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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Honor Mother

I honor Mother as I honor myself ...

For You to hold the highest consciousness for your Mother and your relationship.

Sitting in the morning light I relax into my chair and take a deep breath ... Here I sit with Mother on my mind ... I release all thoughts except that of Mother ... I go beyond the immediate to the universal and think of the Mother of the universe ... I know that all that exists comes from the womb of creation ... In this way we are all equal, we all have the same source, the same Spirit runs through our lives ... Guiding us, growing us, nurturing us all ...

I feel Spirit in me now as I sit and pray for my Mother ... I feel Spirit connecting us as one in this time of change and growth ... I know Spirit brings great power and presence into this situation as I open to the universal truths of life ... In this world we are one; woven together in a matrix of mutual support and goodness, each thought and action effects the whole ... I relax and feel the strength of this matrix of love which I see clearly connecting us all as one ... I proudly hold my place, peacefully, joyfully, powerfully ...

I consciously speak my word now, claiming that good which I know is present in the wholeness of life for myself and my Mother. I know and affirm Spirit is with her always, holding her, healing her, carrying her forward on her path of life and I let this be so. I hold my Mother in the highest esteem as I think on our life together; I release all apparent hurts and problems of the past and enter this new moment clear and complete: In truth we are one. My body comes from her body and in Mind we are one with Spirit. I honor her as I honor myself for the goodness each of us brings to the whole of life.

Thank you Spirit, thank you Life for the peaceful Presence I am now. I see your light, I feel your Love and I am grateful. And into this presence I release these words knowing they are inspired by truth and in the matrix of creation they are so now. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/8/98)

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Quit Smoking Now

I have all I need within me now ...

To help you quit smoking.

Here I am, breathing. I breathe in the air, and I breathe out the air. This simple action brings vital elements to my body through my lungs, circulatory system, and heart. This I know. When I stop and listen and feel my body I affirm this life giving truth.

Here I am, thinking of smoking and the perceived support that it is... in imagination I breathe in the smoke and I breathe out the smoke... what does this simple action bring me? What does this simple action mean to me, to my life? Is this really necessary?

Here I am, with these questions on my mind. I let them go, I let my thinking go. In imagination I am in a circle on the earth, the circle is my world and I am in the center of It. I sit, silent, patient, letting go of all thoughts that come to me; I release these thoughts to the earth supporting me; I sit in my center, the center of my being and my body. Here I have all I need. Here I am at choice. Here I am healthy, whole, complete, perfect; I am one with the creation of life... My life! I sit...

As I return to this time and place I am filled with gratitude for the power and presence filling me now. Yes! I am at choice! I choose to walk on the earth breathing the air, the pure air, free of particles and heat; this is right for me, this is right for my body, this is my choice. I honor my body and I take the necessary steps to nurture and support it naturally, easily, with healthy exercise, food and drink, time to relax and enjoy the beauty of life and to sleep, renewing myself daily.

Any habit that interferes with my full experience of life, I reject. I accept the healthy life style I desire; my desire to live healthy is driven by my connection to the creator of all life; my desire to live a healthy life style is supported by my connection to the creator of all life. I am always guided, sustained and nurtured by the creator of all life; this is true now and always. I accept the power and strength of the creator of all life now and always.

I leave judgment and blame behind as I go through each day with appreciation of all around me. I realize my goals one step at a time. I am so grateful for the peace, calm, strength, resolution and energy I feel now, I accept now, I use now to achieve all my goals. I have all I need right here within me. Thank you creator.

Yes! I let it be so and so it is.

Blessed Be

Use the affirmation at the top when tempted to smoke a cigarette and if necessary take a drink of water, tea, coffee, a lozenge, a peppermint, or whatever you like to help you move through that moment of temptation.

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/25/07)

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Claim My Strength Now

I am strong, present, clear and expressive of the truth.

For someone faced with a daunting challenge that they are prepared to meet, but feeling some doubt and weakness as the day of mediation approaches.

Take a moment to sit and breathe. Relax. Breathe into the moment, this moment. Feel the earth, the air, the chair, the body, the mind, all the activity within you and around you. Relax, breathe...

I see you filled with the power of the One, the Creator of all there is; this power is strong, present and alert always, this power is loving, nurturing and caring, and is your constant support, through the easy times and the challenging times. This power is as close as your very breath... breathe it in... breathe it out... feel how it enlivens and nourishes you when your awareness is on it... feel how it focuses your intention bringing clarity to all your tasks... feel how it is present in all around you, and it is there to support you... to bring you peace, power, freedom to express your needs and to expect those needs to be met... This support is constant, it never wavers, it is there, right where you are always. Feel it, believe it, trust it and follow its guidance. You are strong, present, clear and expressive of the truth. This is true in this present moment and this moment is eternal. With gratitude, I say, And so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/23/07)

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Stability: Mind, Body, Spirit

I accept emotional, spiritual, physical and financial stability ...

For You to open to the healing power of Nature and find financial stability.

Silently I close my eyes and look within. Silently I breathe deep and let it go ... Silence, stillness, sweetness ... I am swept up and away by the beauty of this silence ... carried by the gentle rhythm of my breathing, I am rocked in the cradle of life ... Here I feel my connection with that single power that is everywhere equally present in the universe ... It is the power creating everything in the universe ... It is that which supports all that exists ... It is fully present in my awareness now ...

I speak my word, fully supported by this power, claiming my highest good. I open myself to the healing power of Nature to make my body and mind whole and totally functional now. I release all doubt and fear into the void from which it comes and place my faith in this power that is fully present in my awareness now, for I know beyond all doubt that I am totally and completely supported by this power in manifesting the potential born in me that is mine alone to manifest. As I relax with my awareness on this power all my needs and desires are revealed and made manifest now. In this revelation the means to fulfill my needs and desires are also present. I accept emotional, spiritual, physical and financial stability here and now.

I accept my ability to move and think and feel and act on my inner guidance and I accept the good that comes from my actions unequivocally. I am one with the creative power of the universe and I celebrate this fact with gratitude and humility. Thank you power within for expressing through me so clearly and completely. I am grateful now and forevermore.

With a clear heart and facile mind I release these words to Nature's law and let them be so now and always.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/7/98)

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Our Father

I know I am never alone ...

To Father, both biological and that aspect of us that is the active initiator in our life and in the world around us; heaven is always within us and all around us, it is the perfection that is our inner connection to the Creator of all.

I close my eyes and breathe deeply once ... twice ... three times ... I relax my shoulders and sit up a little straighter ... I feel my body in the chair and my heart beating in my chest ... I am here in this present moment and I know it ...

Continuing in the present I sense the presence of something greater than myself alone ... I stop ... I listen ... I look within ... I am patient as the fog slowly lifts ... I see clearly ... I feel deeply ... I hear dearly ... the wholeness, the holiness, the magnificence of creation ... I am one with the unfoldment of the universe ...

As I relax deeper into this moment of illumination knowing, accepting, using the creative power of the universe, I feel moved to honor the Father within us all ...

Our Father who art in heaven this day, I open myself to your spontaneous impulse of inspiration. I accept the flash of your intelligence cutting the universe into infinite diversity; I respect the strength of your Love that permeates all existence with the power of reaching out and connecting one to the other. I feel safe in your wonderful web of creativity and courage. I know I am never alone; I know that your wisdom is always with me; I know when I ask, you always answer; I know when I seek, I always find you.

I thank you for your many gifts; I thank you most for joining with Mother and giving Life to me, your child. I accept my birthright of individual expression and move forward confident and expectant that I will find only good, because I know you accompany and guide me each step of the way. I consistently pause and look within for your presence and listen to your counseling with awe and respect. I follow your inspiration freely and joyfully for I know you lead me rightly. I release doubts and fears into your wisdom and compassion and am free to express my inborn potential fully and completely.

I model my outreaching self on your example of service and compassion. With your unifying presence within I move safe and secure through all obstacles and challenges I find along my way. I invoke your presence whenever I feel fear and doubt in myself or others and know your strength is with us. My faith in you is total and complete.

I cannot express in words the deep gratitude I feel for your presence and power, so I simply say Thank You once, Thank You twice, Thank You thrice. I am your child now and forever. Into the flow of your Life, Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Power, I release these words and my very self knowing only good obtains. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/15/97)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Victims of Brutal Attacks

The grace of Mother Father God fills me now ...

For the Victims of brutal attacks, Family and Friends to relax into the healing, nurturing, loving arms of Mother Father God and know they are not alone and that their hopes and prayers are meaningful and strong in this time of uncertainty and bring about positive results.

Sitting here with the sun shining bright outside and the breeze moving the trees ... I close my eyes and relax ... I release my thoughts into the flow of time ... I watch my breath ... I feel my body ... I feel the earth, the solid earth beneath me ... I feel the air, the clear air above me ... I feel my being, being right here ...

In this ever present moment I know there is Life; I know there is one Life equally present in all the universe ... I know this Life as the originator of all that exists ... I know this Life as my Life, and as the Life of all around me ... for in truth there is only one Life and all participate with it, as it, in it equally. This Life, this presence, this power, this energy, this intelligence, has many names, but for now I choose to call it Mother Father God.

Mother Father God is with me now and always. I focus my attention and awareness on this truth. I know that as I relax and allow this inspiration to well up from deep within my body, my being, my very self, that it is causative and creative; it is a key element in the creative process. So, I choose now to speak my word as one with the presence, the inspiration, of Mother Father God.

I know the Victims, are in the loving embrace of Mother Father God and the creative process. I know each is nurtured, inspired, comforted, healed by this loving presence. I add the full weight of my thought and intention to the myriad prayers in the minds, bodies, thoughts and throats of those that know and love them.

I affirm great things are manifesting from this apparent tragedy; I keep an open mind to allow them to manifest in all their fullness and import. I relax and allow the grace of Mother Father God to fill this situation with love and compassion, healing and growth.

Yes, expressions of Love and Understanding flow unconditionally from all sources. I open my self to give unconditional love to all involved in this experience. I know not the whys and wherefores and I release the need to know. I see only good in Life from this moment on. I see the Victims happy in this eternal moment as they move forward natural and free in health and wholeness.

Thank you Mother Father God for being with us now and always. My heart and soul are with you now and always. I align myself with your divine energy knowing its source is in my heart, and in the hearts of my loved ones and all those touched by this situation. Here no evil abides. I am so grateful for your presence.

I release these words, these thoughts, these feelings into your Love knowing they are true and manifest now. So it is and so I let it be.

Blessed are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/6/00)

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Right Livelihood

I accept the work that is right for me ...

For You to find right livelihood by relaxing into your natural wisdom, patience, peace and joy and choosing that work that fulfills you spiritually, financially and creatively.

Sitting in my chair, gazing out the window, thinking about work and the world and you, I relax and silently ask, "What is right work?" ... Silently I sit and listen for the answer ... After a while words come to me and images and feelings that relate to the question ...

Here I sit, in the center of my world. All that goes on around me is connected to me: the chair, the computer, the house, the yard, the street, the trees, the sky ... as I look around I know I am the center of my world. And as this is true for me, it is true for each and every other being on the planet, it can be no other way. Each of us are the center of our world.

However, there is one power, one creative activity present in each of us that is the same; this is the source of all that exists. We call this by many names, God, Love, Spirit, the Thing itself, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, but in truth it is one and the same for all alike. I feel this power connecting me to the source of my life and the life around me now. As I sit in silence and let all the superficial thoughts about me to dissipate and melt away, I am centered in this power right here where I sit. As I relax into this center, into its solidity and safety, I am opening to receive the answer to whatever question I pose.

There is a course, a path, for me to follow to the realization of my potential in this life. Sometimes it is clear and easy to follow, like a long straight road on a clear day; sometimes it is hidden like a curvy road on a dark stormy day; sometimes it is obscured by vagueness like a road shrouded in fog. I know the power within me guides me to the realization of my potential through any and all apparent obstacles when I allow it.

So, I sit and I listen; I look; I feel; and the truth is always there for me, to move me along my path. I know there is no power outside of me that can direct me more truly than the power I feel in me now. Each day I take this time to connect with this inner power. I sit, open my heart, open my mind, open my body to direction from my personal guidance system. Each day one more piece of the puzzle is put in place and I am closer to completing my spot in the whole. For this I am happy and I relax and I go with the flow and move steadily forward on my path through life.

I accept the work that is right for me without question and accept the spiritual, creative and financial rewards that naturally come from my connection to Good. Thank you Universal Mother/Father for the power of Life within. I am forever grateful for the gift of life and know I cannot go astray with Good in my life as it is now.

I release these words knowing they are inspired and true even before being spoken. So it is and so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/6/98)

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Into the World Confident and Clear

I create life anew with each thought ...

For You to stand as one with the creator and move into the world with confidence and clarity.

Gazing out the window I watch the world go by. The sun peeks over the eastern hills through the clear, cool morning air brightening the day. Crows gather on the power poles and in the trees complaining to each other about life. The wind chimes whirl and jingle, reflecting sounds and light into the house.

Now I turn my gaze inward and watch my world go by. Each thought has a life of its own. "I'm hungry; what's to eat?" "Should I stop this and go find something?" I watch and let them go. My awareness goes deeper, my thoughts turn to my emotions: "What am I feeling right now?" As each answer comes up I greet it with the question: "What is behind that emotion, that feeling?" I patiently wait for, then welcome, the answer. I patiently continue this process until I reach the source -- Love -- the Creator ...

Here I relax and accept the oneness of life, the oneness of creation, the oneness I am constantly immersed in and part of. I breathe deeply and let it go ... and as I inhale again I feel the strength of the creator in the inflowing air ... I feel the power in breathing, passing air through my lungs into my bloodstream ... I feel blood carrying energy to every part of my body. I know in this moment what is true for my body is true for all I see around me. Everything, everyone is strengthened and animated by the creator's power and energy.

Here I relax once again breathing deeply and steadily and relishing the creator's love I feel in my heart. I know I manifest this love by taking my place in the universe. I actively participate in the unending circulation of this power called love though all creation. I feel, I know, the truth is that I am a vital link in the expression of this oneness, this love. I accept this and ask "How am I to apply this love in the world?" As this question leaves my mind, passes over my lips, I am open to receive the answer ... In silence and stillness I stop ... look ... listen ... within for as long as it takes until I am rewarded with inspiration from the source.

I am so grateful ... Yes, so grateful for the renewal I feel in this moment ... So grateful for the energy and information I receive from the source of life through this process of affirmative prayer and quiet contemplation. I thank that source, that inspiration, that guides me to this inner place ... that brings me here to realize the ongoing support I now know is always here with me as I regularly take the time to stop ... look ... listen ... to my intuition ... and then act on it in faith believing.

I accept the natural unfolding of my life and the goodness that I am and that I bring to those around me. Whether I proceed slowly and cautiously or blast full speed ahead I am thankful for the strength and inspiration that turns me on and carries me through Life.

Life is truly good, very good. I move forward creating life anew with each thought. As I release these words into the oneness of creation I know they are true and manifest even before I form them. And so I let them resonate through all time and space as I live them fully. With Love as my guide and source I am as I am and life is as it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/4/97)

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing with Love of God

I hold firmly to truth, the Patient is love expressing ...

For You to relax into the Love of God and know that The Patient is one with God now and always, and that this relaxation and knowing bring healing of the highest order.

I sit in the morning light thinking of The Patient ... I breathe in light ... and breathe out love ... again ... and again ... this gentle rhythm allows me to relax ... and feel the solidness of the earth and the caress of the air ... my vision of The Patient sees them filled with light and glowing with love ... I continue breathing ... feeling ... seeing ... and know there is one presence, one power, one creator ...

I am one with the creator of all life. The Patient is one with the creator of all life. As I look around I see the activity of this creator in all around me. It can be no other way. I relax into this truth and know that the words I speak and the thoughts I think are one with this ever present, ever active creative force. I know as I relax into this feeling, into this being, I am guided to think, speak and act in harmony with the unfoldment of this power in the world now ...

I consciously choose to speak my word for The Patient, holding, seeing placing them firmly in the creator's holy light and love. I know they are nurtured and cared for by this light and love and that healing of the highest order is manifest now in their life. I hold firmly to the truth that they are a wonderful, beautiful expression of all that is good, whole and perfect in the world just as they are. And that the love, light and peace they exude are gifts to all around them.

I am so grateful for the feelings of love and light that come forward naturally and easily as I take this time to sit in oneness with the creator. I accept this influence into my life and The Patient's life now. I am grateful for the constant, unconditional support we receive. I take this time today and each day to breathe, relax, and check in with the love and light that permeate us always.

Thank you God for your gifts. We are one now and always. I release these words into the oneness, knowing the creative process takes them and makes them so, easily, gently, inexorably. I relax and release my thoughts and feelings into your loving Law knowing they are manifest even as they are spoken. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/29/00)

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Forgiveness Stops the Killing

I forgive ...

To induce an attitude of forgiveness that stops the killing.

Sitting here in the morning light, I am one with the rising sun of a new day ... I reflect on wanton acts of death and destruction in this country and around the world ... I reflect on the apparent excuses the perpetrators use for these actions ... I reflect on my role in all this ...

I relax into this reverie ... I relax into the arms of the universal Mother ... I relax into the nurturing qualities of the feminine ... I relax into the divine love of the Mother for the child ... I accept the power and strength I feel here in the arms of the universal Mother ...

Here and now I know there is no separation between me and nature; there is no separation between me and you, there is no separation between us and them; there is no separation, in truth, between anything or anyone in this world, in this creation ...

The love of the Mother is universal and all encompassing ... The love of the Mother is specific and universal ... The love of the Mother is present here and there, now and always. I am comforted and strengthened with this knowing, with this feeling, with this seeing. And as I know this is true for me now, I claim this truth for you, in the oneness, in the universality of this love ...

Inspired by this divine love, I speak my word, thereby bringing into manifestation that which brings an end to the killing.

I forgive myself for any and every thought word and deed that in any way contributes to the consciousness that aids and abets the realization of wanton acts of death and destruction.

I forgive my neighbors for any and every thought word and deed that in any way contributes to the consciousness that aids and abets the realization of wanton acts of death and destruction.

I forgive my country for any and every thought, word and deed that in any way contributes to the consciousness that aids and abets the realization of wanton acts of death and destruction.

I forgive all countries for any and every thought, word and deed that in any way contributes to the consciousness that aids and abets the realization of wanton acts of death and destruction.

I forgive all the people of this world for any and every thought, word and deed that in any way contributes to the consciousness that aids and abets the realization of wanton acts of death and destruction.

In this glowing aura of forgiveness, I accept the cessation of killing. I accept a world founded on the principle: "I do unto others as I would have them do unto me." I accept a world that lives in Peace. I accept a world that acknowledges the interrelatedness of all life and existence and treats everyone as equal, divine beings. I accept a world that works in harmony with nature, as part of nature, as one with nature. I accept a world that shares nature's bounty equally. I accept a world that knows the Joy of being free of fear. I accept a world that is Beautiful for everyone. I accept a world that celebrates Life. I accept a world that knows the only true Power is Love. I accept a world that is truly wise. I accept a world where Light shines into the dark places, bringing Love, Peace, Power, Joy, Beauty, and a full Life to all.

Thank you Mother for this inspiration. I am grateful for your energy moving me forward to the realization of this vision. I know, affirm, accept, that this is true and manifest now with your great love as its foundation.

I release these words now into your loving embrace.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/13/01)

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