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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Live Perfect Success

Hands up on the roller coaster of life ... Hallelujah!

For living, experiencing in material ways that perfect success we already truly have as spiritual beings.

Universal Wholeness surrounds us, includes us in the Oneness of existence. There is no place the Infinite Law of Spirit is not; all that exists is connected by this wonderful Intelligence that is creating all that we see, feel, hear and know now.

I feel this knowingness in me right now and feel these words inspired by this knowingness deep in my soul. I know I am one with the Infinite Law of Spirit; that Spirit expresses through me, as me, right in this moment. And as this is true for me I know it is true for you. It can be no other way. Speak these words now, claiming that inborn good we share ... relax and feel deeply this truth ...

With each breath I feel Spirit flowing in and out and all through my consciousness ... I feel Spirit as my heart beat sends nutrients to every part of my body ... I feel Spirit inspiring my mind with wonderful ideas ... I feel Spirit connecting me with all that exists. I am living proof of the miracle of creation and the goodness of life. I sense the truth that I am an integral part of the wondrous puzzle of life. I feel my importance to those close to me, my loved ones and friends, my coworkers and acquaintances, to the strangers I smile at on the street and in the casual words shared in stores.

Life is truly wonderful when I look at it from the larger picture. When the little picture begins to loom large in my life, I remember this timeless moment:

I imagine myself looking out at the stars ... how vast the universe is ... how marvelous it is that I am able to look out on this magnificence and appreciate it ... I am filled with awe and wonder ... and, in the same moment, I realize how important I am to the magnificence of what I see ... it is reflecting back to me my very own magnificence ... right here where I am now in that larger picture ... I let all that starlight soak in, filling my very being, because I am a star to all that appears "out there" ... there truly is no separation, only the ability to look out and see into my very own soul ... and to appreciate the creation I am one with ... one wonderful universe where I see myself enjoying the dance of life in whatever way I choose ...

I choose now to release and let go and let Spirit run my life ... With my hands up in celebration as I ride the roller coaster of life I allow myself to experience perfect trust and full pleasure as I go up and down and all around on the path to my ultimate destination ... I release the appearance of control and allow myself to be safely cradled in the love of Spirit always, I am truly safe ...

With enthusiasm, I say, "Yes!" to Life and with a thankful, grateful heart, mind and body release these words to the Oneness and know they are manifest even before they are spoken. I just let Life be full, complete and now.


(First published on SharePrayer 5-28-97)

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