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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Recovery from Stroke

I feel our Oneness with each other in God ...

For Husband and Wife to relax into the arms of Mother/Father God and feel the power and creativity in this warm embrace to bring healing to this (recovery from stroke) and every situation.

I sit, relax, and breathe... slowly, purposefully breathe and relax a little more with each breath... Here I am relaxing into this moment... this moment... this moment... relaxing... breathing...

Affirming there is one Life, one Love, one Breath and that this is my Life, my Love, my Breath because God is all there is, filling all space with Itself and I am here as an emanation, creation, being of God, I relax. Now I feel my oneness with God and our oneness with each other in God. Here there is no separation one from the other; we are one with God held together by divine Love.

With this Love in mind I acknowledge the creative presence of God in each of us now. I call upon this creative presence, this creative essence to come forward and create that which I most desire in this moment through each of us. I claim healing and wholeness and understanding and peace and love as our experience now. I claim this wonderful presence that is with us now is also with each health care provider and family member and that this powerful presence works wonders with each one of us according to our needs in this moment... in this moment... in this moment! Guidance, support, inspiration, love, nurturing, joy, peace, love, beauty, strength, vulnerability, integrity, wisdom, understanding, and all that is needed flows to each, flows through each according to need for a positive outcome of this situation.

I relax into the love of God, accepting, blessing and giving great gratitude for the strength and power that flows through us now. I know in truth all is well and I gratefully hold this thought now and always.

As I release this word into the creative law I know it is done and accept it as such, and so I let it be.

Blessed Are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/27/06)


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