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Monday, November 20, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Health, Happiness and Financial Abundance for My Family

Thank you Spirit for your divine presence ...

For You to have peace of mind and know Spirit is with you and your family now and always helping, guiding, protecting, nurturing, healing ...

Releasing all preconceptions, ideas and thoughts, I relax into this present moment ... I take this time to relax, breathing deeply and regularly into this present moment ... I open my mind, my heart, my body to the presence of spirit in this present moment ... I release my self into this presence and sit, silently emptying my self of worries and concerns, releasing them into this presence so I am totally present in this moment ...

Spirit is all there is in Truth ... I am Spirit, You are Spirit, all around me is Spirit; flowing forward from one source, one beginning, all are united in this Truth ... In this present moment I accept this truth 100% and relax into It ...

Being one with the creator, the creating and the created I sit solid on the earth, freely breathing the air that animates my body ... I sit here with my unique view of creation ... I marvel at all that is going on in me as I sit still for this moment ... and as I look out and see the new green grass and the last of the fruit on the trees and feel my connection with nature I truly know there is a power in this universe greater than I am that is equally present in all existence ... I see it outside of me and feel it inside me, all in this present moment ...

I open my mouth and speak that which I desire to experience in this present moment knowing my words and thoughts are always creative, but most especially when I take this time to relax and feel my oneness with Spirit and to begin again with a fresh point of view ...

I accept health, happiness and financial abundance for my family. All obstacles are met and moved through easily and naturally.

I accept healing for my mother and father as they feel Spirit move them to accept their highest good.

I accept healing for the children. Evolution takes them forward in life to heal and be healed as their special gifts manifest, blessing them and all around them.

I release all unnecessary filters and blocks that prevent my right mate from being naturally drawn to me and accepted by me.

I know I am a divine expression of Spirit and that I express love of life in all I say and do. I accept the presence of Spirit in me and in my family now and always. I am grateful for the power, strength and wisdom I accept in my life now, all in this present moment. Thank you Spirit for your divine presence always helping, guiding, protecting, nurturing, healing.

I release these words into the flow of evolution knowing they are creative and manifest results now. So I let it be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/21/99)


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