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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Trouble at Work

I gently let it be, and so it is ...

For a difficult circumstance at work I claim full and complete communication, peace, harmony & cooperation; also respect and working together in a functional way. For myself: clarity about what I am to do or not do and that I remember to see the best in everyone and trust that all is well, and I am always in my perfect place.

I look at this circumstance and my intention to remember who I am in truth even in the midst of it. I sit. I breathe. I relax. I direct my attention to my heart as I sit, breathe, relax... With my attention on my heart, on the center of my being, I relax into the love I find here. I relax into the love in me that is one with the love that is universal. Here I find my true self, and relax into it, and through it into universal love and the source of all there is, God.

One source, one life, one love, one creator of all there is, all right here, right now where I am sitting, breathing, relaxing into my intention to experience peace, harmony and cooperation at work as we work together and accomplish our tasks easily, naturally, fully for the highest good of all and the harm of none. I feel this pattern, this divine imprint of perfection that is the truth of this situation and I call it forward into my experience now. I focus on that essence in each of us that is universal and allow communication to revolve around that, first, in my mind and then in my actions, as life and work move on naturally.

I feel very clear about this truth and affirm that I am in the right place and that I am guided from within on what to do and not do. I am able to stop, breathe, look within, and find the guidance I need in each and every situation that arises. I trust my actions in the world to come from this divine connection that I feel in this moment and I support myself and my decisions one hundred percent.

I gracefully move forward with an attitude of gratitude for this connection with God that is so strong in me at this moment, I know and affirm that this connection is always here, within me, and I accept the guidance that flows forth from it. Thank you for this moment of illumination that is always...

With all that has been said, felt, understood and trusted in this prayer today, I release it to the divine law that always says Yes! And I gently let it be, and so it is.

Blessed Be

(First published on SharePrayer 3/20/06)

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Cocreate positive reality

I dare to be happy right now ...

For You to find the silver lining in your present circumstances and cocreate with God a positive, powerful, evolutionary reality for yourself.

Relaxing now I close my eyes and take a deep breath ... I hold it for a second and slowly release it ... again ... again ... as I continue breathing in this pattern, I notice that it mirrors the flow and rhythm of life ...

There is one Life and this is my Life now ... I feel the power and intelligence of the creator in me and all around me right now ... I relax into this powerful, holy presence and let go of all thoughts except my immersion in the creative power of nature ...

I know there is one power, one perfection one source everywhere equally present in the universe. This is what fills my awareness and experience right now. I relax and move with it in consciousness and thought into the center of my being, where I merge with the center of the universe and am truly whole, perfect and complete.

Having recognized my oneness with the creative power, and being totally immersed in this consciousness, I know each thought and each word that I bring forth is creative and causative in the world of effects. I claim clarity of vision to see exactly who I am now and the path that leads me to my highest expression in the world at this time. I claim my personal power and expression that has served others so beautifully and perfectly up until now to serve me in this time of transition. I recognize the upheaval and change as necessary for my health and evolution. I bless my ex and let them go their own way. I love my children and see only positive and beautiful experiences for them as they move out into the world. I am filled with joy as I watch them grow into the fullness of life and maturity.

Yes, I am filled with the power of Life and I am grateful. I accept myself just as I am and just as I am evolving. I accept the experience of my years and accept the many blessings that they bring me. I dare to be happy right now. Thank you creative power for your presence in my consciousness and your inspiration in my life.

As I have spoken so it is in life and so I let it be.


(First published on SharePrayer 6/6/99)

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Peace in my Life Now

I accept the peace of Spirit in my life now ...

For You to know the peace, power and presence of Spirit in body, mind and emotion.

Silence ... into the silence I go ... into the silence between every sound ... here I find peace ... here I relax ... here I let go ... here I am free ... here is infinite ... here is eternal ... here is spirit embracing me ...

Spirit is everywhere equally present in the universe ... Spirit is in the air, the water, the earth, the fire ... Spirit is in you and me and our community ... and our community starts right here and spirals out to include the universe because all is connected, even the sound and the silence ... Spirit crosses all boundaries ... And so do I because I am one with Spirit ...

I feel the power in me now and know I am never separate from Spirit in truth ... I take this truth to heart and speak my word in concert with Spirit, feeling the fullness and creativity of my thoughts and actions ... I take time each day to think upon these things in quiet contemplation ... I take time each day to release all thoughts and sit in humble openness ...

I accept the urging of Spirit through my intuition as I am guided on my path to realization of my potential. Easily and naturally I draw on the strength and patience of Spirit to move through, around over and under any and all obstacles that appear on the path before me. I accept the healing power of Spirit in all its forms and work easily and productively with those around me. Life is easy and fun and filled with peace, beauty and love.

Thank you Spirit. I am so grateful for the power and direction I feel within me now. I move forward confident of my place and importance in the world. I am thankful for the words and ideas that flow to me and through me as I accept the peace of spirit in my life now. I accept myself as I am and as I am learning to be.

And I let life unfold naturally as I release these words into the creative medium knowing they are true and manifest even as I speak them for that is the way. So it is and so I let it be.

(First published on SharePrayer 6/6/99)

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Law of Attraction -- All things are possible

I know all things are possible with the creator within ...

To relax into the truth within and accept the harmony and peace in mind and body that flows natural and free there to solve any problem.

Breathing evenly and easily I relax into this moment ... I hold this problem in mind and look at it; I look at it from many angles, because it is multifaceted ... Being totally aware of the complexity of this issue, I breathe deeply and let it go ... I just let go of it and turn my attention to my heart ... to the center of my being. Here I relax and wait ... I watch my breath and listen to the beating of my heart ... I instantly release every thought that arises ... In my heart feelings are primary ...

I feel the presence of life in me; not just my life but how I am connected to all life everywhere. I feel how this connects me to the creator and the creation of this living universe. I feel my breath flowing in and out of my body and I feel the universal nature of this movement of taking in and letting go as I know all parts of the universe exchange atoms and molecules constantly in the process of evolution. I feel the presence of harmony and peace in this process ...

I relax into this vision, into this realization, into this movement of life from beginning to end. I open my eyes and look around me. I see the sunlight, the trees, the wind moving through the leaves, the window, the walls, the chair, the floor. I see creation wherever I look and I know there is intelligence present in all I see. I relax into this intelligence in me and know I am safe and secure. I look at the people in my life and sense the presence of the creator in them and hold them in this high vision. I relax into the knowledge that we are one in truth and affirm the transformation of any thoughts to the contrary.

I know all things are possible with the creator of life and that right here and now we are all one with the creator of life. Being one with the original intelligence of the universe I affirm a peaceful, harmonious and happy life for myself, my family and my community. I accept myself as whole, perfect and complete in mind and body. I know and accept this as the truth before any perceived conditions and this is where I reside, as one with the love of the creator.

Grateful I release these words into the evolutionary flow of life, thankful for the lessons I learn and for this movement to live in harmony and peace with all.

So it is and so I let it be, Amen

(First published on SharePrayer 7-11-99)

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Gratitude for Spirit Manifesting Good

I accept inspiration as Spirit's gift today ...

To express gratitude for the power of Spirit manifesting good in my life.

Here I sit with sunshine streaming through the window... and thoughts streaming through my mind ... war, civil liberties, family... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I breathe deeply and let the thoughts go ... I breathe deeply and accept the inspiration of Spirit into the stream of consciousness ... I breathe deeply and relax into the flow ... I breathe deeply again and again ...

Settling into this gentle rhythm ... I allow the words to come easily and naturally ...

There is one power, one presence, one creative force in this universe; I feel it in me now, I see it all around me now. The intelligence behind the breath, the force behind the sunlight, the source of consciousness is that which we call by many names: God, Great Spirit, the Thing Itself, Allah, Jehovah, Nature ...

I take this time now to tune into this Intelligence as it manifests in me, as me now. I know I am one with this Source now and always, and that my life flows forward with It as its guide. I take this time to listen to Its special message for me, now. And as I transcribe this message, I know it is for each of us in the Oneness of life, of creation, of being that we share.

I accept this inspiration as Spirit's gift today. I accept the power it brings into my life to face the demons that arise to block my way. I accept the power of Love to move us through all obstacles to our birthright of peace, joy, beauty, power. I accept the natural abundance of Spirit into my life now and always, in all forms: material, spiritual, emotional.

I give thanks for the gift of human life. I give thanks for the gift of consciousness. I give thanks for the ability to be self conscious. I give thanks for the ability to cocreate my life with Spirit. I give thanks for the people and beings around me that are active in my life. I give thanks for my emotions and feelings that enrich my life. I give thanks for the beauty I find in myself and all around me. I give thanks for those that have gone before leaving their gifts of love for us. I give thanks for knowing the unstoppable power of love to heal all things and bring us into divine harmony when all is said and done.

As I release these words, these thoughts, these feelings into the creative process, into the flow of life, into the outpicturing from the source, I take special care to honor myself and my loved ones for perseverance in pursuing the goal of happiness, for in truth we are one and reach the goal together. And so I let it be.

Blessed are We

(First published on SharePrayer 11/22/01)

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