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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Creative Work

I move confidently forward listening to Spirit ...

For You to open and accept the goodness of Life and all its rewards as you freely give your gifts to the world through creative work.

I sit here calmly contemplating the workings of the Universe. I close my eyes and sense the sun streaming through the window; I feel the keyboard under my fingers and the thoughts in my brain activating my fingers. I breathe deeply and relax into this moment and the flow of information and energy that I am. I feel my oneness with the sunlight, the keyboard, the thoughts and responses and know I am one with the Intelligence creating this Universe. Yes, we are one, harmonious whole from beginning to end.

Being one with the Intelligence creating the Universe I realize my word has creative power. I consciously declare this to be true right now. I carefully choose my words and speak them in order to create the experience of more good in my life. I know in this moment that You and I are one in Mind and let this be so. I know the good that expresses through You as the creative process comes from this Mind. I know this very same Mind is behind each and every creative work You are associated with and that the right, perfect choice is available to You now in Mind.


I relax further into this Truth and face squarely any perceived obstacles to producing this work. I move confidently forward listening to the inspiration of Spirit through the one Mind. I am drawn to the right people, the right circumstances, the right words and actions in pursuing this dream. And I am open to receive, accept and act on the right answers.

The inspiration that initiates this process carries me forward as on the wings of an angel and I Love every moment of this experience. I am filled with energy and enthusiasm and spread Love wherever I go. This is truly a work of the heart. I gratefully accept this Truth and pause now and say, "Thank You Creative Intelligence for your gifts! I accept and pass them on with Love ... always with Love."

I release these words now to the one Mind knowing they are true even before they are spoken. And so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/29/97)


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