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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Work, Health, Mate

I am filled with love, peace and joy.

For a creative, supportive workplace, good health and the perfect mate.

As I sit here and relax into this moment, I let all other moments go and just breathe right here and right now ... I feel the power, the presence of life here in this moment ... I breathe in love ... I exhale all that is in opposition to love ... Again ... and Again ...

I feel clear and present right here where I am. I feel the presence of an intelligence, a power, a peace that transcends my individuality; in this moment I know I am an integral part of something larger than myself. I accept this feeling, this knowing ...

I affirm there is one power, one presence, one omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient being that is everywhere equally present and active. I affirm that I am one with this being now and always. I affirm that from this being comes all that exists, all that moves, all that is known and unknown in this universe. I affirm my ability to join with the creative power of this being to choose the life I manifest here and now.

With this thought clearly in mind, I consciously choose my words and speak them into the law of creation, accepting their manifestation here and now.

I am gently and inexorably guided into work that is cordial and friendly. We work as a team to accomplish our service to the greater world around us.

I am healthy and strong; filled with love, peace and joy.

I am beautiful and I draw that person to me that compliments my beauty with their own beauty; two individuals in a dance of trust, understanding, commitment and caring; evolving together embraced in Love. From this loving embrace springs forth new life, a new being to move gracefully forward through time with us. I am so blessed.

Yes, this is the truth. I say it. I believe it. I accept it. And now I release these words into the creative process accepting their truth now, living their truth now, being grateful for their truth now. Thank you God!

As I feel, think, speak, so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/17/06)


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