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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Be Healthy, Happy, Prosperous

I easily accept the fulfillment of my dreams ...

For You to be healthy, happy and prosperous.

I relax into the quietness of now. I sit and feel the earth beneath me ... I sit and breathe the air around me ... I relax into the gentle rhythms of life ...

I affirm there is one Life, one Love, one God, from which all existence flows. All that exists is equally endowed with this creative energy. It is this universal nature of God, of Love, of Life, that I focus my awareness on now.

Continuing to breathe evenly and fully, I allow my focus to shift into an awareness of the presence of this universal, energetic, intelligence in me now. I allow my awareness to include my heart and my body as vital containers of this energy as well as my mind. I sit immersed in this creative energy from head to toe, from heaven to earth, from thought to feeling and all else that enters into the picture.

Immersed in the creative medium, I affirm that my words and thoughts are creative and causative in their effect on my worldly experience. I take the time now to sit and allow thoughts, images, ideas of my path through life from this moment on to come to me from the universal intelligence I invite into my awareness. I see myself as a healthy individual, active in my work, in my community and in my family. I find it easy to relate with others and this brings me happiness and fulfillment. I see myself sharing my talents even as I learn more about what they are in the world, and this brings me easily and naturally into the circle of abundance that supports me in every way: physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

I easily accept the fulfillment of my dreams in this state of universal awareness that I find myself in. I am grateful for the peace, quiet and calm assurance that I feel now. I am thankful for the future I see unfolding for me and move into it easily and gracefully. Thank you Life, Love, God within for nurturing and supporting me each step of the way. I remain open to your influence knowing it is my purpose to fulfill that which I feel through my heart.

In full awareness of the universal in my individual life I release these words, thoughts, visions into the evolutionary flow of life knowing in the fullness of existence they are already manifest. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/7/00)


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