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Monday, November 20, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Being With Your Parents

Thank you Spirit for peace and beauty in my life ...

For You to be with your parents in the highest consciousness and to accept them with unconditional love and relax and enjoy this time together.

I sit in the morning light allowing my mind to move with the music on the stereo ... I breathe deeply and relax ... I feel my body respond to the environment ... the coolness of my fingers ... the scratch in my throat ... the solidness of the chair and floor beneath me ... the clarity of the air outside the window ... the gentle movement of the breeze through the trees and bushes ...

There is one power, one intelligence, one ever present Spirit everywhere equally present in the universe and I am a center of creativity within this whole ... what is true for me is true for you, because we are one in the wholeness ... In this Consciousness of unity I speak my word calling forth that highest expression of good that lies waiting within me and within all that exists ...

I know with You that your Parents share equally in this moment all the intelligence, all the power, that Spirit is and right now I name that Love. There is one Love present here now, and I accept this truth and the healing and health that it brings to every situation ... I choose to relax and enter this divine presence of Love without attachment to anything except the beauty and joy of this eternal moment of happiness that I know, being one with my Parents in Spirit.

I know that all the health care workers and other family members are one with Spirit and that Love guides all the healing processes that are bringing about positive change right now. I know that what is for my Parent's highest good occurs naturally and easily, and I let it be so; even as I accept this truth for myself.

I am very grateful, oh so grateful, for the power I feel moving through me, through my Parents, through my Family and all the world bringing all into divine right order, now! Thank you Spirit for empowering me to accept and Love unconditionally and for the peace and beauty this brings into my life.

I release this word into the divine flow of creation, knowing it is true now and forevermore.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/25/98)


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