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Friday, January 19, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing and Spiritual Community

I consistently turn my awareness to Spirit within as healer ...

For You, the patient, to relax and enjoy yourself as you recover from surgery and prepare to be more active in your spiritual community as strength returns, easily, naturally, in Spirit's own perfect time.

Spirit is all there is. One creative intelligence filling all the universe with itself. One evolving, growing, light-filled expression of love always revealing more of its true, inner self. All existence is one with Spirit; Spirit is the cause of all there is in this universe.

As I sit and relax I feel Spirit within me and I relax more into this feeling. As I let go of attachment to the outer world and its distractions and allow my awareness to focus on this feeling of Spirit within me, I find myself drawn in more deeply to the awareness of Spirit as me. I feel a warm glow here in my center that is nurturing me, supporting me, filling me with confidence and strength and I know, beyond all doubt, that Spirit and I are one.

It is in this conscious state of oneness with Spirit that I choose to speak these words drawing into my experience exactly what it is that I need to heal my body, mind and spirit right now. I relax and let nature heal my wounds easily, naturally, fully, completely as I consistently turn my awareness to Spirit within as healer; I feel the creative power of the universe evolving and growing me right here and now. I accept this healing in Spirit's own time and relax and do my part to nurture and strengthen myself methodically and purposively.

I am drawn to participate in the unfoldment and evolution of my spiritual community and I relax and know deep within that I am a vital part of this unfoldment as I sit here and see it spreading its light far and wide touching those that are drawn to it. I know that as I sit here I contribute my consciousness to the formation of this divine community; I affirm its goodness and inspiration for those that are drawn to participate. I accept my role at this time as holding the high watch and know this is sufficient, at this time, for me to feel the vitalness of my connection with this community.

Whew, do I feel blessed by the power of Spirit in me now. Yes, I am so grateful for this strength and power that fills me to overflowing with gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you Spirit for revealing our connection so clearly and strongly; I am so pleased to accept this healing as my life now.

With all that has been said, felt, understood, I take a deep breath and release this word into the law knowing, accepting, allowing it to be true and manifest now. And so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/21/06)


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