power of our love to bring goodness to life.

I am so grateful for the presence of Creator in my life now and the power of love I feel moving me forward through my grief. I take each step as it comes, relaxing when necessary to be recharged by this love, then moving on again with an inner knowing I am never truly alone. Thank you my love for always being near and dear as we move on together, though apart. I miss you, I bless you, I honor you and cherish the memories. Thank you for your guidance even now as I relax and listen deep within.

With all this said, I release this word into the creative process knowing it is done even as it is spoken. I declare this good, very good and just let it be. And so it is.

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/28/06)


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