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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Our Father

I know I am never alone ...

To Father, both biological and that aspect of us that is the active initiator in our life and in the world around us; heaven is always within us and all around us, it is the perfection that is our inner connection to the Creator of all.

I close my eyes and breathe deeply once ... twice ... three times ... I relax my shoulders and sit up a little straighter ... I feel my body in the chair and my heart beating in my chest ... I am here in this present moment and I know it ...

Continuing in the present I sense the presence of something greater than myself alone ... I stop ... I listen ... I look within ... I am patient as the fog slowly lifts ... I see clearly ... I feel deeply ... I hear dearly ... the wholeness, the holiness, the magnificence of creation ... I am one with the unfoldment of the universe ...

As I relax deeper into this moment of illumination knowing, accepting, using the creative power of the universe, I feel moved to honor the Father within us all ...

Our Father who art in heaven this day, I open myself to your spontaneous impulse of inspiration. I accept the flash of your intelligence cutting the universe into infinite diversity; I respect the strength of your Love that permeates all existence with the power of reaching out and connecting one to the other. I feel safe in your wonderful web of creativity and courage. I know I am never alone; I know that your wisdom is always with me; I know when I ask, you always answer; I know when I seek, I always find you.

I thank you for your many gifts; I thank you most for joining with Mother and giving Life to me, your child. I accept my birthright of individual expression and move forward confident and expectant that I will find only good, because I know you accompany and guide me each step of the way. I consistently pause and look within for your presence and listen to your counseling with awe and respect. I follow your inspiration freely and joyfully for I know you lead me rightly. I release doubts and fears into your wisdom and compassion and am free to express my inborn potential fully and completely.

I model my outreaching self on your example of service and compassion. With your unifying presence within I move safe and secure through all obstacles and challenges I find along my way. I invoke your presence whenever I feel fear and doubt in myself or others and know your strength is with us. My faith in you is total and complete.

I cannot express in words the deep gratitude I feel for your presence and power, so I simply say Thank You once, Thank You twice, Thank You thrice. I am your child now and forever. Into the flow of your Life, Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Power, I release these words and my very self knowing only good obtains. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/15/97)

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