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Monday, November 27, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Flow of Life and Creativity

I am guided by Spirit expressing through me, as me ...

For You and your family to feel assured there is a flow of Life and Creativity that brings only Good to you as you relax and let Spirit guide you all.

I relax, breathing easily, but fully ... I allow my mind to watch my breath, not guiding it, but just watching it ... I do this for some time, so I really get relaxed and into the rhythm ... ... ...

I feel my heart adding its rhythm to my breath ... I notice there is a rhythm to my thoughts as I wonder ... have I been watching long enough? ... I let each thought go, just like my breath ... Thoughts come and go ... Where is this leading to? ... I don't know ... What am I getting from this? ... Wait and see ...

What is true right here and now for me I see is true for all around me: the chair, the desk, the light, the air, the bushes outside the window: Everything is in motion, in rhythm with some inner intelligence making it what it is. Wow! Yes, there is a definite rhythm and flow to Life. I am one with this flow as I sit and watch myself.

I am the center of this world as I sit here feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing, wondering, understanding ... In this moment I know I am one with everything and I am happy. I am guided by Spirit expressing through me, as me, to do whatever it is that brings me to a realization of my highest good. I move confidently into the world buoyed by my experience of Oneness. I feel supported and encouraged ... I allow the deep, inner me to be expressed naturally and easily and fully! I relax and let go and the sense of flow and rhythm and Oneness returns.

I accept my creativity ... I accept my safety ... I accept my goodness ... I accept the gratitude I feel in this moment for this experience of universal and personal power. I accept that I am a child of the living Spirit, one with the Intelligence of the Universe and I gratefully participate in the flow and rhythm of Life.

I release these words to the Universe, knowing they are a vital part of the Law of Life and create only Good for me and all around me. Certainly it is so and so I let it be.

Wholly are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/20/96)


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