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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Ill Child

I am one with Spirit ...

For Mother and Father to know their Child is filled with the one Spirit, as are all the health care workers in contact with the child; and that the strength of the one Spirit is with Mother, Child and Father empowering them to naturally and easily create the maximum healing and growth for each person in the family at this time.

There is one Spirit; one omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Spirit that is everywhere equally present. Right now, in this time and place, I focus awareness on this truth and allow awareness of Spirit to be more and more centered on this truth: There is no spot Spirit is not.

Breathing deeply again and again I feel the presence within; I feel the presence all around; I am open to all possibilities and I allow Spirit's healing power to flow through me, to inspire me, to guide me. I am open to the lesson in each moment and allow the answer to flow through me; to flow from me, naturally and easily. Each apparent obstacle, each apparent problem becomes a stepping stone to the truth: Each of us are whole, perfect and complete just as we are.

I feel Spirit's unconditional love; I am one with Spirit; I am unconditional love. I feel Spirit's unconditional acceptance; I am one with Spirit; I am unconditional acceptance. I feel Spirit's wholeness; I am one with Spirit; I am whole. I feel Spirit's healing power; I am one with Spirit; I am healing power. Breathing deeply I relax and know in this very same moment Spirit is nurturing and healing our child; and I know this wonderful flow of energy I feel is unending and unlimited. I know it is with our child ... myself ... my spouse ... right now and always.

I am so thankful my awareness is focused on this truth. I am grateful for the power and peace this truth gives me now. I am thankful that I hold the high watch for our child and know that Spirit heals him/her in all ways right now as it heals me.

With joy, peace and love in my heart I release these words to the Law of Mind knowing that as they are spoken they are manifest. So, I let it be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/26/97)


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